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Top Reasons Why You Shouldn't Compromise On 8 Hours Sleep

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn't Compromise On 8 Hours Sleep

Do you love staying up all night watching your favourite web series with a massive bowl of popcorn? You will nod in agreement that not getting enough  sleep makes you feel weak and tired, making it difficult to do everyday activities. You might have to drag yourself out of bed to grab a cup of strong coffee to wake up your senses. But did you know how it can affect your health adversely? Read this blog to understand why you mustn't forego your  8 hour sleep  and how it affects your health and well-being. 

Is Sleep Important?

Variations in your sleeping hours can have a negative impact on your productivity levels, attitude, and mood. Getting a regular dose of quality  sleep  is essential for resetting your energy levels and staying motivated to start your day with positivity. Always make sure that you hit the  bed  at the same time every day at night to get  8 hour sleep  to support your body functions and enhance mental health. Besides causing sleep deprivation conditions like  insomnia, it also causes severe health issues, which can be fatal in the long run. 

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What Happens When You Fall Asleep?

While sleeping, your brain stays active, even while resting. Your  sleep  process is structured and occurs in different stages based on the activity of your brainwaves. There are four different sleep stages. They are:

  • Stages 1 to 3: During these three stages, you will be experiencing  REM sleep, also known as Non-Rapid Eye Movement. 
  • Stage 4: During this stage, when you are in a deep  sleep, you will experience  REM sleep  or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. 

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Significance of REM Sleep

Every sleep cycle lasts for a session of 90 and 120 minutes, which might lengthen until you wake up. With every sleep cycle, your duration of  REM sleep  also increases. Your first foray into  REM sleep  would be within the first 90 minutes of your initial  sleep  stage. It would be a short session lasting for around 10 minutes. An individual will go through 3 to 5  REM sleep  cycles each night, with the last  REM sleep  cycle lasting for an hour or more. 

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When you don't get your  8 hour sleep, you will not get enough  REM sleep  cycles, which can harm your brain's ability to record new memories or learn new things. Lack of  REM sleep  cycle indicates  insomnia  due to deprived  sleep. It can later lead to chronic medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, migraine, obesity, cancer, depression, type 2 diabetes, and dementia. 

 How 8 Hour Sleep Benefits Your Health and Mind?

Are you feeling grumbly after sleeping late? Apart from tampering with your mood and temperament, it can also lead to the development of  insomnia  and fatigue. Listed below are some of the  sleep benefit:

  • Enhances Your Memory

Suppose you sacrifice your  sleep  to complete your work, indulge in entertaining activities, or binge-watch. In that case, it becomes difficult for your mind to focus on your tasks and remember new information. The task of the frontal cortex is to store all the information you learn or observe to pull it out later when you are trying to think of something related to that. 

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  • No Mood Swings

One significant  sleep benefit  that you will experience is staying happy without even the slightest mood swings. When you start your day with an uplifted mood, your mind can take on all challenges and stress related to work or personal life. Lack of proper  REM sleep  will lead to risks like developing mental health issues, anxiety, and stress. When you have a  sleep  deprived condition like  insomnia, there are chances of fostering panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Even on a bad day, it is essential to realize the role of  sleep importance  and hit the rest button to achieve  8 hours of sleep  and wake up energized to face the next day with confidence. 

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  • Achieve Optimum Physical Performance

If you love to play sports of all kinds, then it is essential to discover the benefits of  sleep meditation  to pack up more physical power. Playing adrenaline-pumping or high-intensity sports like trekking, swimming, running, weightlifting, and wrestling will not be difficult when you have slept soundly for 8 hours. If you are not sleeping properly, you might feel drained and performing well in your favourite sport might not be possible. 

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  • Powers Up Immune System

Getting undisturbed  sleep meditation  for more than 8 hours will help build your immunity levels naturally. When you enjoy a deep  sleep  daily, your immune system will secrete compounds called cytokines, which combat inflammation and protect your body from illness. You need not worry about getting ill from cold, flu, or seasonal allergies, as 8 hours of sleep will give you excellent immunity. 

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  • Protects Your Heart

Enhance your heart health by getting your regular dose of  sleep  for 8 hours, as your circulatory and cardiovascular systems will get enough rest. The more you stay awake, your circulatory system and heart will be strained, which can lead to the development of severe health issues like stroke, heart attack, and more. The risks of developing hypertension are also possible if you don't follow the  sleep meditation  cycle. 

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 Parting Thoughts

If you are feeling sluggish or mood swings lately, analyze your sleep patterns, which might show that you need more sleep. Make sure you cut out all the activities like smartphones, social media posts, and work-related tasks when crawling to your bed to grab some night's sleep. Create a better sleeping ambience by using an  aroma diffuser, wearing an  eye mask  and lighting a candle doused in some  lavender aroma oil  to relax during  sleep meditation. You can shop for bedroom essentials at the website of  Nilkamal Sleep.

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