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Not as advertised

It's definitely not all weather. It feels very hot after a while even when AC at 25c. It's very soft, it's very comfortable when Ac at 21c 22c.

Monisha Sathiyamurthy
It’s worth the price

It’s super soft and super comfortable, it does absorbs the body heat. Go for it.

Ashutosh M

As claimed that the duvet adjusts to the body and ambient temperature, it fails miserably in that. Please let me know How can I return this


Advanced Thermal Regulation
Comfy All-Season Comforter
Excellent Heat Dissipation
High-Quality PCM Duvet
Soft and Breathable Microfibre


Ideal Temperature Regulation The cloud comforter, made of advanced Phase Change Material (PCM), automatically adjusts to your body temperature. It creates a pleasant microclimate in which you feel warm when the temperature drops and chilled when it rises. Whether you need a warm or cold comforter, the cloud is ideal.
Soft and breathable microfibre In addition to the temperature-friendly PCM, the Cloud Microfibre Comforter also has a soft and breathable microfibre filling. It provides extraordinary wearing comfort that makes drifting off to sleep as comfortable as possible. As you sleep, this warm comforter keeps you rested and relaxed.
Durable, all-season comforter Comfort is not the only remarkable feature of the Cloud Comforter. This cosy, warm microfibre comforter is durable as well. It features a long-lasting finish that can easily withstand daily wear and tear for years without losing its lustre. The comforter is also easily washable, so you can use it fresh in no time.


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The Cloud comforter feels like the calm seas, but it’s durable enough to brave the strong waves of a washer too. So, throw it in a machine or do a thorough hand wash, it’s fine either way. While you enjoy an easy washing experience, we do suggest complimenting it with a gentle detergent.

Our double duvet is suitable for all seasons as it has temperature regulation features. It does both - absorb excess body heat during summers and provides warmth in winter. So place an order to buy comforters that can be used all year round today.

This is a breathable microfiber comforter that’s blended with Phase Change Material (PCM) technology. At the time of manufacturing, our duvets undergo strict quality checks to cover you with absolute serenity.

PCM technology gives you bedding the ability to adapt to the weather. IIt gives the feel of a warm comforter in winter and a cold comforter during summer. So, check the comforter’s price, read our warranty, replacement, and return policy, and then place an order today.

We’ve got 2 product sizes available. You can pick either the double (220 X 240 CM) or single (152 X 240 CM) option.

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