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Cosy up your bed with warm blankets, duvets, and other bedding to keep yourself toasty warm in the comfort of your bed.


Since you spend most of your relaxing time in bed, investing in a quality bedsheet or a comforter blanket only makes sense. Quality bedding keeps you comfortable while providing the rest you need. Even a weighted blanket or a pillow protector can impact the cosiness of your bed. The colours, textures, and designs of your bedding determine the vibe of your bedroom. Their appearance should be matched with durability so that you do not have to replace them frequently. Finally, the bedding must feel right. It all boils down to how comfortable each piece of fabric on your bed feels.


Our Bedding Collection
We have lined up relaxing bedding pieces to make your bedtime cushier and cosier. Discover the Grace Upside Down Reversible Comforter, made of luxurious microfiber to keep you warm as you wander through your world of dreams. Our Premium Pure Cotton Fitted Bedsheet saves you valuable time from making your bed regularly. Do not miss the temperature-regulated Cloud Comforter, which is sure to be your cosy haven, keeping you tranquil overnight.

1: Grace Upside Down Reversible Comforter
Create a relaxing sleeping space with the Grace Upside Down Reversible Comforter. This luxurious all-season comforter blanket sleep aid keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The cocoon of plush microfibre with soft-touch peach creates a state of comfort you'll never want to leave. Feel free to use either side of this fluffy reversible comforter blanket, available in a wide range of lovely colours. It is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to your body. Choose a colour that complements your bedroom decor, and get ready to drift off in the warm embrace of Nilkamal Sleep' Grace Upside Down Reversible Comforter.

2: Premium Pure Cotton Fitted Bedsheet
Enjoy the luxurious softness of the premium 100% cotton fitted bedsheet from Nilkamal Sleep. This super-light bedsheet feels gentle on your skin and comfortable on your body. It is resistant to creases and wrinkles and is simple to wash and dry, making it a perfect bedsheet for Indian homes. Do not worry about the bedsheet slipping off your mattress. This one has a TruGrip elastic grip that will keep the bedsheet in place. It ages like wine, becoming softer and more malleable year after year. With the soft cotton bedsheet and complimentary pillow covers, this could be the right time for you to rethink sleeping comfort. If you've been looking for a high-quality cotton bedsheet online, you do not need to look any further.

3: Cloud Comforter
Are you tired of wrapping yourself in a comforter blanket that is sometimes too warm and sometimes too cold? Put all your worries to rest with the temperature-regulated Nilkamal Sleep Cloud Comforter. Featuring advanced PCM technology, Cloud creates the perfect temperature for your body, whether it's raining or sunny outside. This temperature-managing efficiency of the Cloud Comforter Blanket makes it your ideal all-season bedding. It has a plush microfibre filling that creates a cosy microclimate based on your body's needs. You no longer have to put up with comforter sets that do nothing to keep you comfortable, at least not when you can get the Cloud Microfibre Comforter online.


Before purchasing bedding, be it a bedsheet, blanket, comforter, quilt, mattress protector, or pillow protector, here is a quick checklist of things to consider. The first thing is the bedding size, which should match the bed size, whether it's a king, queen, or twin. The next thing is the bedding material and thread count. Cotton and polyester are softer, more comfortable, easier to dry, and more durable. Memory foam conforms to your body temperature, whereas vinyl resists moisture and stains. You should also pay attention to the thread count: the higher the thread count, the better the cushioning and durability. Another factor to consider is whether the bedding fabric is machine or hand washable, which makes cleaning easier. In the case of mattress protectors, determine whether you need one to protect your mattress or to add cushioning. Now that you know more about bedding, check out our handpicked collection.


You are now ready to make your bed feel cosier with our carefully curated bedding collection. Warm up in the temperature-controlled cloud comforter or the fancier Grace Upside Down Reversible Comforter. We also have the premium pure cotton fitted bedsheet that saves you time on bed making, making it a perfect regular-use bedsheet for Indian homes. Stay tuned to Nilkamal Sleep for high-quality bedding such as blankets, bed covers, mattress protectors, and pillow protectors.


We've got a variety of bedding available with us.
Our reversible comforter provides relief for all seasons and has a peach finish. Our pure cotton bedsheet has 'True Grip' to stay in place and is extremely gentle. While our Cloud Comforter blanket is made with PCM to adjust to your body's temperature.
Our pillow and tencel mattress protector will shield your bed from spillage and soiling.

Cleansing regularly deflects dirt, microbes, and irritants.
All our weighted blankets, mattress and pillow protectors, and cloud comforters are machine-wash compatible, so you can simply toss them in a washer and stay worry-free as they won't be prone to damage. However, in terms of frequency, we recommend washing your bedding once a week. You can do it more often if you sleep with a pet or if you're prone to sweating.
Read the product manual carefully for complete details.

A bedsheet is an ultra-lightweight product, it's extremely gentle, and consists of 100% cotton. On the other hand, a comforter is multi-layered, provides a cuddly feel, and can adapt to the climate to create a suitable environment. You can get the best comforter and bedsheet online with Nilkamal Sleep.

Looking for multiple duvets sizes? Don't worry, we've got your back.
Whether you need a single, queen, or double/king size comforter; we have the choices you need.
You can also choose a mattress protector that's ideal for the bed size you've got.
Check the dimensions clearly before placing your order.

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