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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Mattress in Pristine Condition Even in Monsoons

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Mattress in Pristine Condition Even in Monsoons


Nothing is more enjoyable than relishing your favourite cup of coffee with hot snacks on a rainy evening. Even though monsoons can give you the much-needed respite from the scorching sun, it comes with a fair share of problems. Whether it is the spread of seasonal flu, marshy roads, power cuts, or wet clothes, monsoon can be a troublemaker. However, the major issue that every house owner faces is the growth of microbes, fungi, and moulds on furniture, pillows, and  mattress

Maintaining it in perfect condition during the rainy season is imperative, as it can help you avoid seasonal allergies and infections. Read the blog on  mattress care  to keep your  mattress  fresh like new, even when heavy rains are pounding your locality. Choose the  best mattress  while shopping to have a restful sleep even on rainy days. You can also  buy mattress protector online  to save more and keep your mattress safe. 

Effect of Monsoon On Your Mattress

The mattress you sleep on is among the highly vulnerable items that get affected due to monsoon, as it develops mildew and mould. It gets damp in the rainy season, retaining moisture and humidity, a favourable environment that triggers the growth of microbes, fungi and bacteria. 

So, taking care of the  mattress  during rainy seasons is essential to avoid the infestation of microorganisms, which can harm your health and affect your sleep quality. Follow some of the practical tips for  mattress care  mentioned below to enjoy a healthy sleep during monsoons. 

Top Tips to Protect Your Mattress During Monsoons

Follow Basic Mattress Maintenance Regime Vigorously 

It is always advisable to stay extra cautious during the onset of monsoon and follow a basic regime as a part of your  mattress care. Changing the old bed sheets,  pillow  covers, and linens twice weekly to sleep on fresh sheets daily is essential. You can wash the  mattress cover  and leave them to dry naturally on rainy days while adding a dash of vinegar to keep it odour free. 

Soak your  duvets  or  comforters  in hot water to kill the germs and bacteria that develop in damp conditions. Also, vacuum your  bed  and mattress daily to keep it free from mites, dust, and allergens.   

Let Your Mattress Soak Up the Sun 

Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, which makes it a practical choice for  mattress care  and drying it quickly to drive moisture away. The sun's rays are powerful and can combat the formation of bacteria, microbes, and moulds on the mattress by sanitizing it. 

However, ensure you keep track of the daily weather forecast to dry your mattress and  mattress cover  under the sun. Ensure the mattress is left outside during the evening, as the cool breeze during monsoons will be filled with moisture and dampen your mattress. 

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Keep Your Bedroom Well Ventilated 

As already discussed, insects like bed bugs, termites, and microorganisms multiply rapidly, even if you own the  best mattress  in damp conditions with little or no ventilation. Ventilation plays a vital role in your regular  mattress care  regime, as it helps in enhancing its longevity. 

Keep your windows open and let the fresh air and sunlight enter your room to prevent dampness and foul smell on your mattress. When there is enough ventilation in the room, it helps to maintain the mattress's health, as it keeps moisture and wetness at bay. 

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Baking Soda Can Be Your Cleaning Mate 

Use a natural cleansing agent like baking soda, which is an apt choice for  mattress care. It is loaded with disinfectant properties, making it an apt choice to clean your mattress and  mattress cover. Use a sieve to sprinkle some baking soda all over your mattress and let it soak for a couple of hours. 

You can also leave the mattress aside overnight for better results. Then, remove the baking soda without a trace by vacuuming it. Then leave the  mattress  under the sun for an hour or two to disinfect, and later use a  fitted bedsheet  to cover it. 

Do Not Forget to Use a Mattress Protector 

When investing in the  best mattress  like the  Ecoair Latex Mattress, it is imperative to protect it against wetness or dampness, especially during the monsoons, by choosing  mattress protectors. Using  mattress protectors  for  mattress care  consistently keeps the surface free from dirt and spills. When you  buy mattress protector online, choose the ones designed with tight-fitting edges that gently hug along the side contours of your mattress, there are no chances of dust accumulation or water from seeping in. 

The protector for the  mattress  is designed with waterproof properties, which makes it an ideal choice for families with small babies and kids. The  mattress protectors  prevent mites, pollens and allergens from settling on the bed surface and are easily washable in your washing machine. 

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Invest in an Air Purifier and Dehumidifier 

Dehumidifiers are boons for homes that are geographically located in an incredible region where the monsoons can raise the humidity levels. Using a dehumidifier for  mattress care  lowers the humidity levels inside your room and protects the  mattress  from microbial infestation. Air purifiers, as their name suggests, are designed to purify air to maintain better circulation. 

They keep away unfavorable odours and maintain a healthy environment to prevent the air-borne disease from spreading during monsoons. These devices work hand in hand with  mattress care  and maintaining a healthy environment inside your rooms to reduce allergies and breathe the pure and fresh air to sleep. 

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Always choose a high-quality mattress from  Nilkamal Sleep  and  buy mattress protector online, as it helps you sleep well even during heavy rains. Follow the instructions mentioned above to enhance the longevity of the mattress even during wet monsoon season to keep allergies, infections and infestations at bay. These  mattress care  instructions can help your family breathe freely and sleep healthy, even on cool, rainy days.


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