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DIY Style Tips to Make Your Wooden Bed Look Cool and Cozy

DIY Style Tips to Make Your Wooden Bed Look Cool and Cozy

Wondering about transforming your bedroom with a new wooden bed? A wooden bed can impact your bedroom décor perfectly, irrespective of the room size. If you have a large bedroom, choose a king-size wooden bed; for a small one, choose a single wooden bed to sleep in comfortably while not using up much floor space. If you feel the urge to spice up the overall look of your wooden bed to amp up your bedroom’s style quotient, then read on the blog to learn about some of the fantastic DIY tips to enhance the look of your wooden bed. 

Whether creating an illusion using a mirror, adding an exciting  bedsheet, photo frame, or pairing it with stylish pillows, your wooden bed can look cool and stylish with a little effort. You can find beautiful  bedsheet online  when you shop at the renowned website of Nilkamal Sleep to beautify your wooden bed stylishly. 

Best DIY Tips to Style Your Wooden Bed

Create an ultra-cozy sleeping space with these DIY ideas using a  bedsheet  to reflect your sense of style and enjoy a warm welcome while stepping inside to rest. Let your creative juice flow when trying to  buy bedsheet online  to make your bedroom look aesthetically appealing. 

Colour Coordination is the Key

If you have a reasonably spacious bedroom, it is time to experiment with colours to create a splashing vibrant effect to make you feel relaxed and happy when lying on your wooden bed. Go for the colours like blue, yellow, or orange that uplift your mood and create a serene ambience in your bedroom. Follow a colour-coordinated look by choosing a  duvet,  bed sheet cover, bedsheet, and  pillow  covers to make your wooden bed look posh and sophisticated. 

Make sure you choose wallpaper in a similar soothing shade to create a vibrant look overall to fill the room with a positive aura. Make sure you choose the bedside table or place a night lamp in the same colour as your  bedsheet  to lend a modern touch to your wooden bed while subtly reflecting your taste and personality. When you  buy bedsheet online, you can find  cotton bed sheets  in various colours and sizes to fit wooden bedsheets. Try hanging DIY wall hangings or dream catchers in similar colours to elevate the overall look of your wooden bed when placed in a vibrant décor. 

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Beautify Your Wooden Storage Bed

When you have invested in a storage bed, it is easier to maintain a clutter-free bedroom floor, as all the stuff can be neatly tucked inside the storage boxes. You can choose a  bedsheet to bed sheet cover  the bed perfectly to hide the storage section aptly, especially while expecting guests. If you own a double bed, choose  cotton bed sheets  in king or queen size to cover it neatly. Or, you can try crafts and hang cute origami figures on a string at the sides of your bed frame to create a playful look. Invest in tussled, solid-coloured, and printed duvets when you  buy bedsheet  to enhance the look of your  bed

Let Mirror Illusion Play Tricks

If your bedroom is compact and perfectly holds a single wooden bed, this DIY is just for you. Trick the eyes of your guests by using a mirror to create an illusion of having some extra space. Use some glue and fix a mirror on the headboard of the  wooden bed. It will create an illusion of making your bedroom and the bed with  bedsheet  appear much bigger than their actual size. Apart from creating a spacious effect, the addition of a mirror also imparts charm and elegance to your bedroom to make it look cozy and beautiful. Choose  cotton bed sheets  with abstract or geometric prints to perfectly match the illusion idea. It is easy to find  bed sheets near me  and choose the best one that meets your requirements. 

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Floor Elements Shouldn’t Be Ignored

While trying to transform your wooden bed with  bedsheet  and other elements, don’t forget to replace your rugs or carpets to play along with the colour code you intend to use. If redecorating your parents’ bedroom, match the traditional wooden bed with  cotton bed sheets  by placing a Kashmiri rug or carpet with vintage designs to complete the look. If you decorate the wooden bed in your bedroom, go for a fluffy rug or one with a funky design to complement your modern wooden bed. If you can find rugs or carpets similar to your  cotton bed sheets, then it helps achieve a uniform look throughout. You can find these carpets or rugs with a similar design when you  buy bedsheet online

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Create A Collage of Memories

A photo collage can always bring a smile to your lips, even when you are retiring to bed after a long and tiring day. Make sure you create a wonderful collection of photo collages with all your close friends, family, and well-wishers to remind you how blessed you are. Photo collages are a great way to liven up the dull look of your wooden bed, wrapped with a  bedsheet  of your choice. When you shop for  bedsheet online, you can also customize them with your favourite photos, like your wedding or your kid’s first birthday, to decorate your bedroom for special occasions. You can also go for printed bed sheet cover, duvet, and bedding when you  buy bedsheet online. 

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Parting Thoughts

Apart from these ideas, try to add a  Luxe pillow, Bread pillow, or  cloud pillow  to your wooden bed to create a comfy bedroom. You can also hang your favourite quotes, kid’s drawings, a painting, or indoor plants to create a soulful bedroom décor. However, investing in a wooden bed alone is not enough to stay assured of getting a good night’s sleep. Make sure you choose a perfect  hybrid mattress, pillows, and bedding to decorate your bed perfectly and sleep comfortably by shopping at  Nilkamal Sleep.

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