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Wooden Bed Buying Guide- Important Things To Remember

Wooden Bed Buying Guide- Important Things To Remember

Buying the perfect  bed  for your bedroom is an important decision. You need to purchase a bed for your bedroom. It has to be stylish, unique, comfortable, durable, sturdy and low-maintenance. After all, you cannot buy every few years. So, it has to have all these things. Only one kind of bed checks all and a few more criteria: a  solid wood bed. Solid wood beds have a unique appeal, fantastic sturdiness, low-cost maintenance, long-lasting reliability, timeless looks, and they are highly comfortable to sleep in. 

Things to remember when buying a Wooden Bed

There are so many types of wooden beds. What type of  wooden bed  will be perfect for your bedroom? Selecting one bed to  buy wooden bed  from the entire  wooden bed designs catalogue  is a mammoth task. Especially when you are purchasing a  solid wood bed  for the first time. After all, what you purchased may need to be more durable or suit your bedroom or occupy less space. Your  bed  is not something you can buy again when don't like the one you purchased. To select the right wooden bed for your home, you need to consider and check many things. Read along to know the essential things to remember when purchasing a wooden bed. These points will help you to  buy wooden bed  that is perfect for your bedroom.

Size of the bed

Before you start choosing the bed design, you need to know what  wooden bed size  you want. The  wooden bed size  is based on two significant factors- the size of your room and the number of people sleeping in it. So, if your room is small, you cannot go for a large size as then the bed will only leave a little free floor space for your other furniture o to walk around. Similarly, a small bed will look out of place in a large bedroom. Also, you can't go for a small bed when two or three people are sleeping on the bed. Therefore, your bed size will be decided by the size of your room and the number of people sleeping in it. Based on these factors, you can choose any of the following bed sizes :

  • Single bed- Single beds  are meant for one person to sleep in. They are ideal when you are the only person sleeping in them or your guest room or for your grown-up kid's room. 
  • Queen-size bed – Queen-size beds  are standard-size beds meant for the average-sized bedroom. They are meant for two people to sleep in. 
  • King-size bed- King-size beds  are ideal for large bedrooms. Their large size is good for couples who want extra space on their beds. 
  • Kid's Bed- A kid's bed is meant for your infant's or young kid's room. It provides an independent, comfortable and quiet sleeping space for them.
  • Bunker Bed- Bunker beds have two beds stacked, one on top of the other. They are space-saving beds where two beds occupy the space of one. They are mostly for two siblings sleeping in one room. 

Type of Wooden bed

Once you have considered the bed size you want, you have to finalize the type of wooden bed you want. These are the main types of wooden beds available:

  • Platform bed- A bed with minimalistic looks but a great style suitable for small apartments. Their sleek design makes the bedroom appear bigger. The platform  wooden bed price  is affordable; hence they are one of the most popular bed types. 
  • Upholstered bed- These beds are cushioned headboards and luxurious designs. The upholstered  bed price  is slightly more than other beds as they have extra cushioning. They offer more comfort, so they are ideal for people who like reading books, working, or watching TV in their beds. 
  • Poster bed- Poster beds have four columns on its corner. They have an old-world charm to them and can lift your room's looks. 
  • Sofa cum bed- These modern multi-purpose beds can be a sofa as well as a bed by pushing buttons or levers. These space-saving beds are good for living rooms, studio apartments, or guest rooms. 

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Storage Option

Living in metropolitan cities or compact urban homes leaves you with space constraints and, therefore, less storage space. That's why you need multifunctional furniture to save space. Beds with storage options are an excellent way to save space. You can go for beds with storage space under the bed, on the side, on the headboard or all three. Depending on the size of your bedroom, you can decide what storage option you want in your bed. You can also opt for no side storage space in your bed and add a nightstand.  

Type of Wood

Wooden beds are available in many types of wood. The two main types of wood used for wooden beds are :

  • Premium Hardwood – Premium hardwoods are high-quality, durable wood cut directly from tree trunks. Due to this, the beds have a luxurious natural look, last for several decades and can be carved in any design. The popular hardwoods used for beds are Sheesham and teak.
  • Engineered wood- Engineered wood beds, are a more affordable type of wooden bed. They are appealing, sturdy and durable. They are available in various designs, finishes and colours, so they match every aesthetics and décor. 

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Conclusion (H4)

All the above points will help you decide what type of wood bed you want. Nilkamal Sleep is the best place to purchase high-quality, comfortable mattresses. You can check Nilkamal Sleep to browse for a unique wooden bed designs catalogue for selecting the bed you like for your home. Also, remember that a comfortable mattress and a good bed for a night of sound sleep are necessary.


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