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The Ultimate Guide To King Size Bed Furniture

The Ultimate Guide To King Size Bed Furniture

A relaxing sleep is a necessity of our lives for a fit body and active mind. And restful sleep is possible only on a comfortable bed. A comfortable bed ensures you get a night of sound sleep to wake up rejuvenated and ready to tackle your day. A night of restless sleep leaves you dizzy and irritated, so your day is filled with longing to go to bed. But then the next morning, you are in the same condition. Therefore, choosing the right bed and mattress is a life-altering decision. Choosing the right bed becomes more critical when you are sharing your bed with your spouse. A small bed can leave you and your spouse struggling for space throughout the night. This affects your quality of sleep. And you may have a small kid, who still sleeps with you, leaving you with even lesser bed space. So, opting for a  king size bed  is wise for all of you. You may think the  king size bed price  is higher than the queen-size bed. So why pay extra for a few inches? So, paying extra for a few inches may not seem like a practical decision, but it can be your best decision. Let's find out why purchasing  king size bed furniture  is beneficial for you. 

What is a King Size Bed?

A  king size bed  is bigger than all other standard  beds. It is the size of two twin beds, which is enormous. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for couples or people who need a lot of sleeping space. There is plenty of space for both of them. Even after sleeping with a kid, the couple can sleep comfortably without struggling for space. The standard  king bed dimensions  are 76" x 80" in India. However, the  king bed size  may differ from the standard  king bed dimensions  depending on the brand. As the  king bed size  is bigger than other beds, the  king size bed set  may cost more than a standard bed. But the extra amount is worth it for the comfort and quality of sleep you will get. Though, there are many affordable options for  king-size beds  available. 

Benefits of King Size Bed Furniture

Investing in  king-size bed furniture  is an excellent choice for your sound sleep and health. Here are the top benefits of purchasing kind size beds:

More bed space for everyone

The king-size beds are 76" wide, leaving 38" of bed space for you and your spouse. That is a lot of space to sleep comfortably, and the length of 80" is big enough for even a person taller than 6 feet. You can stretch your arms and feet without disturbing your spouse or other person sleeping on the bed. You don't have to contort, squeeze in a corner, hog the other person's bed space, or bend your knees on a king-size bed. So you can sleep snugly in a position you are most comfortable in. Also, a bigger bed means more space to cuddle and get close to your partner. And, if either of you wants to work or read in bed, they can do so easily without disturbing the other. Check out the fantastic collection of  king size bed set  at  Nilkamal Sleep  to  buy king size bed online  at affordable prices. 

Space for three

As the bed  mattress  size is larger, leaving space for a third one in your bed. When your kid is young, you want them to sleep with you, not in another room. Even if your kid sleeps in another room, they may sometimes want to cuddle with you or when they are afraid at night. Also, sometimes kids like to snuggle in with their parents in the mornings or watch a movie at night. So, a king-size bed is perfect for accommodating all three of you without any space constraints and enjoying some precious family time. With the large size, if you have a pet, then they can find space on your bed to sleep without disturbing you. 

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Improved Sleep

After a long work day, you only want to rest peacefully for a good night's sleep. With more bed space, you can rest comfortably and get better sleep. For a sound night's sleep, you need a bed with adequate space for you to sleep in your comfortable position. You can disturb your partner or the other way around on a standard bed when you turn. Or you are tall or healthier, so need more space to sleep, but the standard-size bed doesn't let you. Therefore, a king-size bed with its large size is a perfect choice for sleeping comfortably. When you rest comfortably throughout the night, you have a sound sleep. So, sleeping in a king-size bed improves your sleep. 

Better Health

A night of sound and peaceful sleep is necessary for a healthy body and mind. The large size of the king-size beds provides ample space to sleep comfortably and soundly. The king-size beds are designed to distribute the weight throughout, so your body's pressure points are relieved irrespective of your sleeping position. So, they relieve and relax your body after a hectic day, and you sleep soundly. 

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Eases Pain

When you have any body pain issues such as joint pains, arthritis, shoulder pain, etc., then that makes you restless while sleeping. You toss and turn many times during the night to ease your pain. This can disturb your spouse or the other person sleeping with you when you have a standard-size bed. Or you can't move freely to ease your pain because of space constraints. But on a king-size bed, there is enough space to sleep, making you comfortable without disturbing the other person. And when you sleep comfortably, your joints don't pain so much. 


For a happy life, you need a healthy body, and sound sleep is crucial for a healthy body. So, choosing a king-size bed with a comfortable mattress will ensure you get a good night's sleep. You can also check out pillows, beddings, sleep essentials and more at Nilkamal Sleep.
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