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Amazing Benefits of Purchasing Acacia Wood Furniture

Amazing Benefits of Purchasing Acacia Wood Furniture

When you think of timeless furniture, then only wood furniture comes to mind. Wood furniture is elegant, durable, and long-lasting. Depending on the design and usage, they can be traditional and contemporary, chic and classy, rustic and shiny. The versatility of wood furniture makes them the popular furniture choice for every kind of furniture, whether it’s  bedroom furniture  or office furniture. However, not all wood furniture is durable and long-lasting. It all depends on the wood used. So, which wood to go for? Acacia is one of the best wood that is attractive, durable, long-lasting, versatile, and suitable for any furniture. You may have heard your grandparents boast about that heritage  acacia wood bed or your neighbour proudly showing off her  acacia wood dining table. It is because  acacia wood furniture  is famous for its natural beauty and durability. This wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You will find  acacia furniture  for both indoors and outdoors. So, acacia furniture  ranges from an  acacia wood bed  to an  acacia bed frame  and from outdoor furniture to  bedroom furniture. Read ahead to learn about acacia wood and its different benefits that make  acacia wood furniture  popular for every kind of furniture.

What is Acacia?

The acacia tree is popularly known as the tree with thousand names. This is because a different name knows it in most countries. Some of the common names for acacia are- thorn-tree, wattle, and mimosa. Though once a local of Australia, it soon spread across the world. Currently, more than 1350 types of acacia are found worldwide. However, the most popular acacia used for making furniture is babul. Babul is a local wood of the Middle East, India, Africa, and some parts of Australia. It is used for furniture for its thickness, hardness, and accessibility. It is one of the most complicated wood, and it’s known for its density and high flexibility. As it is resistant to friction and can endure different climatic conditions, its popularity for making furniture is well deserved. 

Benefits of using Acacia wood for furniture

To understand the popularity of  acacia bed, you must first understand its benefits. The benefits of acacia wood make numerous people use acacia wood for their furniture. Here are the various benefits of using acacia wood for furniture: 


Acacia wood is known to be workable. Especially the acacia’s babul variety is easy to work with and is highly malleable. It can be shaped into various furniture pieces without much work. And as it dries, the surface of the furniture pieces becomes rigid and sturdy. This is the reason that acacia is popular in making benches, dining tables, and other tables and seats. Due to this reason, it is also popular for flooring. Its unique ability to be workable before drying allows it to be used for crafting beautiful furniture pieces. 


Acacia is a highly durable wood. Its hardness and density make it an excellent choice for heavy-use furniture pieces such as  bed, dining tables, chairs, and benches. When correctly maintained, furniture pieces made from acacia wood will last for several decades. Therefore. You will find heirloom furniture pieces, such as  bed  made from acacia wood. 


Acacia trees, especially the babul variety, are plentiful in Asia, the Middle East and India. Due to its fast-growing tendency and suitable climatic conditions, several tree farms of acacia trees are there. As it is locally available in good quantity, its price is reasonable as compared to exotic woods of the same qualities. Its easy affordability and affordable price, along with its other benefits, make it a popular choice for furniture. 

Scratch Resistant

Acacia wood has higher scratch resistance as compared to other hardwoods. And it is also durable. So, it becomes a great choice when looking for wood for highly used furniture such as dining sets or tables or outdoor furniture. It’s not that it will never get scratched. But in comparison to other woods, the scratches will be less. They can be easily covered up beautifully after years of use with a simple lacquer finish or wood filler. 

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Size Availability

The height of acacia trees is high, and sometimes they can grow up to 82 feet. Therefore, making a furniture piece made of a single acacia wood piece is possible. So, acacia wood is best when making single pieces of long furniture, such as a long seat or a long dining table. 

Attractive Natural Grain

Acacia wood has an attractive natural grain pattern and a deep brown colour. Its surface is naturally smooth with a well-polished appearance. So, with or without polish, the furniture made from acacia wood looks stunning. That’s why all the furniture made from acacia wood, whether it’s a table or a bed, has a warm and rich texture. Also, its red-brown colour doesn’t fade quickly. So, the colour of your furniture lasts for a long time. 

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Acacia wood has natural high-water resistance. Therefore, it can be easily used for outdoor furniture or heavy-use furniture that has constant contact with moisture or water. So, even without any water-resistant treatment or finish, acacia wood furniture will last for several decades without any damage. 


Furniture made from acacia wood doesn’t need any anti-bacterial treatment or protection. Acacia wood is naturally anti-bacterial, unlike other hardwood types. So, it can be safely used even for preparing or serving food. That’s why you can find the best chopping boards made of acacia wood. 

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Acacia wood is stunning, water-resistant, durable, scratch-resistant, and affordable. You will find the best furniture pieces made from acacia wood. Therefore, whenever looking for wood furniture, go for acacia wood furniture. You can check out  Nilkamal Sleep  for stylish and affordable bed.

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