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Keep Away Humidity From Your Bed

Keep Away Humidity From Your Bed

Humidity in monsoon: what can you do?

In monsoon, you must protect your mattress from absorbing a lot of moisture and humidity during this monsoon season. Shopping for a mattress that prevents humidity absorption and comes with a set of different features might be a tough task, but we are here to help you with that.  Check out  various options of mattresses available with varying designs at different prices, exclusively available at  Nilkamal Sleep.  Normal cotton mattresses might not be helpful as they can easily absorb moisture, and what you need is a latex  mattress  because it keeps moisture and humidity away. Let's learn about a few benefits of these mattresses.

Resistance capabilities

A  Memory foam mattress  is fully natural and is created with pure natural latex. Latex can resist any moisture and heat, allowing for a night's sleep free from the soggy effects of the rainy days. Latex not only protects us from the impact of wet climate but protects our joints and back from pain. 

It provides a cushion for body parts such as the hips and joints, and thus, it relieves high pressure on those parts of your body. This memory foam mattress relaxes the spine by ensuring it supports areas lighter than the others, such as the head.

Latex, being anti-microbial, protects against fungi, moulds, and bacteria from growing on top of the mattress. If you are too busy to sanitise your mattress, having a latex mattress can make your life easier. Extraction of latex is from eucalyptus trees, which even makes it eco-friendly and sustainable. This monsoon, selecting a  memory foam mattress  made with latex would be a smart pick because of its immense resistance capabilities from severe heat and moisture. Its ability to act as a cushion for your body helps you relax and sleep peacefully without any disturbance.

Sustainable endeavour

Latex can be extracted from trees continuously for 30 years without having to bring harm to the tree from which it is removed. The mattress's cover is made of an eco-friendly fabric extracted from a Eucalyptus tree. The material latex, from which the  memory foam mattress  is made, is considered cool and dry, which helps in the resistance to heat and moisture. It is sustainable for the environment as it uses eco-friendly material extracted out of the Eucalyptus tree. The material used in making the memory foam  mattress  helps to increase its durability as it is resistant to any heat and moisture content.  Check out  different mattresses from a plethora of options available exclusively at  Nilkamal Sleep.

Protective cover

The latex mattresses come with different protective covers, made of Tencel and cotton, to protect the mattress from humidity absorption. The Tencel cover can be applied on the exterior surface of the mattress as it is considered softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton, and cooler than any linen material, giving it a good balance of comfort as per your requirements. The Tencel cover does not trap any heat and moisture and ensures you sleep calmly and peacefully by keeping your mattress cool to get a good night's sleep.

Originally with a  memory foam mattress,  you can expect an unparalleled level of comfort without fearing the mattress absorbing humidity, which is a bonus and makes these mattresses a steal deal. You can also go for an inner cotton cover which might also prove helpful as it is hypoallergenic, which means it does not allow dirt or fungus to seep inside the  mattress  and deteriorate its quality. It plays multiple key roles, such as keeping your mattress cool during extreme heat conditions and warm during the cold winters. It is also helpful in keeping any moisture content away to ensure that the mattress remains comfortable for you to get a good night's sleep.

Temperature regulations

Still not convinced how a latex mattress can solve the problem of absorption of humidity? Well, an added feature of these mattresses is temperature regulation technology since it is a kind of memory foam mattress built with a superior quality soft foam material that provides the comfort of the highest order.

A latex mattress regulates the temperature of your mattress according to the environment nearby and adjusts itself as per your needs. Latex ensures that your mattress does not attract any moisture and humidity during the monsoon season and keeps your mattress dry and comfortable for you to relax. It also adjusts the temperature of your mattress, cools down your mattress during hot and humid weather, and also warms up your mattress during extremely cold conditions.  Explore  a mattress that contains latex to ensure humidity doesn't exist on your mattress, exclusively available at  Nilkamal Sleep.


Many mattresses are available that provide quality material with different features and designs at various prices, according to the comfort levels and technology used in making them. But not many mattresses can boast that they can keep humidity or moisture content away. A latex mattress is one of those rare mattresses, a kind of  memory foam mattress  built with sufficient features and technology that does not allow humidity or moisture to seep in and deteriorate the quality of your mattress. So, why keep waiting?  Buy now  a  memory foam mattress  that contains latex in it. There are various options available, with variable designs that provide the comfort of the highest order, that too at affordable prices, exclusively available at  Nilkamal Sleep.  You can order online in the comfort of your home and enjoy doorstep delivery without the hassle.

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