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Glamorize Your Master Bedroom With A Solid Bed

Glamorize Your Master Bedroom With A Solid Bed


Your master bedroom is the most intimate and relaxing space in your whole house for you. It’s the place where you, with your spouse talk, relax, rejuvenate, sleep, unwind, dream, plan for the future, and sometimes work too. The whole house is yours; you can do everything in any corner of your home. However, the master bedroom is still special, as it is just your space. It’s not just your relaxing space but also an extension of your personality. Therefore, it has to be designed to soothe and uplift you, but when others see it, they applaud your exquisite taste. You can explore various  master bedroom designs  to decorate your bedroom. But one thing all of those  master bedroom designs  will emphasize will be the  bed for master bedroom. The  bed for master bedroom  is the main focus of the bedroom. Everything else is decided as per the bed. Therefore, the most crucial decision to make for your master bedroom is to decide on the bed. Now no ordinary bed will do for your bedroom. It has to be unique for your particular space. Therefore, only a stylish  solid wood bed  will be the appropriate choice for your bedroom. The fantastic range of beds will leave you spoilt for choice. So read ahead to know how to choose the right  solid wood bed  for your master bedroom. 

What are Solid wood beds?

For a layman, wood is wood. But there are solid woods, and there are engineered woods. So, when you see something advertised as a “wood bed”, ask them whether it’s made from solid wood or engineered wood. Both are not the same. A  solid wood bed  implies that the bed is made from actual lumber. The wood is the piece of tree trunk that has been cut, dried and stabilized, reducing its internal torsions that help make beautiful furniture pieces. Engineered wood beds imply the wood is made of strands of wood fibres. Solid wood furniture is sturdier and more durable than other  bed  materials, hence considered the best option. 

What type of Solid wood to choose for your bed?

Solid woods are available in a wide variety. The most popular ones are teak, Sheesham, oak and pine. Sheesham and teak are the most preferred ones for beds as they are solid. Other hardwoods with high durability are cherry, oak, maple, mahogany and walnut, used for bed frames. Firm Pine and cedar are softwoods that are also used for making beds and bed frames as they are easier to work with, but they may be less robust than hardwoods. 

Types of Solid wood beds

Once you have finalized the wood you want for your bed, the next step is to finish the style of your bed. Some of the popular types of wooden beds are:

  • Platform bed
  • Storage bed
  • Day bed
  • Canopy bed
  • Sleigh bed

All these types of wooden beds have their distinct features and advantages. However, the most popular styles of wooden beds are storage beds and platform beds. You can choose whatever style suits you. After selecting the bed style, you must choose the  master bed size. The  master bed size  can be determined by the size and space of your bedroom. Depending on your bedroom size, you can choose a  king size bed  or a  queen size bed.

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Why purchase a solid wood bed?

There are beds available in so many materials-iron, wood, steel, wrought iron, engineered wood, etc. So why purchase a solid wood bed? Let’s understand the benefits of purchasing solid wood beds:

Unique Beauty

As solid wood is actually lumber and is directly taken from the tree bark, each piece has its unique feature or structure. The wood grains of each board piece travel in different directions, forming different shapes, and each lumber piece will have knots in other places even though they may be of the same tree. Even the colour of boards differs for the same wood variety or even of the same tree, as the part on the centre of the tree is darker in colour in comparison to the bottom and top parts. Therefore, no two pieces of beds made from solid wood will look the same even though they may be of the same design. 

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Strength and Durability

As parts of solid wood beds are made from one piece of wood, they are stronger than bed parts made by joining wood pieces. As the tree in the forests stays intact for hundreds of years, so will the beds made from solid wood. Solid wood beds have been capable of tolerating everyday wear and tears for several decades. So, they are a durable and good investment for your master bedroom that will be used for several years.

Easy Maintenance

Solid wood beds are easy to maintain, and all you need to do is dust them regularly to remove dust and dirt. Once in a while, you can wipe them with a wood cleaner to maintain their shine.

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Solid wood beds are tough and durable, so there are fewer chances of dents and dings. Still, if there are minor dents or dings, they can be easily repaired with sanding and refinishing. Beds with veneers are more challenging to repair in comparison. Even minor damage on the veneer surface is difficult to refinish. So, solid wood beds look good even after years of regular use.



Solid wood beds are elegant, timeless, durable, and with a unique personality, just like you. They are the best reflection of your taste in your master bedroom. You can glam up the look of your master bedroom with a stylish solid wood bed and comfortable  mattress. Visit  Nilkamal Sleep  todays!


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