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How to Buy Pillows Online in Monsoon Season?

How to Buy Pillows Online in Monsoon Season?

The music of the raindrops falling, the sweet aroma of the soil, the freshness of the leaves and flowers, and the calming breeze make the monsoon a much-awaited season and some pakodas with a masala tea take on the experience to a whole new level of calmness and peace. But as the season comes to its full show, our sleep sometimes gets affected due to the changes in the temperature and the environment. So, it becomes essential to consider the points mentioned below while buying pillow online to elevate your sleeping experience during the season of mesmerizing beauty.

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Let Us Dig Into the Factors

Moisture Wicking Properties

Monsoon season brings with it a lot of humidity. Therefore it is necessary to choose a  pillow material  with moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable and helps you sleep like a baby.


Choose a  pillow  that has great breathability. Two benefits of pillows with breathable coverings or ventilation elements are improved airflow and less sweat build-up.

Hypoallergic Features

During the monsoon season, allergens and irritations are more common. While  buying pillow online, choose one with hypoallergenic qualities, such as resistance to mould and dust mites. This  pillow material  ensures a healthier sleeping environment by lowering the risk of allergies and respiratory problems.

Quick Drying Ability

The monsoon season may result in unforeseen spills or moisture exposure. So, while  buying pillow online,  choose the ones with quick-drying qualities so they can dry more quickly if they become wet. 

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Comfort and Support

Temperature and humidity changes during the monsoon season may make sleeping difficult. At the same time,  buying pillow online  for a  pillow  that provides the correct number of head and neck support for the best spinal alignment and pressure reduction. 

Size and Height

Based on your tastes and preferred sleeping position, take the pillow's size and loft (height) into consideration. Pillows come in various sizes, so picking the appropriate one when  buying pillow online  will guarantee a cozy fit on your  bed

Durability and Upkeep

With increased humidity and a chance for spills, monsoon season may be difficult for pillows. When  buying pillow online, make sure the  pillow  you select is durable and simple to care for. For easy cleaning, look for  pillow material  with removable, washable coverings that can be machine washed.


Establish a spending limit for your  pillow price  while considering the crucial qualities and components during the rainy season. Although buying a high-quality  pillow  is necessary, there are options at different  pillow price  points. Consider the pillow's longevity, comfort, and monsoon-specific qualities to determine its value while you  buy best pillow online.

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Various Pillows From Nilkamal Sleep

Snuggle Pillow

The pinnacle of head-resting comfort, the triple-layer  Snuggle Pillow  is one of the  best pillows. This  pillow  has been precisely made to provide unmatched support for your head and neck. The lovely knitting pattern on its detachable polyester zipper cover gently caresses your skin. Your head and neck will receive the best support possible because of the anti-allergenic, light microfibre filling, which balances plushness and hardness. Remove the movable foam pockets to get the desired height and stiffness. This three-layer wonder will provide comfort and slumber at a reasonable  pillow price.

Luxe Memory Foam Pillow

For optimal comfort, the multilayer  Luxe Memory Foam Pillow,  one of the  best pillows, conforms to your head. The Tencel zipper cover that cools your skin serves as the top layer and is anti-microbial. Soft, air-relieving gel memory foam forms the second layer, which improves ventilation. For height adjustment, the third layer of soft foam pockets is detachable. Firm, air-releasing gel memory foam, the fourth layer, provides the necessary stability.

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Cloud Pillow

The  Cloud Pillow  offers unsurpassed comfort. The pillow's softness and support establish the perfect comfort balance. Precisely designed to approximate the suppleness of a cloud. A filler made of hypoallergenic microfibres guarantees optimum head bounce. The cushion has a smooth, machine-washable 110 GSM polyester cover. The piping-adorned, ultra-soft polyester  pillow  cover is antibacterial.

Cuddle Pillow

The ideal comfort-inducing  Cuddle Pillow  increases comfort. Designed to have an exceptionally soft surface and superior bounce and is stuffed with plush, shredded memory foam for a peaceful night's sleep. The layer of incredibly soft foam provides maximum comfort for relaxing. The soft foam layer is around 5mm thick to offer superior support. Quality piping and a soft knitted polyester outer cover are used. The 80 gsm inside fabric is made of conventional polyester.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

The innovative  Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow  offers a cool headrest for restful sleep. The pinhole technology ensures you get healthy airflow even when you're asleep. This soft, comfortable, and adaptable cushion, which comes in three different shapes—firm, regular, and contour—is appropriate for everyone.

Bread Pillow

You drift off to a peaceful sleep with the adjustable  Bread Pillow  for sleeping. 12 rich, fibre-filled pockets provide a superior bounce. Memory foam with gel infusion keeps you cool as you sleep. You may adjust the layer of detachable microfibre to your favourite height. A 110-gsm plush polyester zipper cover that resists germs.

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Nature unfurls its aqueous symphony as the monsoon clouds gather overhead, delivering cool rains and a break from the scorching sun. Yes, dreamers, the monsoon season has unique difficulties for getting a restful and restorative night's sleep. Thus, before you embark on a nocturnal voyage through the soggy dreamscape, let's explore the world of pillows. Your soul will feel surreal as you drift to sleep and comfort on your comfy  pillow.  Buying pillow online  will be easier with the tips mentioned above, and you can get the  best pillow  at the ideal  pillow price.

Check out the collection at  Nilkamal Sleep  to  buy best pillow online.

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