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Say Yes To Good Night Sleep With Comfortable Pillows

Say Yes To Good Night Sleep With Comfortable Pillows

With the modern era comes a hectic lifestyle, and with stressed work life, one needs to have a good rest and recoup time. We put very little thought into creating the ideal sleeping environment; therefore, it gets challenging to get a decent night's sleep. While many know simple techniques like using lavender oil to sleep better, we frequently neglect to pay attention to the fundamentals, like selecting the proper  pillows for sleeping.

Contrary to popular belief, a lot more information is needed when selecting a pillow. This post will cover everything you should know to make the best decision when choosing a comfortable pillow. Additionally, we have crafted a list of the top pillows available online in India, so you won't even need to step out and buy any.

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Types Of Pillows In India

  • Pillow with Memory Foam

The most preferred type of  pillow  is memory foam. These are constructed of viscoelastic polyurethane foam. The name memory foam arises as this pillow conforms to the contour of your body and body pressure. Its considerate neck support makes it the ideal sleeping pillow as well.

  • The Latex Pillow

While synthetic latex is created from styrene-butadiene rubber, natural latex cushion pillows are made from the sap of the hevea-brasiliensis tree. Pillows made of latex are slightly softer than those made of memory foam.

  • Polymer Pillow

Tiny, coiled polyester strands are used to make polyester pillows. They are affordable, readily available, lightweight, and machine washable. As a result, they are more widely used than other kinds of pillows. Pillows made of polyester provide both support and comfort.

  • Down and feathers Pillow

The most opulent options are pillows filled with feathers and down. They primarily contain down from duck and goose and usually survive longer than pillows made of synthetic materials.

  • Fabric(cotton) Pillow

Cotton pillows work well to regulate temperature and are antimicrobial, and they are a fully organic  pillow  alternative. For people with allergies, cotton pillows are airy and comfortable, and the materials and comfort of these eco-friendly pillows make them among the greatest pillows for sleeping.

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Pros and Cons of Pillows

Following are a few pillow collections at Doctor Dreams with their pros and cons:

1. Microfibre Pillow : On our list of the top sleeping pillows, the  Microfiber Pillow  comes in first. This standard-sized pillow, which uses microfibre as its primary material, comes in vacuum packaging to preserve its cushion shape. This white cushion has to be covered with a pillowcase before being used. The pillow works well in both minimalist and designer settings. This luxurious microfiber pillow has a wonderful texture and is ideal for a restful night's sleep.

Pros: Soft and comfortable, Standard size

Cons: Shape distortion happens easily.

2. Neck and Head Support Pillow : A  orthopaedic pillow  is best for supporting the head and neck. Its exceptionally plush hollow fiber makes it soft and comfy for sleeping. The pillow is made of breathable material and has a ventilated core to stop sweat while you sleep. This  orthopaedic pillow  reduces stress on the neck and spine. The microfibre is surrounded by a 100% cotton casing, which keeps the sleeping experience cool and cosy.

Pros: Breathable, maintains the temperature, good support for neck and head

Cons: Not known yet

3. Ultra-Soft Pillow : The Ultra Soft Pillow is a good option for your home. The pillow is covered in 100% breathable cotton and manufactured of microfibre. It is the  best pillow for sleeping. To preserve the shape, the pillows are put in vacuum packaging. This pillow is the greatest for side sleepers because it works well in all sleeping positions. The pillows are comfortable and of standard size, ensuring proper head and neck room.

Pros: washable and easy to maintain, best for side sleepers

Cons: uneven fillings

4. Cotton Pillows : Another excellent pillow material for sleeping is cotton, and these have a cover made entirely of cotton and are stuffed with cotton. The pillow is washable in a washing machine and supports various sleeping postures.

Pros: cotton fabric, antimicrobial, washable, comfortable for all sleeping positions

Cons: hard in nature

5. Soft and Fluffy Pillow : The list of the  finest pillows for sleeping   would be incomplete without a soft and fluffy pillow. The dimensions are typical and offer a comfortable headspace. They are appropriate for all sleeping positions since they provide consistent support. This pillow's top cover is permeable, antibacterial, and promotes a fresher, cooler night's sleep.

Pros: comfortable for all sleeping positions, suitable for neck pains

Cons: Not known yet

6. Royal Microfibre : This pillow is ideal for a cozy sleep because it is filled with incredibly fluffy ball fiber filling. The pillow's top fabric is strong and breathable. The cover is composed of pure polyester and hypoallergenic as well. The pillow is good for the head, neck, and spine from an ergonomic standpoint.

Pros: good for cervical spine and side sleepers

Cons: Very thin

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7. Hollow Polyester Pillow : This pillow, filled with hollow siliconized polyester, is suitable for all sleeping positions. One of the most beneficial pillows for neck pain relief and excellent body shape support. An outer cover gives the pillow a smooth, appealing look and is long-lasting and simple to clean.

Pros: easy to maintain, smooth

Cons: over some time, fluff decreases

8. Luxury Standard Velvet Pillow : As the height of this cushion can be adjusted, anyone can use it comfortably. This pillow supports all sleeping positions, offers the highest level of comfort, and is helpful for neck and back problems. 100% velvet makes up the top fabric, which is incredibly soft. This pillow is more durable than others because it is quilted in three layers.

Pros: soft and luxurious, three-layered technology

Cons: not very comfortable in hot weather.

You can also buy  pillow spray to have a fresh and clean ambience.


You may choose from various kinds of pillows on the market. You need pillows that give your neck proper support and prevent any potential discomfort. The right pillow should be selected according to your preferred sleeping position. You can check out  Doctor Dreams  to make the right choice in this category.

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