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Pros and Cons of Latex Mattresses

Pros and Cons of Latex Mattresses

A  latex mattress  is made from foam derived from natural rubber, and they are typically made from 3 to 4 layers of latex, each layer up to 3 inches thick. The latex used in these mattresses can be natural, blended, or synthetic.  

Mattresses made from completely natural latex are considered to be better than mattresses made from blended or synthetic latex. They provide more comfort and pressure relief as compared to traditional mattresses. 

Advantages of Latex Mattress

  • Eco-friendly
  • Nowadays, most  mattresses  are made from synthetic materials that use chemicals for production. The fact that traditional foam mattresses are made from petroleum derivative products and thus can burn very quickly is enough to give anyone nightmares.

    Latex mattresses are made from non-toxic and utterly natural latex extracted from the sap of a rubber tree. If you don't cut a tree, it can continue providing sap for over 30 years. Therefore, the production of latex mattresses helps promote tree plantations and growth, making them eco-friendly.

  • Provide extreme comfort 
  • A good quality mattress provides comfort to help you get a sound sleep. A  latex foam mattress  is incredibly comfortable. Unlike traditional mattresses, they won't let you feel any sinking sensation. They are firm yet bouncy due to latex's natural elastic properties, making them more comfortable to sleep. 

    If you like to sleep with your pet or with a partner who wants to move or change positions while sleeping, latex mattresses help distribute the weight all over the mattress, which doesn't allow your partner's motions to affect you while sleeping.

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  • Excellent breathability 
  • Latex mattresses are more breathable than any other mattresses made from synthetic materials. This is because latex derived from rubber trees is a porous material allowing air to circulate freely through the mattress. Many brands introduce pinholes in the thick latex layers to enhance airflow. Air circulation helps the mattress remain calm even in humid or hot climates and prevents any moisture accumulation, preventing bacteria or fungi growth. This also helps to maintain the body temperature helping you get a sound sleep. 

  • Durable and Health Benefits
  • You surely won't like to change mattresses now and then. While traditional foam mattresses lose their shape within a few days, latex mattresses are firm and don't lose their shape even after using them for a long time. Latex foam is flexible and rigid; thus, it won't come apart within a few years. It makes latex mattresses value for money product.

    Health professionals often recommend them to people suffering from body pain. Latex mattresses are suitable for people suffering from back pain or joint pain. They create pressure points throughout your body while you sleep, providing you relief from pain and helping in natural spine alignment. 

    Even if you aren't suffering from body pain, latex mattresses can help you prevent such problems in the future.

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  • Anti-allergic 
  • Latex is naturally resistant to mould, fungi, or mites, making it a suitable material for natural mattresses. Mattresses made from 100% natural latex don't allow dust accumulation on the surface, preventing the growth of any microbes that can affect your health while you sleep. The anti-microbial property of latex mattresses makes them an ideal choice for people allergic to microbes.

    Since they don't allow dust to collect on the surface, their maintenance becomes relatively easy. You should surely buy this  mattress online.

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    Some Disadvantages of latex mattresses

  • Expensive
  • Latex mattresses are made entirely from recyclable and natural materials, which are challenging to extract, making them more expensive than traditional spring mattresses. No matter how many benefits these mattresses have, they would be out of budget for some people.

    Though they are more expensive, their ability to last much longer than conventional mattresses makes them a great return on investment. There are many flagship spring coil mattresses or PU foam mattresses which cost more than a  latex mattress  but still don't have the benefits of a mattress made from natural materials.

  • Heavy 
  • Latex is a very dense material, and as latex mattresses are made with thick layers of latex, it is no surprise that they are heavy to lift or move. You would feel this weight while changing  bedsheets  or while cleaning the  bed. However, this is not a significant flaw unless you need to shift or lift your mattress now and then.

    Why choose Doctor Dreams latex mattresses?

    The  ECOAIR™ Latex Mattress  is a well-rounded product. Below are few reasons to consider it over other synthetic or blended latex mattresses -

    1. ECOAIR™ mattress is made from 100% natural latex extracted from selected rubber trees, making it one of the finest latex mattresses on the market. It is free from toxins and chemicals used by certain manufacturers while processing latex. 
    2. The mattress ships with a cover made of Tencel fabric, making the mattress feel calm while you sleep and soft to the touch and increasing durability. It can be easily removed and washed, making mattress maintenance convenient for consumers.
    3. It is made from three different layers of foam making it suitable for people of all ages. The PU foam layer at the bottom ensures proper cushioning and supports the body while sitting or sleeping, providing an ideal Softness-to-support ratio.
    4. You can order s  latex foam mattress  for yourself while sitting at home. Check out  Doctor Dreams, to  buy mattress


    Latex mattresses are a better choice when compared to conventional spring or foam mattresses. They are entirely natural and eco-friendly and naturally resistant to allergy-causing microbes, making them an ideal choice for people allergic to mites, fungi, moulds, etc. Though they might be expensive, their durability and the amount of comfort they provide make them a good investment. You can buy this  mattress online.

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