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A Comprehensive Guide on the Best Pillow For Neck Pain

A Comprehensive Guide on the Best Pillow For Neck Pain

Most people experience unbearable neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck stiffness can make moving difficult. In most cases, it's not your posture that's to blame, but your sleeping position. The right pillow can help lessen neck pain, which is often overlooked and can become chronic if you don't switch.

There are some tips for choosing the perfect  pillow for neck pain. This article provides you with some pillow recommendations designed to help you maintain a healthier neck and back.

What Causes Neck Pain?

The pillow is a common cause of neck pain, although other possible causes exist. Finding the  best  pillow for neck pain remains a challenge. Sleeping with an incorrect pillow position is the main cause of this problem. If you sleep on the wrong pillow, you will not only experience neck pain but will also suffer from poor sleep quality!

Neck pain is often treated with a definite neck pillow. These tips will help you decide which cushion is best for neck pain. 

What is the Best Pillow for Neck Ache?

You can find a variety of pillows available on the market, and they all differ in height, softness, and materials used for the filling. Check out  pillow collections online  to know which cushion will suit you the best. Here are five tips for picking the correct pillow for your neck pain.

Choosing the right neck pillow size is important

You must consider the pillow size while shopping for sleeping comfortably and avoiding neck pain. You must consider both your height and weight when choosing the right pillow size. Those who are bigger will require more oversized pillows, and those who are smaller will need smaller pillows. This is one of the most important steps to consider when picking the right pillow.

Neck pillows usually come in three sizes-small, medium and large. Get a custom-made pillow if a standard size doesn't improve your sleep. You can also get a  memory foam mattress  with these pillows to enhance sleep quality. 

Choose a pillow that adapts to your sleep position

An interesting fact is that the sleeping position of a person is a key factor in determining what kind of pillow to use. Otherwise, you might suffer from back and neck problems. Consider your sleeping position when choosing the best pillows for neck pain. You can pick a  cloud pillow  that adapts to your sleeping position and is made up of hypoallergenic microfibre.

There are different pillows available for sleeping in different positions nowadays. Sleepers who sleep on their backs, stomachs, or sides can choose from a variety of pillow styles, such as:

  • Side sleepers - Firm pillows
  • Sleeping on your side requires a firm pillow. Your spine will be more aligned if you place the cushion under your neck rather than your head. 

    Pillows with gussets are better for your neck. It has extra material inside with rectangular panels sewn into all four sides so the filling can adjust when your head moves.

  • Stomach Sleepers – Thin Pillows
  • Sleeping on your stomach puts stress on your back. A twist in your neck causes your back to arch. For stomach sleepers, use a  cuddle pillow  or avoid using a pillow at all. You can reduce the pressure on your back by placing a thin pillow under your abdominal area.

  • For Travelling – Horseshoe Pillows
  • Horseshoe pillows provide comfortable neck support in cars, planes, and trains. When you sleep on a plane, avoid letting your head droop to one side if you have neck pain. Don't forget to support your neck.

    Pillow Filling For Neck Pain

    Neck pillows for neck pain have different fillings. Most of the  neck support pillows  are made of water, down-feather combinations, fibre, or memory foam. The proper pillow filling helps to reduce pressure points significantly since it adjusts to the shape of the head and body. One of the best neck pillows adjusts to your sleeping patterns. It is recommended to avoid feather-based pillows if someone is allergic or prone to asthma.

    Pillows that Provide Support for the Neck Curve

    The pillow you buy must offer neck curve support to prevent neck pain. Most people overlook the importance of paying attention to the neck curve when choosing the right cushion. Choose an  orthopaedic neck pillow  with curve support for your neck from a variety of pillows. Sleeping on these types of pillows is more comfortable than regular or feather-filled ones. While lying sideways or on your back, the pillow you buy should provide support to your upper neck and back while you seek to relieve neck pain.

    Be sure to pay attention to the pillow's height

    Consider the height of a pillow when choosing a pillow for your neck pain. There is no doubt that it can eliminate neck pain incredibly. Neither too fluffy nor too flat are the best pillows. This ensures a proper pillow position while sleeping since they stay at the right height. Furthermore, some pillows are too high, causing neck strain and stress. 

    Additionally, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right  pillow for neck pain. Regular use of pillows may result in pillow breakdown, sagging, and even distortion. The condition of your pillow is very important if you suffer from neck pain. 

    Additionally, if your neck pillow shows signs of wear and tear, replace it as soon as possible. Some  orthopaedic neck pillows  can help you to avoid neck pain. Buy pillows according to your doctor's instructions if he or she prescribes a special kind for your neck pain. 


    Choosing the right pillow helps you in many ways. Most importantly you can have a good and peaceful night’s sleep every day. As a result, you will feel so fresh and active the next day. So, consider investing in a perfect pillow to get rid of your neck pain. To welcome a good night's sleep, you can also buy a pillow that is customized for you from  @DoctorDreams.

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