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Why Ecoair Latex Mattresses Is Best For Athletes and Active People

Why Ecoair Latex Mattresses Is Best For Athletes and Active People

A perfectly  soft bed mattress  can transform your sleeping experience and set your mood for the next day. Athletes are prone to muscle aches and back pains and need a comfortable surface that can conform to their body structure. Ecoair latex mattress  offers 100% natural latex and ultra-cool tencel fabric to ensure a healthy softness-to-support ratio. It is far more comfortable than normal mattresses as it conforms to your body shape and supports your joints. This article will discuss how  ecoair latex mattress  can be ideal for active people and athletes. 

What is a Latex Mattress?

A  latex mattress  is crafted from two to four-layered latex foam, which can be natural, synthetic and blended. Natural latex is eco-friendly, durable, supportive and super comfy. It is refined from the rubber tree sap referred to as Hevea Brasiliensis, and it ensures the naturally healthy growth of rubber plants which are generally tapped for around 30 years. After harvesting the sap, it is processed into super comfy Talalay or Dunlop foam.

Synthetic latex mattresses are constructed from a plastic named SBR or Styrene Butadiene Rubber which mimics rubber. It is used in tires, artificial turfs and conveyor belts. These mattresses are affordable alternatives to natural latex mattresses, only with less durability. However, Synthetic latex can irritate patients with respiratory issues due to its off-gassing chemicals. 

Blended latex mattresses are made of 70 per cent synthetic latex and 30 per cent natural latex. Blended latex mattresses are less toxic and more durable than synthetic latex but less durable than natural latex.

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What is Ecoair Latex Mattress?

Ecoair latex mattresses  are made of organic Ecoair latex sourced from rubber trees. This chemical-free  latex mattress  ensures a healthier sleeping experience with cooling, comfort and relieving support. It consists of four layers: a tencel cover, Ecoair latex, super soft foam, supportive PU Foam and soft outer layer. Its pinhole technology offers easy breathability and reduced pressure points. The tencel zipper cover has hand-feel fabric, which is cool against your skin. The cool tencel fabric regulates temperature and wicks away moisture. The ideal support makes it a perfect pick for athletes as it relieves unnecessary pains and joint pain and ensures healthy sleep. 

What Are the Features of Ecoair Latex Mattress?

Ecoair Latex Mattress has modern features that can comfort anyone after an exhausting day. Here are some of the notable features of this high-quality mattress.

  • 100% Natural Latex Top 
  • Breathable Pinhole Technology
  • Perfect Softness-Bounce Ratio
  • Soft Foam and PU Foam Support
  • Ultra-Cool Tencel Fabric

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Ecoair Latex Mattress Benefits for Athletes

Ecoair Latex mattress has benefits that can be ideal for a good night’s slumber for athletic or overly active people.

Pain Reliever

The buoyant support from the gentle cushioning of the ecoair latex mattress makes it the  best mattress for back pain. Especially athletes and active people who are prone to joint pain and backaches can feel relieved in this  soft bed mattress. The latex foam cradles the heavier body parts, including the hips and shoulders. The necessary contouring activates pressure relief near the lower back and joints, ensuring a comfortable sleep. Since latex is naturally elastic, it also helps spinal alignment with gentle support to the neck and back. Thus it is an ideal option for active people to get rid of the pain as quickly as possible.  

Pinhole Technology

The open-cell structure of this latex mattress allows constant airflow. Since the foam layers are crafted with pinholes, it enhances breathability. While other mattresses that use chemicals can retain body heat, the natural materials of ecoair mattresses ensure that the heat is equally distributed for maximum comfort. The ultra-cool tencel fabric also adds to the coolness of this mattress. This feature of this latex mattress makes it a popular choice for people preferring deep sleep within minutes. 

Medium-firm Softness

Latex mattresses are popularly known for their ideal balance between softness and firmness. While they provide proper lumbar support, they do not make you uncomfortable due to the soft natural latex surface. The latex responds to your weight and shape, providing curated pressure relief while ensuring necessary firmness. 

Low Maintenance and hypoallergenic : Mattresses often collect microorganisms like fungi, bacteria and viruses if not cleaned continually. This can result in bedroom allergies. However, ecoair latex mattress is naturally antimicrobial, thus repelling harmful microorganisms. This makes it a popular choice for athletic people who must stay physically fit all year round and do not have time to clean the  bed  regularly. 


Ecoair mattresses guarantee long-term comfort with an average lifespan of 12 to 20 years making it the preferred choice for buyers. The resilience of natural rubber is directly related to the mattress’s longevity. Moreover, ecoair latex mattresses have a higher bounce-back rate after the pressure is removed than a  coir mattress  or other mattresses. Thus the original shape is retained over years of constant use. 


Since natural latex is composed of rubber tree sap, these mattresses are quite eco-friendly instead of cutting down or damaging the tree in the process. Moreover, the processing of the mattress boosts tree growth and is sustainable. Natural latex is biodegradable and doesn’t even sit in a landfill longer. The natural materials of this mattress also ensure comfort for people with synthetic sensitivities. 

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Ecoair Latex mattress is made to provide you with ultimate comfort. The combination of cool tencel fabric and advanced pinhole technology ensures a peaceful sleep which is of prime importance to athletic people. The PU foam and added layers conform to your body weight, preventing body aches. Nothing can be better than the ecoair latex mattress for people who need to be physically fit. Check out the ultimate ecoair latex mattress online at  Nilkamal Sleep.

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