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How Can Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress Aid In Improving Your Health?

How Can Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress Aid In Improving Your Health?

A peaceful bedroom needs the perfect mattress. If you ever wonder why you are sleep deprived, Losing focus, experiencing mood swings, and anxiety, you may lack proper sleep due to an uncomfortable sleeping mattress. To bring you a comforting sleep, Doctor Dreams has scientifically crafted a specially designed unique mattress with a cool gel layer to provide a cooling effect and a layer of memory foam to ensure premium comfort. Sworn to craft the finest quality material, this will positively control your sleep cycle and provide a healthy sleep routine. 

What is Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress?

Max Icefoam orthopaedic mattress  is a breathable cooling foam technology due to its heat and moisture-absorbing nature. This cutting-edge technology allows airflow to promote a cooling effect and comforting sleep. It is crafted with a three-layered temperature control system that regulates heat from your body and  mattress. The three-level foam systematically absorbs the heat and provides a relaxing cooling sensation for a good night’s sleep.

Max Icefoam  orthopedic mattress  is the newest and India’s first memory foam marvel for peaceful sleep. This triple-layer mattress guarantees therapeutic sleep by providing a non-itchy, skin-friendly, soft multi-layer with a healing and cooling effect. 

Features of Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress

Several features of our unique  Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress  make it th best orthopaedic mattress  with excellent health benefits. The features are-

  • Adjustable memory foam
  • Advanced icefoam Layer
  • Cooling  orthopaedic mattress
  • Supportive PU foam
  • Ultra-cool Tencel fabric

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Health Benefits of Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress

  1. The 2-inch-thick cooling gel memory foam of this proprietary icefoam cooling technology regulates the temperature of the body, mattress and surroundings to facilitate a night of sound sleep. 
  2. These orthopaedically approved mattresses keep a healthy balance between firmness and softness and hold body pressure to relieve body aches, such as lower back and neck pains.
  3. Fabricated from premium tencel cotton, the plush, soft-to-the-touch top layer of the mattress offers resistance to dust and microbes and provides deep sleep for a relaxing and restful night.
  4. The easy air circulation in this Icefoam technology facilitated by three-layer breathable technology is ideal for a night of uninterrupted sleep.
  5. Knitted stretchable soft fabric on the topmost layer keeps the other layers settled for durability, comfort and a better sleeping experience.
  6. The perfect soft mattress is apt for providing comfort while maintaining a healthy balance of relaxation.
  7. This mattress is durable for a long due to its premium scientific technology and comes with a 10 years warranty and 100 nights free trial to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.
  8. The memory foam in the middle layer adapts to your body shape to balance out even distribution of body pressure in this mattress to keep it in shape for a long.
  9. This mattress comes in easy unboxing and free shipping for a hassle-free purchase experience.

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Difference Between Regular Foam Mattress and Max Ice foam Orthopaedic Mattress

Due to advanced technological differences, the  foam orthopaedic mattress  stands apart from regular foam mattresses.

Air Circulation

Icefoam technology stands apart as it allows free air circulation, ensuring breathability and cooling the mattress. However, regular  foam mattress  entrap air and heat due to their thick formation making a discomforting warm feeling hindering your sleep. This  foam mattress  is especially beneficial if you frequently change your sleeping position during your sleep. 


Most regular foams are too soft or too firm for perfect uninterrupted sleep, and these foams lack that ideal balance between softness and firmness which is clinically approved for a night of healthy sleep. The ideal balance promoted by Icefoam technology provides ultimate support and comfortable softness. Regular use of Icefoam mattresses can reduce severe back pain, spinal cord dislocation and other major health issues related to unhealthy sleeping positions. 

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Cooling Effect

The cutting-edge Icefoam technology keeps you cool and dry with its 2-inch thick cooling gel that regulates body temperature by releasing trapped heat. However, regular foams don’t have the cooling gel technology to control temperature, resulting in a discomforting, sweaty experience. Say goodbye to uncomfortable steamy nights with this premium technology Icefoam mattress.

Tencel Fabric

This high-quality mattress comes in cooling Tencel cotton on the top layer and provides hand-feel comfort. This high-quality cotton cools body temperature and is dust- and microbes-resistant to ensure a hygienic sleep routine. On the other hand, regular foam mattresses don’t have the facility that comes in with Tencel cotton.

Three-layered Foam

Icefoam mattresses come in a triple comfort layer of cooling-gel-infused foam, memory foam for support and comfort, and pure PU foam which supports the mattress to sustain and elevate pressure maintenance. However, regular foams are made of single-layer, which can’t provide the necessary support and comfort.

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The three-layered mattress with the upper layer of Icefoam ensures controlled temperature, followed by adaptive memory foam. The anti-bacterial tencel fabric and dust-resistant nature make it a healthy choice for mattresses.  

No more regular heat-absorbant mattresses with uncomfortably soft structures causing sleepless nights, and no more sweaty nights on unhygienic bacteria, microbes and dust-mite probe mattresses causing unhealthy sleep. Grab this scientific wonder today to experience a night of better sleep and be relieved from disruptive sleeping issues. Revolutionary Icefoam Mattresses by Doctor Dreams from your favourite Nilkamal group ensure a restful night’s sleep. Buy orthopaedic mattress  from the website is delivered to your doorstep for your convenience.

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