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Eliminate Allergies and Skin Irritation with Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress

Eliminate Allergies and Skin Irritation with Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress

Allergies can be of enormous discomfort to many individuals and are often challenging to identify. Allergic reactions only occur once your immune system recognizes a new substance as an invader and triggers a response. While confronting the 'invaders', your body reacts safely to remove the substances. Some mattresses are made of allergic materials not conducive to individual sensitivity. Responses can be mildly irritating or life-threatening, so to keep yourself healthy, we must choose mattresses which won't create allergic reactions to your skin. This article will discuss the  max Icefoam orthopaedic mattress, which can be ideal for preventing allergies. 

How Can Foam Orthopaedic Mattress Cause Allergic Reactions?

Allergic reactions can be triggered through various substances in various ways. Particular smells, materials of  foam orthopaedic mattress, accumulated dust etc., can be the cause of irritation.


Many mattresses may produce a scent from the chemicals and materials of the product. When these disperse out of the  mattress, volatile organic compounds and smell are produced. These items cause allergic reactions, so it's better to go for organic or 100% cotton surface mattresses. 

Foam Mattress Chemicals

Many foam products may contain allergic chemicals. Some mattresses are financially beneficial in exchange for the quality and materials used, and these mattresses can become a hotbed of condensed chemicals and be emitted once unboxed.


Humans continuously shed 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every hour, and these dead skin cells cover your home. As a result, dust mites, which thrive on dead skin cells, have an abundance of nutrients. Even the excretions of dust mites can cause allergic reactions. Since your body detects these as harmful substances, it produces antibodies and causes puffy eyes and redness. Since you spend most of your time on mattresses, these critters are mostly found there, and it becomes impossible to avoid. 

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What are the Allergy Symptoms?

Allergy symptoms from an  orthopaedic foam mattress  can be in different ways. Here are some of the common symptoms-


In this case, there will be an uneasy sensation like vomiting. If it occurs regularly, you can experience an allergic reaction to the mattress. 

Irritated Nose

You might have a painful nasal cavity during seasonal changes or when confronted with a substance like dust mites, cat hair or dander, which your body identifies as an intruder.


You can experience chemical-induced dizziness leading to headaches, fainting or vertigo. Your mattress can cause this if this happens regularly, especially when you are at home.

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This clearly indicates allergic reactions, especially if it is uncomfortable and itchy. You can see visible red skin, an irritated nose, and rashes, suggesting the right time to switch your mattress. 

What Is an Icefoam Mattress?

Icefoam is a cooling foam technology that is breathable due to its heat and moisture-absorbing nature. This cutting-edge technology allows airflow to promote a cooling effect and comforting sleep. It is crafted with a three-layered temperature control system that regulates heat from your body and mattress. The three-level foam systematically absorbs the heat and provides a relaxing cooling sensation for a good night's sleep.

Why Max Icefoam Mattresses Are the Best for Skin Irritation and Allergies?

If you are looking for the  best foam mattress  antiallergic, Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress  is the best pick due to its properties.

Air Circulation

Icefoam technology stands apart as it allows free air circulation ensuring breathability in the mattress. However, regular foam mattresses entrap air and heat due to their thick formation making a discomforting warm feeling hindering your sleep. The mattress ensures you do not develop any rashes due to uncomfortable temperatures. 


Most regular foams are too soft or too firm for perfect uninterrupted sleep, and these foams lack that ideal balance between softness and firmness which is clinically approved for a night of healthy sleep. The perfect balance promoted by Icefoam technology provides ultimate support and comfortable softness. A healthy sleep ensures clear skin and gets rid of skin allergies. 

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Cooling Effect

The cutting-edge Icefoam technology keeps you cool and dry with its 2-inch thick cooling gel that regulates body temperature by releasing trapped heat. However, regular foams don't have the cooling gel technology to control temperature, resulting in a discomforting, sweaty experience. Say goodbye to uncomfortable steamy nights catering to skin allergies with this premium technology Icefoam mattress.

Tencel Fabric

This high-quality mattress comes in cooling Tencel cotton on the top layer and provides hand-feel comfort. This high-quality cotton cools body temperature and is dust- and microbes-resistant to ensure a hygienic sleep routine. On the other hand, regular foam mattresses don't have the facility that comes in with Tencel cotton.

Three-Layered Foam

Icefoam mattresses come in a triple comfort layer of cooling-gel-infused foam, memory foam for support and comfort, and pure PU foam which supports the mattress to sustain and elevate pressure maintenance. This also ensures that you get the best material which is non-toxic and do not develop other skin allergies. 

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An  orthopaedic foam mattress  can improve your health and keep you away from allergies. Doctor Dreams, the  best mattress brands in India  focuses on providing perfect sleep to healthify your sleep cycle and overall life. To bring you a comforting sleep, Doctor Dreams has scientifically crafted a specially designed unique mattress with a cool gel layer to provide a cooling effect and a layer of memory foam to ensure premium comfort. Sworn to craft the finest quality material, this will positively control your sleep cycle and ensure a healthy sleep routine. Check out the  Icefoam mattress, which is sworn to protect you from allergies and ensure a peaceful sleep.

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