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All You Need To Know About Orthopaedic Mattresses

All You Need To Know About Orthopaedic Mattresses

The night is when we leave our worries and stress and relax in our comfortable beds. But is your bed cosy, or do you end up tossing and turning and wake up tired instead of relaxed and fresh? An  orthopaedic memory foam mattress  might resolve your issues. 

And if you are suffering from joint pain and backache, an orthopaedic mattress will be necessary. Most beds that are available in the market are marketed as orthopaedic mattresses. Let's look into things that differentiate orthopaedic mattresses from others. You can check out the variety of comfy beds at Doctor Dreams.

What is an Orthopaedic Mattress

The word orthopaedics means a branch of medicine that deals with ailments and problems related to bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. As the name suggests, the orthopaedic mattress provides support and relief to the spine, joints and muscles. It was first introduced in the late 1950s; during that time, different studies have shown that a specified, designed  mattress  might help in reducing body pain. 

Orthopaedic mattress  could be made of materials like memory foam, latex, gel foam, inner springs etc. Still, they all aim to fulfil the primary purpose of the orthopaedic mattress, which is to give maximum support and relief to pressure points. 

It provides proper support to the spine by evenly distributing the body weight. It is especially recommended for older adults and athletes who are suffering from injuries or are in a recovering state. It relieves conditions like arthritis and joint and back pain and helps correct body posture.  

Advantages of Orthopaedic Mattress

  • Relief in body pain: Even after 8 hours of sleep, you feel body pain or discomfort; switching to an orthopaedic mattress might help. They are specially designed to relieve body sourness and pain. These mattresses will significantly benefit people with surgery, fractures, or injuries, and they will provide relief in pain and many cases, speed up the healing process.   
  • Sound sleep: Orthopaedic mattress is not too soft or too firm. And it is optimum firm and thus provides a comfortable and relaxed body posture when a person sleeps on it. This mattress offers the right comfort level; hence, a person’s sleep will not be interrupted by pain or discomfort.  
  • Good posture: One of the  essential advantages of an orthopaedic mattress  is that it improves posture. Even if you don't suffer from any body pain and don't need an orthopaedic mattress because of an injury, this mattress will help improve body posture by providing proper support to your body while you sleep. You can check out a bed as per your requirement from Doctor Dreams.
  • Maximum support to muscles: The orthopaedic mattress adjusts as per the shape and size of the body. The regular bed might fail to provide sufficient support to the complete body. An orthopaedic mattress not only supports spine alignment but also supports other body bones and muscles.   
  • Maintain spine health and blood circulation: These mattresses are firm and align the spine, and they do not let the spine curve, which is one of the significant advantages.  Moreover, it maintains proper blood circulation throughout the night.
  • For Sensitive skin: The mattress is anti-bacterial and anti-allergic, and it is a toxin-free mattress and thus suitable for people with sensitive skin. An Orthopaedic mattress provides pain relief and is safe to sleep on. 
  • Durability: It is not directly related to health benefits but is cost-effective. The  orthopaedic mattress price  may be high compared to the regular mattress, but the mattress is made up of good quality and durable foams, and thus, it lasts for around eight years or more. 

Things to Keep in Mind while Shopping for an Orthopaedic Mattress

Many  types of mattresses  are available in the market, and it can become confusing which is an orthopaedic mattress and which is the best fit for you. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind. 

  • It is made up of breathable materials and thus will regulate body temperature and won't be suffocating to the body.
  • The mattress will be either medium firm or firm. Extra soft beds will not qualify as orthopaedics mattresses because they won't provide proper spine alignment or weight distribution. 
  • They are specially designed to provide maximum support to the body.
  • Certified or recommended by a qualified health expert. 

Types of Orthopaedic Mattress

Different types of orthopaedic mattresses are available in the market, but there are prominently three popular types. 

  • Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

It is one of the most widespread  orthopaedic mattresses, as it takes body shapes and acts as a cushion providing comfort. It adjusts and moulds when a person changes position while sleeping. Check out this triple-layer orthopaedic memory foam bed from Doctor Dreams.

  • Latex

The  latex mattress  is similar to memory foam but more elastic and bouncy. These orthopaedic mattresses are available in soft to medium firm categories. 

  • Hybrid

The  hybrid mattress  is a combination of different materials. They have a top layer of either memory foam or latex. And underneath, it has a base of pocketed coils. It contours more closely to the body and thus provide maximum support to the joints and back.


Your body craves the comfort that can be satisfied with the help of the right mattress. It is time to switch to an Orthopaedic mattress that provides you proper support to pressure points and gives you deep sound sleep. Doctor Dreams  offer you a wide range of mattresses and  bedding options. You can purchase your next mattress from the comfort of our home. Compare different mattresses and choose as per your requirement. You can check the  orthopaedic mattress price  and select one. Buy your next mattress from the doctor's dreams website.

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