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Fun Ways of Arranging Pillows on Your Queen Size Bed

Fun Ways of Arranging Pillows on Your Queen Size Bed

Whether one is a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper, pillows make the entire ordeal an exciting experience. According to each person’s preference, one may need one, two or more pillows to attain a fulfilling sleep. So depending on the needs, one can have as many pillows as required on your  queen size bed.

How to arrange the pillows on the bed? You can use different arrangement styles depending on the size of the cushions, whether standard size, queen size or king size. Read more about how the  pillows  can be arranged attractively and practically to shape the bedroom look.  Check out  the pillow varieties available on Doctor Dreams, and you can also  buy bed online

How to Synchronize Pillows with Queen Size Mattress, Room Décor and Bedframe?

To start with, one can measure the size of the headboard of the  queen size bed  against which the pillows will be arranged. The appropriate pillows may be selected and bought based on the headboard size. Covering the cushions with attractive pillow covers that will suit the room décor is also to be considered. One cannot have unmatched pillow covers concerning the wall paint and the other furniture in the room. Also, the design of the pillow covers must match the concept of the room décor, whether modern or traditional. Measuring the  thickness of the mattress  is also crucial as one cannot have extra-large pillows on a mattress that does not have much consistency. For a wider choice,  explore  Doctor Dreams and  buy bed online  along with a preferred mattress type and suitable pillows. Some important considerations are listed as follows.

  • Avoid covering the headboard with pillows, especially if the headboard is short and limited.
  • A higher headboard allows for the pillows to be arranged neatly with style.
  • You can add more decorative pillows besides sleeping pillows to the set.
  • The size of the pillows also can be decided about the broadness since a larger bed calls for pillows with more width.

Types of Pillows available

The space on your Queen bed can be easily used to arrange various pillow types in sophisticated and chic styles. Regardless of one’s taste in pillow varieties, whether sleeping or decorative types, they may be set lovingly on your bed to  snuggle  with at the end of a strenuous day. Euro sham pillows are square-shaped pillows that mainly serve as decorative pillows. On the other hand, Bolsters are long and narrow cylindrically shaped pillows, and Boudoir pillows are small sized square shaped pillows. Some common pillow types with their measurements are listed below.

  • Standard pillow (20” X 26”)
  • Queen pillow (20” X 30”)
  • King pillow (20” X 36”)
  • Euro pillow (26” X 26”)
  • Decorative cushion ( 20” X 20”) (18” X 18”) (16” X 16”)
  • Boudoir pillow (12” X 16”)
  • Neck roll or bolster pillow (6.5” X 13”)

Fantastic Tips in Arranging Pillows on the Bed

 Some innovative ideas to set the different pillow types are accounted for below.

  • 2 Euro sham pillows may be used first, followed by the two rectangular sleeping pillows and a bolster pillow up front. This is for someone who uses minimum decorative pillows.
  • Starting with the two sleeping pillows hidden behind the 2 Euro sham types ahead, one can shield the sleeping pillows conveniently. These can be followed by one single longer bolster pillow ahead of the 2 Euro sham pillows. 
  • For someone who does not use bolster pillows, one may start with 2 Euro sham pillows in one bold colour and two pillows in another colour. Or 2 Euro sham pillows in basic white and the other two pillows in print. The two sleeping pillows may follow these in front with a lighter shade of the same bold colour used in the above 2 Euro sham pillows. A smaller Boudoir pillow set in the show in a bright colour adds a lively splash. 
  • This type of arrangement is for someone who loves a lot of decorative pillows. 2 Euro sham pillows in white with frilly pillow covers at the headboard may be followed by three smaller euro sham pillows in a favourite colour. This can be followed by the sleeping pillows having a printed design up front. 

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Tips on the Setting of Bedroom Pillows

Pillow varieties are considered the art pieces of the bed and must be proudly displayed for a classy look. They also imbibe a cosy sensation in the bedroom. With the variety of pillow types available, one can use an assortment of colours, prints and pillow cover designs such as crochet or embroidery to brighten the room. Changing the colour combinations and the arrangement of the pillows calls for matching bedspreads too. This can change the otherwise drab look of the bed into a sleeping paradise. 

The question that comes to mind is, where do all the decorative pillows go when sleeping on the  bed?  Consider several options when setting aside these pillows when the bed is occupied. 

  • For one, the bench at the foot of the bed may be used to set the unnecessary pillows. Besides the other items kept on the bench, setting the decorative pillows on them makes it convenient for easy access to pick them up and arrange the pillows again the next day.  
  • The couch in the bedroom is also an ideal spot for the euro sham pillows and bolsters if not used. This is another convenient location for the straightforward arrangement of the cushions on the bed the following day. 
  • You may also set the extra pillows in the bedroom closet to get them out of your way. 


A cosy sleeping environment requires comfort as a priority. Despite having a suitable space within the room or the best bedroom décor, sleeping on an unwelcoming bed must be avoided to achieve a fulfilling sleep. Different pillow varieties are available in standard sizes and shapes that can take your comfort when sleeping to a higher level. Add a spark of art to your bed with the use of colourful pillows on the bed.  Buy  various pillow varieties from Doctor Dreams and buy some for a complete sleep pattern.

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