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Best Practices To Sleep When It’s Too Hot

Best Practices To Sleep When It’s Too Hot


Ever wondered why it’s so hard to fall asleep when the weather’s hot? Not just fall asleep, it’s also difficult to get undisturbed sleep through the night when the temperature soars. But there are ways to beat the heat and get a good night’s sleep. You just need to follow a few simple practices.

Why does heat make it difficult to sleep?

Our body temperature impacts our sleep and wake cycle. Warm and hot atmosphere makes it difficult for the body to fall asleep. The body’s temperature drops when we try to sleep. A lot of people practice cooling down the body before going to bed. One of the most common habits and ways is to take a shower before going to bed. A warm water shower helps increase blood circulation and disperse heat from the body. This cools the body and boosts sound sleep.

Things to do to beat the heat

Keep your bedding cool

Depending on the material they’re made of and the weather conditions, some types of mattresses can become hot as the temperature rises. And there are ways to cool down these mattresses.

  • Get a mattress protector. Mattress protectors that are made of cooling material can help absorb the heat of the mattress and make it feel cooler.
  • Cover the mattress with a cool cotton sheet. Some types of mattresses, such as the memory foam mattress can feel hot, especially in the Summer season. One way to make this mattress feel cooler is to use a cotton bed sheet that helps in giving a cooling effect.
  • One of the best mattresses for hot weather is cotton mattress or a mattress that has the top-most layer of cotton.

Create a cool environment

One of the most obvious solutions to sleeping peacefully when it’s hot is to create a cool and relaxing environment in the room. How do you do that?

  • Use dark and thick curtains that can restrict the heat from coming in from the outside. But choose the color of the curtain carefully. If you choose shades that are too dark, it might end up making the room feel warm.
  • Use a fan or an air conditioner. A good fan will help circulate fresh air in the room. An air conditioner is a must when the temperature’s unbearably high. Another way to keep a room cool is to allow enough air circulation and ventilation.

Get the right kind of mattress

Believe it or not, the material of the mattress you choose plays a huge role in creating the right temperature. Some materials are hot, while others are cooler. One of the best mattresses to use in the summer season is a cooling mattress. These mattresses are made from cool gel technology, especially designed to help to create a cool environment for sleep.

Another preferred mattress is the good old cotton mattress, which keeps the temperature bearable. However, cotton mattresses might not be the most comfortable if one is used to memory foam mattresses.

Wear the right kind of sleep clothes

No matter what type of mattress you use or how good the ventilation in your bedroom, if you wear the wrong type of clothes for sleep, you will end up feeling hot. So, apart from essentials such as a cooling mattress, a cotton mattress protector, soft breezy curtains, you also need to make sure you choose the right night clothes. Loose, breezy, cotton clothes help in keeping the body cooler.

Over to you

Summer’s upon us. And the temperature’s already rising. Have you sorted out how you’re going to keep your bedroom summer cool? If you’re looking to buy the right kind of bedroom essentials such as mattress, mattress protector, pillows, etc, there’s only one place you should head to from here – Nilkamal Sleep online store.

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