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8 easy ways to make your bedroom more relaxing

8 Easy ways to make your bedroom more relaxing

We spend one third of our life sleeping in our bedroom. And so, it’s important to create a bedroom with the right kind of ambience.

Creating a relaxed bedroom is easier said than done. We often tend to overdo the interior or add the wrong colors or overlook certain key factors. But, with a little bit of planning and getting the right bedroom essentials, we can easily turn a dull bedroom into one with the right kind of personality and relaxed ambience.

1. Choose soothing colors

Colors play an important psychological role and affect our mood. Interior design experts suggest light to mildly bright shades such as light blue, beige, off white, and light pink to create a peaceful vibe.

Whether you’re choosing the color of your wall or the color of your bed protector sheet, it matters. Hence, always choose light shades. From your curtains to the bed sheets to the duvets, following a monochrome color theme can help you create a more relaxed and visually balanced bedroom.

2. Get the right size bed and mattress

Another factor that affects the balance and harmony of your bedroom is the size of your furniture, especially the size of your bed. If you choose a bed that looks too bulky and big for the size of your bedroom, it might make the room look packed and messy.

Conversely, if you choose a small bed for a large room, it might make your room look empty and incomplete. Hence, it’s important to get the right size of the bed. For example, if you prefer to buy a queen size bed, make sure the size makes the room look cozy.

3. Use the right kind of mattress

Besides the size and style of your bed, you need to pick the right kind of mattress as well. And finding the right kind of mattress for your requirements is easy. For example, you can buy a soft foam mattress online of your desired thickness. Or you could choose from a range of orthopedic mattresses specially designed for back and neck pain issues. When you’re buying a mattress online, try to picture how it will look on your bed and in your room in terms of the thickness, softness, etc. Next, to give it a complete and clean look and feel, get a suitable bed protector sheet for it.

4. Spruce up the room with accessories

To give a complete look to your bedroom, bring in the right accessories. Some essential and functional accessories for your bedroom could be -- lampshade, a rug, plants, artwork for the walls, a bedside table, among others.

Arrange these accessories in such a way that it creates a relaxing flow in your room. You must place these accessories in such a way that it does not disrupt the space or your movement in the room and at the same time adds style and personality.

5. Bring in relaxing aroma

Relaxing our mind and soul involves all our senses, including our sense of smell. Scent has a direct effect on our mood. And so, infusing your bedroom with soothing smells can enhance its relaxing environment. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Keep an aroma diffuser on a console table or a side table.
  • Keep potpourri in a bowl.
  • Light scented candles.
  • Light incense sticks or light dhoop.

6. Play soothing music in your bedroom

Music does not have anything to do with the way your bedroom interior looks, but it definitely affects how you feel in your bedroom. And it’s easy to bring in music in the bedroom. Here are some ways:

  • Hang a wind chime in your bedroom balcony or in your window.
  • Have a music player in your room. Place it on the bookshelf in your room or on a small table by your bedside.
  • If you play any musical instrument, keep the instrument in your bedroom so that you can pick it up any time and play it to relax yourself.

7. Create the right balance of light

How you light up your bedroom can make or break its ambience. Too bright the light and it can kill the warmth you need in the room. Similarly, too dark a room and it may end up feeling dingy and depressing. Here’s how you can have balanced lighting in your bedroom:

  • Have a mix of warm yellow lights as well as white bright lights.
  • Make sure there’s a play of light and shade. Avoid having flat lights.
  • Let the warm lights create drama.
  • Choose from fairy lights, spotlights, floor lamps or wall lamps.
  • During the day time, let natural light seep into your room.

8. Find that special corner and deck it up

Just like many of us have our favorite spot in the living room or our favorite chair in our home, similarly, we can create our favorite corner in the bedroom. How do you do that? It’s simple, follow these steps:

  • Find a corner in your bedroom that you would like to spruce up.
  • For example, if you’re into music, have a console table to place your music player and a chair next to it.
  • If you like reading in your bedroom, make place for a reading chair and a small bookshelf next to it.
  • Add a rug on the floor in this spot.
  • Place an aroma diffuser next to the chair.
  • Surround this spot with a few plants.
  • Have a floor lamp next to the chair.

Is your bedroom relaxing enough?

With all these easy tips to make your bedroom more relaxing, are you ready to give a makeover to your bedroom? If yes, you’ll need to buy the right queen size bed and other essentials. And you’ll find all that you need for your bedroom on Nilkamal Sleep.

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