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How to wash pillows?

Nilkamal Sleep Guide on How to wash pillows?

When you buy pillows online, do you care to read its washing instructions? Most probably not. But why? If you thought bedroom hygiene is all about just changing bedsheets and pillow covers, you’re wrong. There’s a lot more you need to do to maintain utmost hygiene in your bedroom. A key factor is to wash and clean your pillows. And that’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this blog.

Why is it important to wash pillows?

When we sleep with our heads on the pillow, we tend to dirty the pillow with repeated use. Think dust, sweat, germs, and other nasties. Even though your pillow has a cover, these nasties tend to seep in and affect the pillow. Hence, it is extremely important to wash your pillows. To put things into perspective, experts suggest changing your pillows every two years.

Moreover, different pillows are made of different materials and with unique functionalities. You’ll find a special pillow for neck pain and a pillow for back pain, too. These pillows are made with unique technology and require different types of care and maintenance.

Mites, fungus, dirt, and moisture, are some of the main culprits that can leave pillows unhygienic. To keep your pillows steer clear of these unhealthy agents, it is important to wash them from time-to-time.

How often should you wash pillows?

How often you should wash your pillows depends on a few factors:

  • Generally, it is recommended to wash pillows three or four times a year. Washing them too often can damage them.
  • If your pillows are used a lot and become dirty too often, they need to be washed.
  • People who have babies and pets should wash their pillows more often because the pillows might be more dirty.

How to wash pillows?

Different types of pillows require different types of wash. For example, pillows for back pain or orthopedic pillows are often made from a combination of memory foam, spring, latex, gel and other material. Let’s look at some ways to wash different types of pillows.

Machine wash

If the size and type of your pillow allows you to wash it in the washing machine, it’s good for you. You can wash your pillows with ease. Be careful not to put too much detergent or wash it for too long as it may damage the pillow. Wash your pillows in the machine on a gentle spin so as to keep them away from any damage due to harsh movements. Pillows made of polyester are best washed in machines. Some feather pillows are also easy to wash in the machine.

Hand wash

You could give a hand wash to your pillows by soaking it in detergent water for a few minutes. Depending on the top surface, choose the right kind of brush and gently brush it. Next, squeeze the pillow in the right manner to remove the water and put the pillow to dry. Pillows made of memory foam and latex are easy to hand wash. Another kind of pillow that is easy to hand wash is those made of feather fillings.

Spot clean

At times, your pillows may not need a full wash. For example, if there’s a stain or a spot in one area of the pillow, you might not need to wash it fully. In such situations you can spot clean the pillow. Just wash the pillow in that area. Use a little bit of water and any mild soap and rub it on the pillow to remove the stain. Then, put it out to dry in the sun.

How to dry pillows?

After washing, it is extremely important to dry the pillows in the right manner. Or else, be ready for mold, mildew, fungus, and a pillow with a bad smell. So here are some ways to dry your pillows:

  • First, read the ‘how to wash’ and ‘how to dry’ instructions. When you buy your pillow online, read it on the product page. When you buy a pillow in-store, ask the salesperson for any important washing instructions to be followed.
  • If you machine wash your pillows, dry them out in the machine dryer. Make sure you don’t run the dryer so long that it will end up damaging your pillow.
  • If you hand wash your pillows, dry them out in the sun until they are completely dry.
  • Make sure there’s no moisture left deep inside the pillow as this will ruin your pillow. Besides, it’s not healthy and can harm your health.
  • It’s important to be careful about the way you hang the pillow on a clothes string or how you place it on the clothes rack.
  • Once you put it out for drying, make sure you keep turning it and changing its sides so that it gets dry on all sides.

Best practices to maintain pillows

  • Read and follow the wash and care instructions when you buy a pillow online.
  • Air out your pillows every day. Fluff the pillows to rid them of dust that settles on it every day.
  • Put your pillows out in the sun to dry, especially if you live in a humid place.
  • Wash your pillows at least three to four times in a year.
  • Change your pillows every two years.
  • Different types of pillows require different care routines. For example, an orthopedic pillow might need


So now you know why keeping your pillows clean matters so much and why you need to wash it regularly. It’s a good practice to read the wash and care instructions at the time you buy your pillow. If you’re looking to buy new pillows, head to Nilkamal Sleep website to explore the range of pillows.

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