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Want to add style to your bed?

Best Bed Styling Tips You Must Try to Revamp Your Bedroom Ambience

When it comes to interior decor, little things and details can make a lot of difference. While we spend a lot of thought and time on how we do up our bedroom, we often forget about styling our bed. At the most, we buy a set of cushions and a matching bed cover. But there’s a lot more you can do to style your bed. In this blog, we’ll share awesome tips to help you dress up your bed.

Create style with layers on your bed

Most times, we simply spread a nice bed sheet on the bed and wonder why our bed is still not looking good. Just like layering clothes can add to our style, in the similar fashion, layering your bed can make it look better.

So how should you layer your bed? First, your mattress needs a cover. Even if your mattress has an anti-dust, waterproof cover, you must get a separate mattress protector to keep it clean. If you buy your mattress online, it’s easy to find a protector along with it. Next, get a bed sheet that fits well on your mattress.

The next layer you could add is a bed cover. The bed cover will keep your bed sheet clean as well as enhance the look. Finally, you can spread a blanket on it. This will be the final layer. To get layering right, make sure the sheet has been snugly fitted under the mattress and the blanket is spread out neatly without any creases.

Add an assortment of pillows and cushions

Here, a set of fluffy pillows. There, a set of assorted square cushions. Cushions and pillows are the best accessories to style your bed. And there are many ways in which you can arrange cushions.

Keep it minimal: Stack four same size pillows or cushions one in front of the other.

Mix it up: If you have a king size bed, you have ample space to throw in a lot of cushions. Mix up the sizes and shapes to bring in the drama.

Add color: While monochrome pillows look good, if you want to take the styling a notch higher, add one or two colorful pillows.

Luxury hotel style: Place a long line of cushions of different sizes starting from the biggest narrowing it down to the smallest.

Triangle arrangement: Place cushions one in front of the other and keep decreasing the number of cushions, for example, three, two and one.

Fold your blanket and duvets stylishly

You might not have imagined but there are many different ways to fold your blanket on the bed. And the way you fold the blanket can add to your bed’s style. Here are some ways to fold blankets.

  • Fold the blanket into half, place half of this folded blanket on the bed and let half of it fall on the side.
  • Fold the blanket twice and place it in one corner of your bed.
  • Tuck the sides of the blanket neatly and tightly into the mattress of your bed.
  • Cover the whole bed with the blanket, meaning spread out the blanket like a bed cover.

Deck up the head board

A lot of beds have headboards with racks to display knick knacks. Use these racks to display decorative pieces. But keep it stylish. Don’t fill up each and every rack. Keep some empty. Keep different things in each. For example, you can keep one or two books in one. In the other, keep a figurine or a soft toy. Let the one next to it be empty. In another one, place an alarm clock. You could think creative and add fairy lights and dream catchers to the headboard of your bed. If you have a king size bed, you’ll have a larger headboard and ample space to play around with.

Complete the look with a throw

Throw blankets are meant to keep you warm but they are not like regular blankets. They are more versatile in size, shape, material and function. You can place a throw blanket anywhere - on the bed, on the sofa, on the diwan and even on the chair. The main purpose of a throw is to keep you warm whenever you feel the need. Besides, they look super stylish. Depending on your bed sheet and bed design, place a throw on your bed. It will add one more layer and personality to your bed.

Over to you

Now you see, there’s so many ways in which you can style your bed. And all the above tips are easy. All you need to do is find the right kind of bed, bed sheets, blankets, and throws. If you’re looking to shop for your bedroom, head straight to Nilkamal Sleep website.

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