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Best Pillows To Help You Sleep Better

Best Pillows of Nilkamal Sleep To Help You Sleep Better

Run a simple search on the internet for ‘best pillows’ and you’ll be swimming in a sea of options for pillows. Starting from the material to the function of the pillow, they are available in various types, forms, and sizes.

But don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the right kind of pillow for you. Let’s get you started.

But first, how does a pillow impact our sleep?

Good sleep requires a good pillow. It’s true! Scientific research on how the pillow affects our sleep shows that the pillow is an important factor to help maintain the body’s normal physiological curvature. Good pillows help support the neck, head and shoulders during our sleep.

The right kind of pillow helps support better sleep posture and keeps the body in its natural shape while we sleep, ensuring good sleep. On the contrary, the long-term use of a wrong pillow can have a negative impact on the cervical spine. Hence, it is extremely important to choose a good pillow.

1. Best temperature-regulating pillow - Bread Pillow

Why is the bread pillow called so? For the simple reason that it looks like bread. The Nilkamal Sleep Bread Pillow features an innovative softcell construction made of 12 individual pockets. The pockets keep the filling in its place and prevent it from clustering. This breathable and temperature-regulating pillow is designed to enhance the comfort levels while we sleep.

Features of Nilkamal Sleep Bread Pillow
Breathable microfibre

The Bread Pillow is created with tencel threads and breathable microfibre that promotes airflow. This feature helps maintain a suitable temperature, especially in hot weather. Moreover, the microfibre also provides softness that enables the head to sink into it.

Softcel pocket construction

The Bread Pillow features softcel pocket construction. This enables a subtle neck elevation that helps prevent pain and stiffness in the neck. The fillings are evenly distributed in pockets that prevent it from shifting and clustering.

Multiple layers of softness

The Bread Pillow is designed to match the smoothness of silk. It provides softness through and through with multiple layers of different materials. Starting from the soft microfibre stuffing to the 12-pocket softcell through to the soft cover -- the pillow is designed for utmost softness.

Removable cover

It is easy to remove the cover of the Bread Pillow. This makes it easy to maintain and spot clean so you can ensure hygiene. The cover is made from a soft material that is highly absorbent. This temperature-regulating mechanism keeps it cool and breezy in hot weather, enabling better sleep.

2. A pillow for all sleeping positions - Memory Foam Pillow

The Nilkamal Sleep Memory Foam Pillow is crafted with memory foam, a soft material made of polyurethane. Memory foam is known to conform to the shape of different body parts such as the head and the neck. This pillow is infused with cool gel technology that provides a cooling effect. This pillow is a luxurious indulgence that perfectly complements the Nilkamal Sleep Memory Foam Mattress range.

Features of Nilkamal Sleep Memory Foam Pillow
Cooling gel technology to keep it cool

The Memory Foam Pillow is made with cool gel technology that lends a cooling effect. This makes it a perfect choice for warm weather. The cool get technology is complemented with its natural bamboo cover with skin-safe properties.

Provides contouring support for all sleeping positions

The Memory Foam Pillow is designed to provide contouring support for all sleeping positions to side, back, and stomach sleepers. It subtly contours the neck and head and prevents the head from completely sinking in.

Natural, safe pillow cover

This pillow has a cover made of bamboo which has natural anti-allergic properties, which make it safe for all skin types. The cover with a zip fastening can be easily removed for spot cleaning. The cover is ventilated and keeps heat and moisture away.

Choose from three variants

The Nilkamal Sleep Memory Foam Pillow is available in three variants: Slim, Regular, and Contour.

  • Slim: The slim pillow features narrow edges to support neck and back alignment.
  • Regular: The regular variant supports neck and head muscles for side, back and stomach sleeping positions.
  • Contour: The contour variant features different heights at both ends to support neck, head and shoulders.

3. The best adjustable pillow - Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Need your pillow to behave the way you want it to? You need the Nilkamal Sleep Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. It is designed for those who need functionality, comfort and support from their pillow. This pillow is made with soft memory foam pieces as filling. The removable filling enables you to adjust the height of the pillow as preferred. Resize the pillow based on your mood and needs.

Features of Nilkamal Sleep Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
Match the pillow height to different individual preferences

The position in which we sleep has a direct correlation to the elevation of our head. But many types of pillows ignore this need impacting the posture of our body. The Nilkamal Sleep Shredded Memory Foam Pillow enables custom adjustment to get the desired pillow height.

Fine quality material for better sleep

The cover of the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow brings together functionality and sustainability. Made from organic cotton, it is soft, light and easy to remove and clean. Gentle on your skin, it also has stretchable properties that allow it to provide the thickness that you require. The breathable fabric promotes airflow and ventilation.

Change the pillow shape and size as per your need

Want to change the shape and size of your pillow? Simply remove the stuffing and spread out the pieces depending on the size and shape you desire.

Want more from Nilkamal Sleep pillows?

Sure, there’s more than meets the eye -- when you buy a Nilkamal Sleep pillow, you get it shipped to your doorstep free of cost. It comes in an easy to unbox packaging. Every Nilkamal Sleep pillow is designed to provide happy sleep, no matter your sleeping position and style.

And now, some good habits for your sleep ensemble

  • Protect your pillow and mattress with a bed protector sheet or mattress cover.
  • Keep your pillow and mattress clean with regular dusting, cleaning, and washing.
  • Refresh your pillow before sleeping. Give it a good puff. And have a good night!


Want to explore these pillows and other sleep essentials such as a bed, mattress, bedding, etc. to improve your sleep patterns? Head to Nilkamal Sleep online store. If you have some more sleep tips to share with us, we’re all ears.

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