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Improve your sleep patterns with these tips

Nilkamal Sleep Tips to Improve Your Sleep Patterns

Good sleep is important for a number of reasons. It improves our brain function, concentration, productivity, and overall mental and physical health. Sound sleep can also impact our emotional health positively.

But a lot of people struggle to get good sleep. Stress, living in urban areas full of noise pollution, unhealthy habits, and a disturbed bedroom atmosphere are some reasons why people struggle to sleep well.

Improving sleep patterns is easy if you try to inculcate simple habits. Here are some you can easily try.

Include aroma therapy for sound sleep

Aroma therapy is known to relieve stress, relax and promote sleep. Aroma improves the quality of deep sleep leading to slower heartbeat and relaxed muscles and nerves. It helps us sleep better at night and hence have more energy during the day.

There are many aroma diffuser oil blends that help in sleeping better - lavender, sweet orange, chamomile jasmine, vanilla and more. Sprinkling a few drops of aroma diffuser essential oil around the pillow or through a diffuser can help calm our mind and relax the body.

Always sleep on comfortable pillows

Remember how difficult it gets to sleep in a hotel room or when you go visiting friends. A change in pillow is hard to adjust to. Good pillows are essential to sound sleep. But what are good pillows like?

A good pillow should support your head and neck perfectly. It should have the right kind of softness or firmness as per individual preference. It should be of the perfect thickness. Pillows are made of different materials such as memory foam, cotton, etc.

Make sleep accessories a part of your life

Apart from the right bed, blanket, pillow and bed linen, sleep accessories also affect our sleep. Accessories such as sleep eye mask can help cut out extra light, ease tension and improve the quality of sleep. Sleep eye masks can also be infused with essential oils that promote sleep.

Follow good bedroom habits

Your bedroom should help you sleep well. For that you have to follow some good practices. Here are some:

  • Always sleep and wake up at the same time, every day
  • Declutter your bedroom, bed and keep things tidy
  • Have enough ventilation in your bedroom
  • Make sure the room is cool through the night
  • Use aroma diffuser oils that help fall asleep faster and sleep better
  • Create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom

Sleep inducing teas

Try some natural sleep-inducing remedies such as having tea half an hour before bedtime. Chamomile, lavender, passion flower, etc., are some teas that are known to soothe our senses and calm our minds. Its stress-relieving properties help relax the brain and the body resulting in better sleep. You could even try tea-based sleep sprays.

Yoga and meditation

Certain physical exercises such as yoga and meditation are known to have calming effects on the brain. They help relieve stress. You can improve the quality of your sleep by meditating before bedtime. Make yoga and meditation a daily practice. These practices stress on the quality of sleep and not so much on the quantity of sleep. Even a few hours of sound sleep can have an immense positive effect on us.

Avoid screen time just before bedtime

The National Sleep Foundation recommends refraining screen time at least half an hour before bedtime. The reason being it increases alertness at night and reduces the total amount of sound sleep. Some ways to reduce screen time before bedtime: keep the mobile phone away and pick up a book instead of the phone.

Final thoughts

Having good sleep every night is more important than we think. And hence, it’s important to follow a good sleep pattern. We can do so by following various routines and practices. And you’ll find all your sleep essentials - bed, pillows, aroma diffuser, etc, on Nilkamal Sleep website. So what changes are you going to bring to your sleep pattern?

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