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Neck pain keeping you up at night?

Looking for Neck Pain Remedies - Here are some solutions that work.

Neck pain can be nagging. It doesn’t allow one to work properly, to exercise with ease, and the most terrible - sleep. Are you or your loved ones suffering from a neck pain that’s making it difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep? Here are a few ways in which you can sleep better even with neck pain.

Get the right kind of pillow for neck pain

The function of the pillow is to provide support to the neck, and to help align the head and the spine in a balanced manner. And so, it’s extremely important to choose a good pillow.

A quick online search for a pillow for neck pain will give you hundreds of options. The result - you’re completely left confused. So let’s see some of the best pillows that are good to support the neck.

Memory foam pillow: These pillows are made of soft memory foam that are firm and flexible enough to take the shape of the neck for the right kind of support.

Gel pillow: Gel pillows combine memory foam and cooling gel technology. They are designed to provide comfort to the neck and the spine as well as cool it.

Sleep on the right kind of mattress

As much as the pillow is important to support your neck, so is the mattress on which you sleep. The mattress will support your body from the neck to the bottom and has to be of the right firmness.

  • There are many kinds of mattresses available - spring mattress, memory foam mattress, orthopedic mattress, hybrid mattress, etc. The right one for you depends on your individual needs.
  • Choose a mattress that provides firm support to your neck, shoulders, spine and lower back.
  • You must also consider your sleeping style when you choose a mattress - back, sides, or stomach.

Avoid screen time before bedtime

It might be hard to believe, but using your phone and laptop just before bed might be causing your neck pain or worsening it. Many people have a habit of keeping their heads elevated on pillows while on bed checking their phones. Or, many sleep on the side and turn their necks to read on the phone, or kindle.

These bad habits can affect the cervical spine and the neck. When we look at phones and screens just before sleeping, we may end up getting engrossed. At times, spend hours in the same position, not realising the harm it’s causing to our neck. There’s also a term for it - text neck.

Do neck exercises

Whether you suffer from neck pain or not, it’s best to do neck exercise. It helps to keep the neck muscles strong, maintain good posture, and avoid neck pain and injuries. There are many neck exercises that you’ll find online. Better still, ask your yoga teacher or gym trainer to help you figure out which neck exercises are best for you. Then, do those exercises regularly.

Over to you

Let’s face it - neck pain is annoying. It can disturb your life immensely - social, work, and home life. But the above solutions can help you keep neck pain at bay. So look for the right pillow for neck pain, the most supportive mattress, and follow healthy habits to keep that neck in check.

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