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How to choose the best pillow for neck pain?

How to choose the best pillow for neck pain?

Experiencing neck pain is a common issue that most adults complain about once in a while. One of the reasons causing neck pain can be your pillow and sleep position. Even during the day, a lot of strain is put on the neck while scrolling through social apps and working on the laptop. Constant slouching on the bed also makes the neck area stiff and spoils the posture.

Though there are many reasons for neck pain, the solution to reduce the pain is thankfully easy. Just select the right pillow, have a comfortable sleep and get relief from neck pain. Yes! It is that simple. But people ignore the significance of choosing the right pillow and continue to kill the pain with balms and pain relief sprays.

Nowadays, everything is available online for purchase. So, why not buy a pillow online! Vendors online have clearly defined pillow features, price, product images and customer reviews to give customers an insight on buying the correct pillow online. So, how do you choose the best pillow for neck pain? Consider the below factors before buying a new pillow:

Supportive pillow is the one that gives the required support to the upper body and maintains the spinal alignment. An unsupportive pillow type will keep your neck far upward and cause neck strains.

 Loft and firmness should be checked as it makes a big difference in comfort. The loft differs based on the sleeping positions. For instance, someone sleeping flat on their stomach will need a lower loft pillow whereas side sleepers will need a high loft to be comfortable. When it comes to firmness, choose a medium-firm pillow instead of a stiff one that can go hard on your neck.

Check pillow materials to ensure the fabric is hypoallergenic and does not retain heat or moisture. Check for any materials giving skin allergy while sleeping. Pillows made of feathers and artificial feathers may be soft on the head but lack adequate support. Memory foam pillows are quite popular these days due to the balanced support and comfort it provides to the neck.


What are the Varieties of Doctor Dreams Pillows?

Doctor Dreams is a reliable brand bringing quality bedding products, furniture and sleep essentials in association with the leading Nilkamal group. Customers can choose from three varieties of pillows ideal for a comfortable sleep:

Memory Foam Pillow: The Doctors Dream memory foam pillow is available in three variants - Regular, Slim, and Contour. These are designed with a cooling gel technology that gives utmost comfort to the neck and spine, combined with a cooling effect. Some remarkable features of Doctor Dreams memory foam pillow are its natural anti-allergic properties, zipper cover for ease of cleaning, heat and moisture resistance and anti-bacterial properties.

Memory Foam Pillow

Bread Memory Foam Pillow: It is an absorbent pillow made up of plush Tencel threads and microfiber filling. The bread foam pillow is designed uniquely with twelve individual pockets that resist forming lumps. This keeps the head and neck area even while sleeping, causing no pain.

Bread Pillow

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: It is a highly adjustable and stretchable pillow made of lightweight fabric.  has organic cotton blended inner and outer cover with access to inside filling. This enables the users to adjust the pillow according to their sleeping positions.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Finally, the type of pillow you choose plays a major role to trigger neck pain. Muscle relief sprays will give temporary relief, instead replace the right bedding accessory such as a suitable pillow for a comfortable sleep and no neck pain.

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