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Ultimate Guide for Mattress Sizes and Bed Dimensions at Doctor Dreams

Ultimate Guide for Mattress Sizes and Bed Dimensions at Doctor Dreams

Durable beds, metallic or wooden, are now available at easily affordable budget prices. With contemporary designs and muscular builds, one can choose the preferred patterns and desired materials in the bed structure.

Ditch the old-fashioned hard mattresses and opt for a super cosy  mattress online  with soft springs or memory foams, whichever is desired. After considering the bed size, it is time to explore the mattress guide as to how much leg space is needed and the appropriate size that also fits the bed type. Check out the complete mattress size chart below, keeping in mind the type of mattress and the size of the bed.  Check out  Nilkamal Sleep to  buy mattress  according to the number of persons sleeping and the hardness level required for the best sleep.

How to Decide on the Ideal Mattress Size?

Selecting the right mattress can be an arduous affair and thus requires guidance. Learn about the  different sizes of mattress online  and the points to be considered before you  buy mattress.

  • Space and comfort: Choose a mattress with abundant legroom to prevent discomfort and congestion whilst sleeping.
  • Sleep setting: The  sleeping habits of the persons  sleeping on the mattress should be taken into account, along with the favourite sleeping positions.
  • Budget: Considering the budget is essential, along with how comfortable the mattress is.  
  • Mattress measurements: Measuring the bed dimensions is essential to choosing the right mattress, like the length and width.

Standard Mattress sizes

Type of mattress

Mattress size (length by breadth) (inches)

Preferred person


72” X 36”

Babies, toddlers, bigger kids, teens, single persons.


72” X 48”

Couples, a single sleeper with one kid.


72” X 72”

Couples who need ample leg room, families with 1 or 2 kids.


72” X 60”

Families of 3, couples.

Single Mattress Size

A single-size mattress must have a minimum measurement of 72” length by 36” breadth. Regarding the comfort factor, a  single-size mattress  is best suited for babies, toddlers, older kids, teens and adults who do not need much leg space. Adults with a straight sleeping position and who do not move about much can opt for this mattress size. Also, the bed size must be a single size for the mattress to fit well.

Double Mattress Size

A double mattress measures 72” in length by 48” in breadth in size. It is suitable for single persons with one child or a pet to sleep next to. A parent who wants to sleep next to a disturbed child who suffers from nightmares may consider this mattress type that easily fits onto a double bed.  Explore  the best  double mattresses  that are available in a variety of fillings on Nilkamal Sleep.

King Size Mattress

This mattress type is 72” in length by 72” in width and is primarily available in a six inches thickness. The  king size mattress  is perfect for a room size measuring 12 feet by 12 feet in dimension. A smaller room having a bed in a 72” X 72” dimension will look cluttered. The mattress  fulfils the sleeping arrangement of families  of 4 members due to its large surface area. Parents who love to sleep with their kids or pets would love the massive size of such a mattress. One of the largest sizes available in mattress varieties, this mattress is especially suitable for tall or large-sized persons.

Queen Size Mattress

The  queen size mattress  measures about 72” in length by 60” in breadth. It is suitable for couples who do not need much leg room or are light sleepers. The mattress variety suits individuals who sleep alongside their children or pets. Large-sized persons who need a lot of space to turn about when asleep could buy this type of mattress. Explore Striker Metal Bed + Lite Dual Comfort Mattress.

Required Bedroom Sizes for various mattress types

Just deciding on a new bed and mattress is not enough to begin using them if the bedroom is not large enough to accommodate them. Also, there must be room left within the bedroom to move freely without congestion. The dimensions listed below will shed more light on how much room space must be ideally kept according to the bed and mattress size chosen.

  • A single-size bed and mattress require the bedroom to be at least 10 feet by 6 feet since the bed and mattress have a 72” X 36” dimension.
  • A double-size bed and mattress need the bedroom to have a minimum dimension of 10 feet by 7 feet. This is because the bed and the mattress are 72” X 48”.
  • A Queen size bed needs the bedroom to be at least 10 feet by 8 feet in dimension as the bed itself with the mattress measure 72” X 60” by length and breadth.
  • A king-size bed needs the bedroom to be 12 feet by 12 feet as the bed and mattress measure about 72” X 72”.


One must have the perfect bed to lie upon for the most fulfilling sleep pattern after a tiring day. Irrespective of the type of sleeper, whether adults or children, the ideal sleep is attained only on a comfortable mattress. The quality of the bed also matters, as sleeping on a squeaky or shaky bed can disturb one’s sleeping routine. When it comes to knowing which is the right size, the type of sleeping style matters as sleeping positions cannot be altered easily due to the type of mattress. Even though having more space on the bed benefits most people, some like to curl up and sleep. And so, the extra space would be of no purpose. This money saved on opting for a smaller bed and selecting the desired mattress of smaller dimensions could be used for other sleeping luxuries like heating or cooling. This is the ideal method to follow and buy a mattress that has sizes and qualities that suit one’s sleeping style. Scroll through the wide  mattress  varieties available on Nilkamal Sleep and make your purchase at the latest.
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