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The Best Kinds of Mattresses to Enhance Sleep Quality and Enjoy Peaceful Nights

The Best Kinds of Mattresses to Enhance Sleep Quality and Enjoy Peaceful Nights


If your bed does not seem to provide the proper comfort and support, something is amiss. We spend a lot of time on our  mattress  and almost one-fourth of our day on it. An average human needs at least 6-7 hours of sound sleep, and a good bed is key to that. Whether investing in a new bed or changing your existing one, many beds are available in the market nowadays. The best one is that it relieves pressure on the joints and body so you can drift into sleep.

The quality and condition of a bed decline over time. It is a gradual process, and one does not even realise that the reason for their poor sleep is their bed. Choosing between a foam and spring bed has always been a conflict. Beds are available in a wide range of materials and technologies nowadays, and they come in different sizes and shapes and are made to fit everyone’s budget. Choosing the right kind of bed is subject to one’s comfort needs. Hence it is essential to know the different types of beds to determine which is most appropriate for you. To  explore  a range of fine and durable furniture, visit Nilkamal Sleep today!

Different types of Beds to Choose From (H2)

Your back, neck, and spine need the proper support when asleep. The right bed will make your night a dream, and it is vital to know a  different kind of bed available  to offer the best support to your body. Let us delve deep into the other beds available and the options you can pick from.

1. Innerspring Beds

With a steel coil support system, this kind comes in different varieties. Some have springs connected to a single unit, and some have individually wrapped pocketed coils. The shape, design, gauge, and several coils in the springs depend on the variety. The best one has the maximum number of coils to offer the best support to pressure points in the body.

2. Pillow Top Beds

This one has an extra layer of upholstery sewed onto the top of the mattress. It rids the need for a bed protector; all you need is a  bed cover.  You do not need pillows; the additional layer has fibres and foams for support.

3. Hybrid Beds

This kind blends the components of different types of beds. For example, it can have latex foam, gels, steel coils, polyurethane etc. You can choose from  memory foam, gel foam, and bonded foam beds connected with gel  to create different shapes and designs. The best part about these beds is that they offer a range of features like comfort and feel and facilitate heat dispersal.

4. Gel Beds

Some foam beds use gel to enhance their support system and upholstery. A particular technology adds gel to the foam, offering the customer the proper support, comfort, and heat dispersal when they sleep.

5. Memory Foam Beds

This kind combines a layer of adjustable padding made of springs or backing. The bed uses body heat while sleeping to relax and sink into the shape. When the pressure is relieved, the foam springs back. Over time, the foam memorises the body's shape and sleeping posture. That is how it gets its name, ‘memory foam.’ The material was first developed by NASA and got commercialised ever since. 

6. Latex Foam Beds

This kind uses a seven-zone design where blocks of  latex  comprising different densities are added so that each body part receives the proper support. The section in the middle gives more support to the spine, and the other parts are designed to offer lighter support. This bed matches the individual weight, customises the comfort level, and provides the best support.

7. Dual Comfort Beds

This type of bed lends  two sorts of comfort  with two layers of foam and can be used on both sides. One side gives a mild incline, while the other offers a firm slope. One can pick the surface that is suited for them and can also be changed according to the climate. Check out also Striker Metal Bed + Dual Comfort Mattress.

8. Orthopaedic Memory Foam Beds

It is ideal for those with back problems and hip and shoulder pain. It  offers the right support to the spine, muscles, and joints.  It supports the spine well and ensures that the pressure is equally distributed right through the length of the body. It is also helpful in correcting the body posture and reduces any sore or stiff back when you wake up.

Which are the Best Beds Out of the Different Types?

Individuals differ in their sleep pattern,  posture, issues, and muscle and joint concerns. So individuals will have different preferences, and beds need to be chosen as per the fit or solution to the problem. Continuous research involves designing different beds; one cannot put the finger on one kind to classify it as the best. The prime objective is to know the problem and find the bed as the best solution.

All You Want to Know About Foam vs Spring Bed

Memory foam beds come before spring beds and are still in vogue. Spring beds tend to be bouncier, and memory foam beds take the body's shape. Each kind has advantages and disadvantages, and you must decide what will fit your bill. You also need to remember that you need a  comfortable bed cover  for any bed. Go ahead and choose according to your requirement for a restful night!


The  mattress  is an essential accessory when you are investing in a bed. You need to know about the beds that will marry comfort and support to ensure you sleep peacefully. Sleep is essential for good health, and a good bed will ensure you achieve it. You can now buy beds online and invest in the best ones. Visit the  Nilkamal Sleep  website to access a range of selections that will match all your requirements. So go ahead and surf for you to go into sleep mode the moment you hit the bed!"
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