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Sleeping habits of men and women

Sleeping habits of men and women - Doctor Dreams


How do men sleep differently than women? Sleep is a requisite for the general well-being of a human, whether man or woman. The body renews and recuperates from the day’s work, and every system within falls into place no matter how much it has been strained. An efficient mattress online delivery can help acquire a comfortable mattress that will enable complete sleep. From the brain, which directs the functioning to the muscles that help in any physical activity, the combination of all is kept in perfect synchrony as a direct effect of sleep. Advancements in scientific studies have enlightened our knowledge of the effect of gender on sleep. The disorders associated with sleep function differently in males and females and have varied consequences in terms of quality and quantity. An orthopedic mattress, along with weighted blankets, will aid in promoting the quality and quantity of sleep. Check out Nilkamal Sleep online for a wide range of orthopedic mattresses. 

 Do specific sleep patterns exist in men and women?

Despite the general requirement of seven to eight hours of sleep for adult men and women, there is variation between the actual amounts of sleep undertaken by them. It is observed that women, in general, have fragmented sleep patterns and therefore decreased quality of sleep. But men, on the other hand, sleep continuously and have improved sleep attributes. Even though men exhibit shorter sleep periods, it is a complete and satisfying type. Women sleep for shorter spans and thus have longer sleep patterns to make up for disturbed sleep. Most men typically fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Many women take time to be sound asleep, which affects the overall sleep period. The day’s schedule affects the sleeping pattern in both men and women. Not all women have disturbed sleep patterns, and not all men can sleep continuously, especially those with sleep disorders.  

Reasons for different sleep styles in males and females

Sex-dependant and gender-dependent characteristics that affect sleep in men and women are related. Changes in the production of hormones from puberty to menopause in women, cycles of sleep and normal rhythms are sex-dependent characteristics. Men and women have different biological development processes as they age. The menstrual cycle is one of the stages that alter many hormones which affect women. Gender-dependant characters include cultural and social inconsistencies that are different for men and women. Both these factors overlap and have many miscellaneous features that account for different sleep styles.

  1. Sleep stages: there are typically four sleep stages in single sleep duration in all humans. Rapid eye movement (REM) and Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) are the observed patterns. Sleep architecture is the way every individual’s sleep progresses, with differences between the sleep phases. NREM sleep is typically shown in the first three phases, with REM sleep in the last phase. Whilst most men have longer NREM sleep in the first two phases, which lets them complete the major part of their sleep cycle. Women, on the other hand, have a short duration in the first NREM phase and a longer sleep duration in the third NREM phase. 
  2. Production of hormones: hormones can affect sleep patterns drastically. The variation in the types and stages in hormones in a woman’s body through menstruation starting at puberty and at every menstrual cycle thereafter, change the sleeping pattern of the woman. Estrogen and progesterone are the two basic hormones that drive the menstrual cycle balance sleep levels. Lowered production of these hormones has mental and physical outcomes and unsettled sleep. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is identified with disturbed sleep patterns, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is the extreme stage observed in some women. 
  3. Health-related effects on sleep: consumption of alcohol in men is higher than in women, which affect their sleep patterns. Also, men have more cardiovascular problems and lung-related diseases due to smoking, which leads to disturbed sleep styles. Women have other mental problems like anxiety and other physical problems like recurring urination at night due to an overactive bladder. Some women experience gastric refluxes and heartburn that alter their sleep architecture. 

Remedies for distracted sleep patterns

A good mattress and pillows that one uses daily are beneficial to correct disruptive sleep patterns owing to the comfort it offers. However distracted one is, and whatever physical and mental disorders are being experienced, resorting to relief medications in large quantities is never the solution. This will have dangerous repercussions on the overall immunity of the person. Finding the right mattress online that will make you sleep, overriding all the disturbances faced, is one of the best remedies for lengthening sleep phases in both men and women, whether young or old.

An orthopedic mattress has a steady base that will hold all the joints in the body and avert any sagging into the mattress. It is a must-buy, especially for those with painful spinal issues. However strict a diet one follows, sleeping on the wrong type of mattress will worsen the sleep and general well-being of an individual. The special mattress has a multilayered structure with special foam right below, bouncing Polyurethane foam above, followed by memory and green gel-based foams right at the surface. With waterproof quality, a gel layer for cooling of the body and an extensible covering top fabric that is well-tailored and impervious to pests like bed bugs, the supreme features are the ultimate qualities one hopes for in a durable mattress. 


Despite the sex and gender-based differences in sleep cycles of men and women, there is a therapeutic solution in obtaining the ideal sleep required by every person. Accessing the right mattress online with healing properties for the body like an orthopedic mattress can directly have a positive sleep consequence. Nobody likes to sleep on an uncomfortable bed, much less a sagging mattress. So don’t hesitate and buy the perfect mattress that will guarantee you the best sleep every day, only from

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