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4 Reasons Your Pet Shouldn't Sleep In Your Bed

Top Reasons Your Pet Shouldn't Sleep In Your Bed

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't share your bed with your pets

According to a study, people who shared a bed with their pet took roughly four minutes to fall asleep and woke up exhausted. But four minutes seems trivial in comparison to the cuddling and bonding time you and your pet can have when sharing a bed, right?

Sleeping with your dogs shouldn't have much of an effect on your quality of sleep as long as you don't have allergies and clean your bedding and pillows frequently. Mattresses that are good for pet owners are often overlooked in today's mattress market.

We can use the general pet-provided types of wear and other stressors to mattresses to understand better the parameters of pet ownership on most mattresses and why you should keep pets away from your bed. These factors may differ from one pet to the other.  

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Allergies and Mites 

Even if you don't share the bed, allowing your pet into the bedroom might aggravate pet allergies or asthma, making it more difficult for afflicted people to breathe. Because pet dander and allergens can linger on other surfaces even after the pet has left the room, experts advise installing a HEPA filter or keeping pets out of the bedroom entirely. Pets are not only allergen producers, but they also carry a lot of allergens in their fur coats. 

While there are many different types of mites that can come along with a pet, dust mites are the most typical benefit and companion that will happily take up residence in the bed. 


Because your pet has no difficulty interacting with dirt, faeces, and other unsanitized things, and then licking your face or clawing you and breaking skin, there is a small but real risk of zoonotic infections like meningitis or cat scratch disease. Fortunately, as long as you keep your pet healthy and up to date on immunisations and flea medication, this risk is minimised. Even the most well-behaved dog or cat, like people, can have an accident from time to time. They can also become queasy and vomit in a short period. In that situation, you might think about getting a mattress protector 


Designed to aid your pet in the wild, they frequently destroy mattresses and pillows and put them under a lot of stress. Cats are particularly tough in this regard, as they have an instinctual desire to sharpen their claws on the objects in their environment. 

Weight and dents

This may not be as much of an issue with smaller animals. Medium and large pets, on the other hand, might gain a significant amount of weight. When this weight swings up and down, to and from something like a mattress, there is likely to be some related wear.

Products for pet owners

Mattress type

Aim for a mattress that has good motion transfer, which means you won't notice when someone or something moves on the bed. 

Memory foam mattresses are an ideal option for this. You will sink somewhat into the bed as the foam moulds to your body, and you will be less disturbed by your pet moving around. This is especially vital for light sleepers and owners of large dogs or cats.

Waterproof mattress 

Waterproof bedding is incredibly durable, easy to clean, and stain and odour resistant. While they're mostly for urinary incontinence, they can also be good for stinkier pets or those who drool or lick excessively. To eliminate pet hair, experts recommend regularly cleaning with two rinse cycles. 

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Sheet and pillow covers

Pet hair getting all over the sheets is one of the most common concerns of pet owners who share their beds. While you won't prevent your pet from shedding, you can reduce the quantity of hair that sticks to your bedding, making it easier to clean. Pet hair is resistant to sheets composed of tightly woven cotton such as sateen or percale, 100 percent linen, linen-cotton blends, or microfiber. The thread or denier count should be as high as possible. The dense weave of these textiles not only resists pet hair but also resists tears and damage caused by your pet's claws.

Anti-allergen covers

Hypoallergenic mattress covers, together with air purifiers and allergy medications, help to alleviate allergy symptoms. Dust mites, bed bugs, and pet dander are kept out of your mattress with these tightly woven coverings. They also help your mattress last longer by preventing stains, tears, and filth from your pet.  

As discussed, a foam mattress will provide the least amount of motion transmission and help you and your pet sleep better. As a result, the ideal mattress for pet owners is most likely a foam mattress. While your puppy or kitten may be small today, you should consider how big they will grow. 

A twin or twin XL size mattress would most likely not suffice if you plan to share a bed with your pet, especially a dog. The best mattress for sharing with a cat or dog is a full, queen, or king-size mattress. This provides plenty of room to sleep while also allowing your pet to spread out. 

Whether you allow your pet to sleep in your bed or not, it's a good idea to invest in a nice mattress protector for your foam mattress. 

A mattress cover acts as a barrier between your mattress and the rest of the world, preventing dust, filth, and pet hair from ruining your favourite bed. 

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You'll have a steady nap partner and a lot of snuggle time if you let your pet sleep with you. Just make sure you make the appropriate adjustments, updates, and decisions to ensure that you and your partner get the rest you require. Are you ready for a restful night's sleep? Stay tuned to find the ideal mattress for you and your pets. 

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