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Protector for Your Memory Foam Mattress

Top Benefits of Buying a Mattress Protector for Memory Foam Mattress

Why Look for a Mattress Protector?

Experts urge mattress buyers to use mattress protectors to safeguard their newly-purchased mattresses from anything that can ruin them – be it dirt, moisture, or allergens. Such concerns are legitimate, especially with memory foam mattresses for your king-size bed, as they are susceptible to damage, even when covered by a sheet. Such mattresses require an additional level of protection if they last a long life of service. However, before you go shopping, you must discern what makes for a reliable mattress protector. So here are some features that you should consider, along with short categorizations of mattress protectors available on the market.

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What are the Features of a Reliable Mattress Protector?

Here are some of the key features to look out for when buying a mattress protector for your new mattress:


Memory foam is akin to a sponge, and you can consider your mattress ruined as soon as it is exposed to high levels of moisture. If the mattress gets wet, especially on the interior of the foam, then that section could breed mould. This holds true, especially if the area between the top and bottom of the mattress is not well ventilated. As a result, the mattress protector must feature waterproofing as it will have to secure the mattress against any liquid spillage.

Several mattress protectors come with built-in waterproofing features that secure the mattress against excessive perspiration, spillage, emission of bodily fluids, urination by pets, and bedwetting. The waterproofing element must be dense and equipped with a liner that facilitates ventilation in order to shield the memory foam from moisture. 

Heat Retention

Heat retention is endemic to memory foam mattresses and is the only big negative of the product, which allows the foam to swell all around you, offering immense comfort but doing away with any kind of ventilation as opposed to an innerspring mattress. As a result, why not select a mattress protector that can downplay this drawback and offer you more cooling as you sleep? This would make sense.

Protection from Bed Bugs 

Your warranty will be annulled if bed bugs infiltrate the interior of your memory foam new mattress, as that would make the product irreplaceable. You will have to foot a hefty bill if bed bugs take hold of your house, as it would cost a lot to eliminate them with chemical treatment. It would be wise to use a zippered mattress cover to keep bed bugs out of the memory foam. These covers feature a zip, which encases the entire area of the mattress and comes with a flap that encloses the zip in its entirety for added protection. Such pads are built of dense synthetic substances such as polypropylene or polyester that are nigh impossible for bugs to bite through. 

Shutting Out Dust Mites 

Once you get rid of the bed bugs, the next pest to tackle is the dust mite. These critters worsen living conditions and serve as catalysts for asthma and allergies. A protector customised to defend against dust mites features the use of antimicrobial treatment on the mattress protector. Another solution is the use of zippered protectors as dust mites can infiltrate a protector with pores. 

What Kind of Materials Are Mattress Protectors Made of?

Today, manufacturers of mattress protectors make use of novel technologies and materials and have as a result invalidated the stereotypical look and feel of these products. Gone are the days when mattress protectors made strange noises when in use. So let us examine the varying materials being utilised along with their advantages and drawbacks.


Mattress protectors and pillows made from polyester are adept at waterproofing, especially if the final product is a blend of polypropylene and polyester. These protectors come with a polyester shell featuring polyester or a fiberfill. Polyester mattress protectors are affordable, and sellers service buyers by offering this product strapped, zippered, fitted or elasticised.

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Mattress protectors made from vinyl are ideal for those who sleep with their dogs or have kids with bedwetting behaviour. Pets could tear through memory foam with their teeth or claws or could urinate on the mattress doing permanent damage as you might never be able to clear the odour. A vinyl protector is perfect in this setting. This material also provides protection from mildew and mould. The only downside is the crunching and squishing sound that you hear when you move your body over it.


Cotton is the best fit for those who prefer a stable and solid feel. Mattress protectors built-in cotton are hypoallergenic, tackling allergens and dust mites. However, the downside of the material is the lack of waterproofing. Having said that, there are cotton mattress protectors on the market that offer to be waterproof. You’ll just have to be diligent enough to research them before you buy one. 

Final Words

Finding the right mattress protector to secure a memory foam mattress from daily abuse can be challenging. You cannot predict when your pet will ruin the bed or when the children will spill their favourite juice. The memory foam mattress will immediately absorb any liquid, and the damage will be forever done as clearing the odour then is nigh impossible. To avoid such heartbreak, you need the right mattress protector. Firstly, revise the various features that mattress protectors bring to the table. Secondly, assess your needs and requirements. Thirdly, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each material. Finally, conduct thorough research online and offline on the ideal product before you commit to a purchase.

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