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Simple Ways You Can Achieve Better Sleep this Year

Simple Ways You Can Achieve Better Sleep this Year

Do you find difficulty in sleeping through the night? Or are you easily disturbed in your sleep? The answer lies in how busy your day is and how many hours of sleep your body needs. Even though it is advisable to sleep for eight hours of the day, not everybody can manage that, especially those who work in shifts and are nursing mothers. There are easy hacks to re-organize one’s sleeping habits and get that completely satisfying sleep. The use of memory foam pillows can amp up one’s sleeping hours. Buy the best quality orthopaedic mattress from Nilkamal Sleep to help sleep through the night.

Are memory foam pillows better for sleeping through the night?

Sleeping without a good pillow is unthinkable when one needs to sleep continuously through the night. Pillows provide the right adjustment for the head and neck region to rest well. A scientific study on how using a good pillow at the right height affected the sleep pattern proved the need for the right kind of pillow to sleep well. This is significant for having an efficient sleep posture which eventually affects the sleep pattern. On the other hand, using the wrong type of pillow over an extended period can cause severe pain in the spinal cord. 

Advancements in technology have led to the provision of memory foam pillows that can be oriented according to the shape of the head. Polyurethane is the foam material used to construct the pillows that are further added with a cooling gel that gives a cooling result. The body is efficiently lineated to the pillow in the desired positions that ultimately keep the head from submerging inside it. Slim, regular, and contour are the three types of comfortable pillows. Whilst the slim type has tapered edges, the regular type have an even surface, and the contour varieties have sloping heights on either side for better support. Shredded memory foam pillows are also another option that is extendable and may be adjusted according to the comfort of the neck and shoulder muscles.

Check out the orthopaedic mattress from Nilkamal Sleep to improve sleep patterns.

If you are trying to eliminate a constant back pain that affects your sleep, then an orthopaedic mattress will solve the problem. With the choice of varieties in mattress types now readily available, it is bound to be difficult to settle on the right one that will be a healthy choice. Especially older men and women or those associated with sports activities or ailments, there is a need for the right type of mattress that will overpower back pain. 

Orthopaedic mattresses specialize in regulating the spine and back to be properly aligned. Any pressure felt in these spots is relieved with the special construction of the mattress, which is not done by regular mattresses. They have a sheet of gel foam within that attains the body and surrounding temperature and thus helps in cooling. The many films of varying materials such as Tencel fabric, green gel foam, pure PU foam, memory foam, etc. present within the mattress, increases its density and make it more durable. The comfort level once experienced with the super energetic mattress is irresistible and will definitely make one addicted to sleeping on it. Whether king or queen size, the special mattress lacks bounce or sagging issues; instead, they absorb any bumps and rebounds efficiently. So knowing the benefits of these mattresses will enable one to zero down and invest in them that will last for years to come.

Beneficial hacks to plan improvised sleep habits

However busy a person is, getting the right quantity of sleep is as essential as food, water and clothing for the body. Sleep continuously for about six to eight hours is compulsory for overall good health. Napping during the day must be avoided to get better sleep patterns. It is required to set a fixed time to sleep daily that must be followed strictly. Some simple tips to incorporate into the sleeping routine are given below.

  • Evading caffeine, screen time, and sugary foods before bed,  
  • having an early dinner,  
  • stretching with some form of exercise,
  •  lowering bedroom temperature, 
  • reading before bed, 
  • sleeping on a clean bed, mattress, and pillows, 
  • using dim lights in the bedroom

Modern sleep add-ons for more comfort

Using the right kind of mattress, pillow and bed are the basic requirements of sleeping well. In addition to the necessary habits one must adhere to for a better sleep style, there are some more practices that may be planned over the year. Getting accessories such as a fragrance diffuser can help calm the senses before sleeping. Invest in the fragrance of your choice from the myriad choices easily available, such as lavender, rose, lily, incense, musk, lemongrass, eucalyptus, etc. Using an eye mask can also provide a shade for the eyes that can prevent one from waking due to any brightness in the room. Scenting the pillows with essential oils such as sweet orange, chamomile, peppermint, ylang-ylang, etc., will help induce sleep and proper rest for the body. 

If you are a music lover and enjoy a particular genre immensely, listening to it will help you fall asleep. Sounds like flowing water, babies cooing, birds tweeting, wind blowing, meditating sounds, etc., will be very soothing to some individuals but maybe eerie to others. Find the most calming sound that will calm your senses and send you into dreamland. 

Consuming sleep-promoting foods such as bananas, green leafy veggies, nuts like walnuts and almonds, chamomile tea, kiwi fruit, passionflower tea, fatty fish, etc., will instigate effective sleep habits.


A healthy mind leads to a healthy body is a true reality of life. A completely fulfilling sleep is what everybody desires to have every single day. Ailments like pain in the neck and spine can have negative impacts on the sleeping patterns of a person. So investing in the proper bed size, right mattress, cosy pillow, etc. is mandatory for a good night’s rest. Buy a good-quality orthopaedic mattress and a complimentary memory foam pillow from Nilkamal Sleep for easing pain and sleep-related issues. 

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