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How to sleep better? - Doctor Dreams

Nilkamal Sleep tips on How to sleep better?

The importance of sleep - How to sleep well

 The necessity of having a good night's sleep has long been known to humans for proper mental and physical stability. It affects your productivity, but sleep depravity can lead to severe problems in brain function and the misbalance of hormones. Sleeping for the right number of hours and using a good mattress are the most important needs to daily obtain the right sleeping pattern. It is of utmost significance to relax all the body's senses at the end of the day and unwind regardless of how busy one is. Explore a wide range of comfortable mattresses from Nilkamal Sleep.

Notable consequences of sleeping well

Out of all the hours of the day, a person spends at least one-third of it resting. It helps boost the memory along with other relevant effects. Some may take a longer time to sleep, whilst others may doze off in a few minutes. So knowing the importance of sleeping well will not only enlighten you but help you to sleep better. The following points will expand your knowledge on the sleeping subject.

1) Myoclonic jerk for almost 70% of people

This is a sensation felt just before diving into a deep sleep. The feeling causes the heartbeat to race for a moment before realizing that one is indeed falling asleep. Unless disturbed, the person usually does not wake up but sleeps almost immediately. This type of cramp is very common and is due to some anxiety.

 2) Continuous brain function even whilst sleeping

Even though there are myths about the brain shutting down when sleeping, this typically happens only upon death. The brain is actively coping with all the matters processed during the day and functions in maintaining complete body tasks.

3) Some people do not need eight hours of sleep

Not all people can complete all the eight hours needed to rest at a time due to their lifestyle. They may catch up on the remaining sleep by napping at other times in the day.

 4) Insomnia is a serious illness

It is a falsely pre-conceived notion that insomnia is just a mental fault, whilst the fact remains that insufficient sleep patterns have serious physical health dangers such as high blood pressure, weight increase, etc.

Practical Suggestions to sleep well

  • There is nothing better than having a hot water bath which revives and relaxes the body muscles. 
  • Sleeping on a good mattress for your body will optimize your posture and make a comfortable setting to get maximum sleep.
  • Sufficient exercise for the body is necessary to get a fair amount of rest.
  • Decreasing screen time on phones, televisions, tablets, etc., just before bed can lead to better sleep patterns.
  • Having excessive alcohol intake will cause disturbed sleep.
  • Taking too many naps in the day will affect regular sleeping outcomes at night.
  • It is important to expose the body to sunlight for some time in the day to sleep well at night as it helps produce the sleep hormone. 

Using the best pillow to support the neck is important to feel cosy and sleep well. Check out comfortable pillows and mattress options for better sleep from Nilkamal Sleep.

Ideal sleeping conditions for a restful night

Knowing when to replace a worn-out mattress is essential to avoid health hazards like constant back pain that will affect the sleep pattern and cause a faulty back posture. Indents on the surface of the mattress lead to drooping in some spots, which is a clear indication of replacement time. An uneven mattress can be the main cause of severe back pain along with aches in other pressure points of the body. 

Having a knowledge of the type of mattress before buying it is essential in order to select the right one. Depending on what type of sleeper you are, whether short time or a long time, it is easier to narrow down on the perfect mattress. Certain types which are comfortable for some people may not be the right ones for you. There are latex, memory foam, hybrid, airbed, innerspring types of mattresses available that can be selected. Whilst air bed ones are soft; innerspring types are firm and hybrid ones are soft yet planar. Individuals having severe back pain should opt for a firm mattress over softer ones as they can help to decrease the discomfort. 

The right side of the mattress also affects the person's comfort level on it. There are king, queen, twin, twin extra large and California king sizes available that may be chosen based on the number of individuals sleeping on it. Whilst a twin size suits one person, twin XL fits an adult and a child. A queen size accommodates two persons, king-size fits two adults and a child, and a California king size can keep two adults and two kids comfortably. 

Also, the thickness of the mattress is important that should, considering the weight of the individual and the kind of support present in it. A mattress with a pressure release point will have a conversion layer that will assist in lower back support. Keeping a straight spine throughout the night is essential to avoid back pain, and therefore sleeping on the best mattress for back pain is necessary to avoid a bad day overall.

Eat right to sleep tight.

Consuming the right kind of food before bedtime is important for a sound sleep at night. Eating sugary foods like chocolates, pastries, ice creams, etc., will disturb the body's resting cycle. 


Eating the right food items like bananas with vitamin B6 needed for melatonin hormone production and milk with honey, flavoured yoghurt, green vegetables, whole grains, fish, etc., will induce sleep.


Having an efficient sleep pattern makes you a better person physically and mentally. There are numerous benefits of sleeping well that affect the health and overall personality of the person. An individual who sleeps well has a better countenance than somebody who rarely sleeps and will sport baggy eyes. Finding a good mattress that will overcome any back pain or discomfort whilst sleeping is of the utmost importance. Buy the best mattress for pain from Nilkamal Sleep today!. You may use that to have all the energy needed for a productive day. Sleeping with the best pillow for resting the head also plays a big role in achieving sound sleep. So rest comfortably to perform notably. 

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