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Measures to Differentiate between Queen-sized Bed and King-sized Bed in India

Measures to Differentiate between Queen-sized Bed and King-sized Bed in India

If you are already perplexed about what to choose — a queen-sized bed or a  king size bed,  relax as we will help guide you to make a more informed decision on what kind of bed is suitable for you. Several factors could influence your choice regarding the dimensions of beds, the amount of free or idle space in your bedroom, and the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of  mattresses

Browse for  a plethora of options for queen and king-sized beds, available exclusively at  Nilkamal Sleep  by Nilkamal Furniture. Let’s get straight ahead and learn about the fundamental differences between Queen and King sized beds.

Dimensions of Queen and King-sized Beds

The primary point of differentiation between  queen-sized  and king-sized beds is they vary in their dimensions. King-sized Beds measure about 72 x 75 inches in length and are considered an ideal option if you have a large bedroom and ample amount of idle space in your bedroom. It is preferably suitable for Couples who tend to enjoy an extensive amount of personal freedom among themselves while sleeping or Parents of an infant who wish to sleep with their newborn baby comfortably.

A  queen size bed  measures about 60 x 72 inches in length, which is way lesser than a king-sized bed. Hence, it is more suitable if you have a smaller amount of vacant space in your bedroom. A queen-sized bed is considered more space efficient and compact when compared to a king-sized one, which would make it a good buy.  Buy now  from a range of options available for queen and king-sized beds of different designs at different price ranges, exclusively at  Nilkamal Sleep  by Nilkamal Furniture.

Advantages and Disadvantages of King and Queen-sized beds

Before you buy a new bed, it is essential to know about the advantages and disadvantages of king and queen-sized beds in India. Advantages of selecting a King sized bed are as follows:

  • A  king-sized bed  is considered to be more spacious than a queen-sized bed.
  • A king-sized bed provides more leg space, adding to your comfort levels. It is also regarded as ideal for a small family.
  • It also has more storage space and is ideal for plus-sized people.

Disadvantages of a King sized bed are:

  • A king-sized bed is not suitable for small rooms as it requires ample space in your bedroom.
  • Getting a king-sized bed will mean you will have less space available in your bedroom to move around comfortably.

The Advantages of Selecting a Queen Size Bed

  • A queen-sized bed is comfortable for couples and a perfect fit for regular-sized individuals to sleep comfortably.
  • A queen-sized bed is more space efficient and compact than a king-size bed, which can fit into a small amount of space left vacant in your bedroom.
  • There is also sufficient space to move around, owing to its small dimensions.

Disadvantages of Selecting Queen-sized Beds

  • It is less spacious and has less storage space than a king-sized bed.
  • Queen-sized beds have less legroom space compared to king-sized beds.

Our Tip:  Go for a king-sized bed if you have ample amount of space available in your bedroom; else, select a  Queen size bed  as it is compact and space efficient.  Check out  different kinds of Queen and king-sized available in various designs at varied price ranges, exclusively available at  Nilkamal Sleep  by Nilkamal Furniture.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying a Bed

Before selecting a bed for your bedroom, there are certain factors which are needed to be kept in mind, which are:

  • Space availability:  You have to keep in mind the amount of space you have in your bedroom before selecting a king or queen-sized bed. Choosing a king-sized bed if you have less space vacant in your bedroom might not be a sensible choice considering the dimensions of a King sized bed. 

  • Budget Constraints:  If you have a limited suggest, we suggest you go for a queen-sized bed because it is smaller than a  king-sized bed  and costs less than a king-sized bed. However, If you have ample space in your bedroom and budget is not an issue for you, you can quickly go for a King sized bed.

  • Size of your Family:  If you have an infant and intend to sleep comfortably with your partner and the infant, you can go for a queen-sized bed as it provides a comfortable feel. However, if you don’t have a baby or you share your bed with a kind older in age or plan to extend your family, you should choose a king-sized bed.

  • Preference for personal space and House type:  If you want to enjoy your personal space, you should get a queen-sized bed, and if you prefer to rest in just a normal sleeping position throughout the night, you can go for a queen-sized bed. Also, if you do not intend to shift to a New house or plan to refurnish your living room, You should go for a King sized bed since it is heavier than a king-sized one.

Shop for  king and queen-sized beds from a fantastic collection of varied designs, exclusively from Nilkamal Sleep by  Nilkamal Furniture.


Selecting between a king-sized bed or a queen-sized bed might tend to be a challenging ordeal. Still, we are sure that through the various fundamental differences between king and queen-sized beds we have stated in this blog, It would be much easier for you to choose between the two now, depending on your requirements. So, get on with your shopping spree.  Buy now  to find king-sized or queen-sized beds from an extensive collection available exclusively at  Nilkamal Sleep  by Nilkamal Furniture. We have covered you with a comprehensive range of ergonomic furniture that blends with your needs and perfectly furnishes your home. You can order online from the comfort of your home and enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery.

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