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Buying Guide: What Size Mattress Is Right for You?

Buying Guide: What Size Mattress Is Right for You?

Mattresses counted as essential sleep products have come a long way since they were invented and have gone through many improvements to make them better. Both online and offline markets are selling different brands and quality of mattresses in different sizes and features.

Besides comfort, what matters while buying a mattressis the right size. The size of the mattress is a subjective choice based on the dimensions of your bed and the height of the person using it.

According to a study, if there are constant body aches and the pain persists, then consider your mattress comfort and size once before deriving any other conclusion. People have experienced improved sleeping patterns after replacing the right mattress size. It doesn’t cause discomfort and ensures consistent sleep.

Nilkamal Sleep, a part of the Nilkamal group based in Mumbai is a great choice of mattress brand giving many homes a comfortable base for a happy sleep. It is not just a complete home solutions company, but a household name and a part of millions of families across India. 

Nilkamal Sleep innovative mattress variants include - Max orthopedic mattress and Plus Mattressdesigned with both twin layers and three-layers. It is available for purchase online in different sizes. 


Nilkamal Sleep Different Size of Mattresses

With modified mattresses in size and quality, choosing the right size of mattress isn’t simple. Considering an array of choices, it becomes a tedious task to choose the right mattress for a good sleep. A mattress may not only give good health but also a right size mattress matters a lot for a sound sleep. So always remember to choose the right size, while buying a mattress.

Keep in mind the size of the bed. A double bed mattress would need a king size mattress and a queen size bed would need a queen size mattress. So according to the bed size, the mattresses are designed for your comfort and relaxation.

Here is a size guide to choose your comfortable size:

  • Single size mattress Well-matched for single bed size allowing 1 adult with 36 in  ches dimension. Available in size “72, “75”, “78” inches mattress.

  • Diwan size mattressBest suited for an adult plus 1 kid with 48-inch dimension and available sizes “72”, “75”, “72” inches mattress.

  • Queen Size mattresDesigned for queen size beds and 2 adults. It provides 60-inch dimensions and available in sizes “72”, “75”, “78” inches mattress.

  • King size mattressThe most common and a double bed mattress best suited for double bed dimension of 72 inches and available in “72”, “75” and “78” inches.

 Nilkamal Sleep diverse mattress size ensures affordable price, inclusive of taxes and additional low-cost EMIs might entice you to buy different types and sizes of mattresses for a good sleep and healthy body.

Good sleep and health are your investment, so invest your money in a mattress that gives you lifetime well-being. A mattress is one product that is not changed very frequently. A mattress life ranges between 5 to 10years or sometimes more. So, don’t be hesitant is customizing the mattress size too, if needed.

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