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Tips to Keep Your Wooden Bed Dry and Protected This Monsoon Season

Tips to Keep Your Wooden Bed Dry and Protected This Monsoon Season

Monsoon is approaching! And the first few showers of monsoon call for a celebration as it declares the end of summer. But it also calls for responsibility seeking rapid action to protect the wooden elements in your home, especially your  wooden bed,  as sleeping on a damp bed with fungus is the last thing you want. Don't worry! We covered your back; this guide provides tips to save you time and energy in maintaining your  wooden bed

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Effective Ways to Keep Your Wooden Bed New and Shiny

It Is Time to Keep Some Distance From the Wall

It is crucial to take note of the placement of your  bed  to ensure that it is least exposed to water and moisture. The walls are bound to absorb moisture during the continuous rain. These damp and moist walls will infect the  wooden bed  if flushed against the wall. So by following this simple tip of maintaining a few inches between your  bed  and the wall, you can easily protect your  bed furniture.

Keep the Bed Away From Doors and Windows

Keeping the  bed  near the window is a great setting for dry weather. It is a pleasant way to enjoy the outer world from the comfort of your  bed. But this needs to change with the advancement of monsoon. The cold and cozy monsoon breeze brings in moisture and some tiny droplets that you might love to enjoy but not your  bed.  Direct exposure to rain can cause damage to your  wooden bed.  Also, there are chances of unnoticed water leakage from windows, which might result in swelling and cracking of the wood and leave stains. So place your  wooden bed  away from doors and windows during the monsoon.

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Polish and Wax Do Magic for Furniture Protection

Wooden polish enhance the  wooden bed's  shine and quality. It is also helpful in protecting  wooden beds  from moisture. It is one of the proven methods to protect  bed furniture  by making it waterproof. First, make the surface dust free using a soft cloth, and then with a small brush, apply oil or wax over the exposed surface. You can also use Spray-on-wax that will give a neat finish.

Similarly, sealants like varnish prevent the wood from swelling and cracking. It will not only protect your  wooden bed  but also give it a glossy finish making it look brand new. Sealants also fill up the pores, prevent termites and increase the durability and longevity of your  bed furniture.  Next time when you plan to  buy bed online in India,  select a moisture-resistant material.

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Get Rid of Mould as Soon as Possible, and Keep Your Bed Safe

Despite all the care, moulds start to appear on wooden surfaces, especially during the monsoon. If not taken care of immediately, the moulds cause a foul smell and can also cause allergies. The easiest way to get rid of moulds is by using liquid soap. You must spray some liquid soap mixed with water on the affected area and then wipe it down using a dry cloth. Allow sunlight in your room to help your  wooden bed   to dry after treatment and get bacteria-free.

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Keep the Bed Squeaky Clean

Using a damp cloth might work when it comes to dusting off your  wooden bed, but using it during the monsoon is not a good idea because due to lack of heat and dryness in the atmosphere, the dampness would not be vaporized quickly, giving enough time to your bed to absorb the moisture. Also, the dusting regime is something to take care of, as accumulated dust sticks to the surface, making  wooden beds  dull and dusty. So, use a dry cloth instead of the damp one, because sleeping on a bed that smells fusty and musty is something you certainly do not want! You can get  bed cover  for further  furniture protection.

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De-Humidify the Surroundings

Controlling the humidity level is a game changer during monsoon. The dehumidifiers help reduce humidity and keep your room dry and moisture free. Thus preventing your bed from absorbing it. Your Air Conditioner can function as a dehumidifier to serve the purpose and will help to reduce humidity in your room to some extent. To maintain a pleasant smell, you can use  Smart Aroma Diffuser  to battle the musty smell and keep your room fresh. 

Ventilation Is the Key To Keeping Your Wooden Bed in Good Condition

It is crucial to have space properly ventilated to prevent the build-up. Fresh air will make the space dry and safe for your  wooden bed.  You must open windows and doors when it is not raining to let air circulate and flow in and out. Cross ventilation is best known for extracting moist air. Using exhaust fans, you can speed up the whole process of cross-ventilation.

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Some DIY You Might Want to Give a Try

The use of Camphor or naphthalene balls reduces moisture. You can put them under the  mattress  or  bed cover.  They also work as termites and pest repellents. Neem leaves and cloves can also be used as they serve the same purpose.


These easy and valuable tips will come in handy while keeping your bed clean and dry. The well-maintained  bed furniture  will remain as good as new throughout the year. So now you are ready to enjoy the monsoon with a cup of hot tea and pakodas without worrying about your wooden belongings. Want to buy bed online in India?  Check out the  Nilkamal Sleep  for more ideas and support. Give your   furniture protection, love and care it deserves.
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