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How Beneficial Is Acacia Solid Wooden Bed?

How Beneficial Is Acacia Solid Wooden Bed?

With the different choices available in  wooden furniture, like teakwood, rosewood, pine wood, etc., it may be challenging to zero in on the suitable variety. Acacia is a variety of wood that is not only lightweight, durable and affordable, but it also has a beautiful aesthetic appeal. Native to Australia and Africa, Acacia trees are now grown especially for their classy wood. Making a  solid wooden bed  from Acacia  solid wooden bed  is highly beneficial as the wood is affordable and has a beautiful grained design. The wood can be designed and shaped easily into the desired form without any hassle.  

Especially when it comes to the furniture we use, wood has a special role to play due to the benefits experienced. It helps improve our comfort levels, decreases stress, and helps us heal and age better. Adding  wooden furniture  naturally imbibes a sense of bringing nature into our homes. Whilst modern technology has made our lives very convenient, the well-being of humans is improved only by connecting with nature. There are physiological as well as mental benefits to using biophilic concepts. 

Benefits of Using Acacia Wood for Beds

Available in about 1350 species from all over the world, Acacia wood is one of the most prominent types of wood used in crafting furniture. Mimosa, Thorn tree and Wattle are some of the other names for the Acacia tree. ‘Babul’ is the name of the Acacia variety used to design furniture. Some benefits of using Acacia wood for furniture, bed, single bed with storage etc., are listed below.

Durable wood

The durability of this wood makes it a perfect choice for manufacturing bed. We all need our beds, whether a  single bed  with storage  or a  double bed, to be strong and last for many years besides the comfort level experienced. Acacia has been used in Naval ships and other robust applications due to its strength and durability. 

Affordable wood

It is widely available because the Acacia tree is well grown in Asia, the Middle East and other surrounding continents. Farmers mainly cultivate it for the manufacture of furniture as well as Arabic gum. This Arabic gum is helpful in medications and self-care products. Due to the easily available nature of the wood, Acacia is thus affordable and best for household furniture like  Acacia beds.

Desired sizes

Since the Acacia trees grow up to about 80 feet, the length obtained in the wooden frames is perfect for several furniture options. King size beds  and  queen-size beds  can be easily made from the lengthy wood available, besides single-size and double-size beds. 

Malleable quality

The wood, when freshly cut, is highly malleable by nature and can be thus easily moulded into several shapes. Patterns of beds in wood and different overboard shapes can be easily moulded as desired due to the moldable quality of Acacia wood. 

Resistant to scratches

The hardy wood is not easily prone to retaining scratches and is thus an obvious choice for most people. Especially if covered with a nice durable polish coating over the bare wood, it is resistant to scratches, which helps preserve the new look of the wood even after years of using it. 

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Appealing grainy pattern

The classy grainy pattern available in the wood makes it very appealing and easy to go for. There are shifting patterns available in the wood that varies with the cut and position of the tree. The lightwood tree is available in many appealing shapes and in grain patterns that may be exploited to craft a range of furniture options. 

High moisture content

Due to the hygroscopic nature of the wood, it can absorb and lose its moisture content depending upon the prevailing weather conditions. Based on the humidity content of the room, the wood either shrinks or expands to a certain degree. 

Eco-friendly wood

Since the roots of the Acacia trees can penetrate deeper regions, they are found to grow even in dry arid regions. The wood is exceptionally eco-friendly as after the Arabic gum content is utilized to the fullest, the wood can be used for furniture. The trees survive for twenty to thirty years and are thus very useful for producing sap. 

Durable colour

The bright red and brown shades available in the Acacia wood do not quickly fade away. And with the moisture-absorbing quality of the wood, the colours are brightly retained for a long time. 

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Tips to preserve Acacia solid wooden bed varieties

Whether you have a  solid wood single bed  or a double bed of  Acacia solid wooden bed, it is important to know some ways of caring for them. 

Cleaning method

The best way to clean Acacia wood is by wiping off any spillage using a soft cloth with warm water. In this way, no stains will be retained on it, and the wood will be preserved well. 

Avoiding direct sunlight

When placing wooden furniture, it is essential not to allow direct UV radiation from the sun to affect it. UV rays can discolour or cause cracks in the wood with everyday exposure. So if you notice the sunlight hitting the bed frame every day, it may be time to change the position of the bed for a better appearance. 

Using appropriate wood polish

It is essential to use the appropriate furniture wax or polish for Acacia wood to extend its longevity and sheen. Periodic polishing of the bed types made from Acacia wood makes them resist pests. 

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Due to the many advantages of Acacia wood, like durability, aesthetics, affordability, malleability, eco-friendliness, etc., it is a popular choice in many homes. Knowing how to care for the wooden furniture in the house is essential to preserve and extending its durability. Buy wood bed online from  Nilkamal Sleep  and enjoy the convenience provided with an aesthetic appeal.

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