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Purchasing A Wooden Bed

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing A Wooden Bed

If you are looking to purchase a new bed, perhaps one of the perfect wooden bed can be overwhelming. The dilemma of going in-store or online shopping is long-standing, and doing homework can help ease the process. The bed is for a night of relaxed sleep, so no one should compromise the quality.

With the plethora of sizes and designs available, choose your dream bed that fits in accordance with your requirements. One that makes you feel stress-free after a hectic day or a holistic place to unwind yourself when you feel lazy. Explore  Nilkamal Sleep  to find the perfect one.

This handy guide will take you through the checklist to go through before buying a wooden bed online.

5 Points To Remember

  • Choose the Best Wood For Your Dream Bed

  1. Wood brings a different vibe to your room. But what is the correct type of wood for your bed? Choosing the suitable wood material will get you halfway through the selection process of the  dream bed.  Here are the top best wood types to choose from!
  2. Mahogany: With perfect bed frames, mahogany beds are durable and hard-wearing. This makes it ideal for making beds. However, mahogany wood falls under the luxury wood department. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then this is not the right wood type for you. Depending on the quantity and quality, True Mahogany can be pretty expensive.
  3. Walnut: It is another type of hardwood famous for its grainy texture. Walnut is quite strong hardwood which gives it a long lifespan. The chocolate brown colour of walnut will provide you with a feeling of being close to nature. Now, you can find lighter shades of brown in the market. Its durability makes it an ideal option for investment.
  4. Oak: Due to the variety of colour options available, this type of wood will go with almost every decor in your room. It is a high-quality wood that can stand the test of time when appropriately maintained. It can be customised to your existing décor, hence making it the perfect material for your dream bed.
  5. Rosewood: One of the finest hardwoods, Rosewood has prominently been a part of luxury furniture. Durability, rich colouring, and rich grain are some of the factors behind the popularity of this wood type. It can withstand any variety of polish and furnishings, which makes it the best wood for furniture in India.
  6. Teakwood: Teakwood is known for its promising strength and durability. It is a long-lasting wood type with a golden-brown texture. The beds made from teakwood are a visual delight. The reason for its longevity is the presence of natural oil content. In the presence of oil, teakwood is resistant to termites and pesky bugs that destroy the wooden furniture.
  • Consider the Space Before Selecting the Wooden Bed

If you are about to buy a king size bed online for a small room, then you must reconsider it. You should always choose the size of your bed in accordance with the space of the room. A king size bed will take up more space making the room look crowded. If you have master bedrooms, then  check out  Nilkamal Sleep  to get a perfect king size bed online is your best bet. However, if your room is slightly smaller, go for a queen-sized or double bed. If you are looking for beds for your kid's room, then two-story or three-story bunk beds are ideal. They take little space and will make your kids happy. Buy a single bed if the room is relatively small.

  • A Bed that Blends with Your Room Decor

You must look for a wooden bed online that matches the décor of the room interior. Look for the bed that syncs with your wall, carpet, and curtain. Visualise the position of your bed and then choose the right bed for your room. You can also take advice from virtual room designers to know what is the right wood bed for your space. Buying a lighter-weight wood bed is always a good idea. After you choose your ideal bed, choose bedsheets that complement your bed. They both should be compatible and bring the aesthetic beauty of the room together. Head over to  Nilkamal Sleep  to buy a perfect wooden bed with beautiful sheets to complete the overall look.

  • Bed Design that Gives a Rich Look to Your Room

Wooden beds are now available in various styles and designs to suit every room’s décor. While choosing from these permutations and combinations of bed designs gets a little intimidating, knowing different styles and their purpose can make your task a little easier; if you want to get simple yet stylish beds, go for modern style. Other styles available include cottage style, mission style, conventional style, and country style. To give a vintage touch to your room, choose the bed in a traditional style. If you want to draw attention to your bed, select mission style. For a farmhouse appeal, go for country style. Cottage-style beds are for people who are fascinated with European style.

  • Budget

It is never a good idea to dig a hole in your pocket. Whether you are buying a  king size bed online  or a single bed, choose one that suits your taste and your budget. Storage beds are a good option when you do not want to compromise your budget and room space. There are different styles available that will suit every pocket. Search well before adding a bed to your cart.


Buying a bed is a task itself, and many factors are involved in choosing a suitable bed for you. Look for a bed that is comfortable and helps you in getting a good night's sleep. Buy at  Nilkamal Sleep.

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