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Golden Rules To Follow Before Buying Bedsheets

Golden Rules To Follow Before Buying Bedsheets Online

Some people think the worst thing that could happen to you is having a bad day at work. If only they knew that coming back to your home to an uncomfortable bed is far worse than any problems. Whether the bed is unsuitable for you or you purchased the wrong bedsheet, it can instantly spoil your mood. In modern homes, a bedsheet is a crucial part that makes you comfortable and defines your house.

A  good bedsheet  helps you in getting restful sleep, and it uplifts the whole vibe of your bedroom. If you are thinking of buying bedsheets online, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as material, size, price, etc.

From colours to comfort level to choosing a pattern that matches your style and decor, here are some things to remember before buying a bedsheet. You can  explore  Doctor Dreams for their premium bedsheet for their classy look and comfort.

Rules To Remember Before Buying Bedsheets Online

Find The Perfect Size

With the standard size of beds available on the market, it is pretty easy to find bedsheets for the  bed.  But if you own a customised bed, you must be careful about the size of the bed. Before buying, measure the mattress's length and thickness to avoid your mattress peeking out of the sheets. The standard bedsheet sizes are  king,  queen, and double-bed. All these bedsheets come with two pillow covers. If you are having trouble finding the perfect size, drop your query, and we will get back to you. 

Choose The Right Colour

You spent a good ten to twelve hours in your bedroom. It is only fair to invest time in looking for the perfect colour for your bedsheets. When we talk about what colour of the bedroom walls, we go for soothing colours. The same case is with bedsheets also. Choose a colour that is soothing to your eyes. Select a colour that makes you feel relaxed and help you sleep easily. You can match the colour of the bedsheet with the colour of the wall or curtain, and this will create a sense of uniqueness. 

Also, when you are buying bedsheets online, the colours may differ. So always make sure you check reviews and ratings before buying sheets online. 

Always Check The Fabric Before Buying The Bedsheets

While buying bedsheets online, people tend to overlook the material of the sheets. It is crucial to know which fabric suits you. Cotton fitted bedsheet is a perfect option perfect for summers in India, and they keep you cool during warm. Fabric such as satin makes the room look rich. Bottom line, choose bed linen that is comfortable for you. Some of the materials available include cotton, linen, flannel, Tencel, silk, and polyester. Apart from them, fabric blends are also a good option.

Patterns Are Good

While solid colour bed sheets go well with your decor, you can also look for patterns. Floral, geometrical, and stripes are some of the commonly available prints. If you are looking for delicate patterns, then go for a floral pattern. When you are buying bedsheets online, you can also go for a design that goes with any room décor. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can go for a pattern that is inspired by an artwork or a theme. 

Always Check Return Policy

What’s the biggest nightmare for an online buyer? The correct answer is getting a different product. When looking for a product with the right size, colour, and material, it is equally important to check reviews and ratings. It is better to check the product's return policy before adding it to your cart.  

Bedsheets For Every Occasion

While you are looking for bedsheets online, choose them according to the purpose you are buying them. While cotton fitted bedsheet is the perfect option for everyday use, you can choose satin bedsheets for occasions. If you are looking for bedsheets to gift your loved ones, then personalised bedsheets with cushion covers and comforter are your best option.  Check out  Doctor Dreams  for a premium bedsheet that gives comfort and a cosy vibe to your bedroom.

Do Not Completely Rely On Thread Count

Thread count is an essential factor when you are buying the bedsheet online. It is believed that bed sheets with a higher thread count are comfortable. Between 300 and 500 thread count is considered ideal. However, it is essential to note that with technology now, the exact 500 thread count can be made with much less thread count. So, it is better to check for the thread count but not entirely focus on them. Look for other factors as well. 

Check For Wash Care

There is something about fresh-smelling bedsheets. Getting that cosy feeling is everything. When your bedsheet has checked every box, it is time to check for the last thing, wash care for your bedsheets. Choose easy-to-wash bed linens. However, that does not mean that they will require less maintenance. The right way of washing can extend the lifespan of your bedsheets. Read the wash care instruction carefully before buying bedsheets online.


So, now you know the right way to choose the perfect bed sheet for your ideal bedroom. If you know what you are looking for, you can search for it by applying the filter. But, if you are searching for the right option for your bed, then following these rules can help you. Keep all these factors in mind before buying online bedsheets. Buying bed sheets online is an experience; you must choose someone reliable to make this process fun and exciting.  Buy  Doctor Dreams  to get a variety of bed linens of good quality.

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