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Looking For A New Bed This Diwali? Know the Difference Between King And Queen Size Bed

Looking For A New Bed This Diwali? Know the Difference Between King And Queen Size Bed

You stay in bed for about one-third of your life, and you deserve a good night's sleep for all the effort you invest to make a living. Even after deciding to invest, are you still wondering about the kind of bed you need to buy? That is a big decision to make- King size bed and a  queen size bed  are the two most popular choices. The decision you make will depend on a lot of factors. One of the primary things to consider will be the pros and cons of both categories. Other dimensions to look into are the size of your room, layout, and the décor. Whilst these factors are intrinsic to your lifestyle, the positives and limitations of the different categories are what you need to know to make an informed decision. If you want to transform your bedroom this Diwali, then  buy bed online  and be sure to enjoy a restful sleep every night. It could be the best gift you could give yourself- good sleep and health!

So you are investing in a new  bed  but are unsure what the different bed sizes are? One size does not necessarily fit all. You may find a  king size bed online, which may be appropriate for those sharing a bed or those who love to spread out when they sleep. A queen-size bed could be ideal for people with a small build or those with restricted space in their bedrooms. From body build and height to budget, there are several reasons why you would prefer and king size bed or  queen size bed with storage  or without one. If you are ready to do away with your old bed and replace it with one that befits a king or queen, then you will want to make an informed decision. Read the guide below to learn the primary and vital differences between a king size bed and a queen size bed and how to pick the right one. 

 All About King Size Beds

Roomy, airy, spacious and one of the largest standard varieties available in the market, the king-size bed measure 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width. They are ideal for couples and perfect for bedrooms that fit large spaces.

Pros Of A King Size Bed

  • Adequate room- King size beds are 16 inches wider than queen size beds. This automatically offers more room to stretch and is one of the main reasons why people go for it.
  • Ideal for couples- Couples need space to stretch, cuddle and even sleep comfortably next to each other. The  king size bed  offers all of that.
  • Suited for couples and more- If you are a family with a child or a pet who loves to snuggle next to you at bedtime, then a king size bed is the choice you must make.

 Cons Of A King Size Bed

  • Not ideal for small rooms- Apartments, guest rooms, and kids' rooms will probably not have floor space to accommodate a king size bed. Even if it fits, it will leave significantly less room for movement.
  • Expensive- King size beds come at a price. The accessories, right from mattresses to bedspreads, are more expensive.
  • Heavy and difficult to move – King size beds can be heavy and require more hands to maneuver. They cannot be easily move through doorways and small hallways.

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 Varieties In The King Size Bed

You can check out a few variations of the standard king-size bed available in the market per your taste and preferences.

  • California King- This has emerged as a popular choice in the recent past as it is ideal for taller people. It is 4 inches longer than the standard size and is 84 inches in length and 72 inches in width. 
  • Split King- This measures 76 inches in width and fits two extra-large  mattresses  together in a bed frame. With adjustable frames, it leaves room for customization.

All About Queen Size Beds

A size smaller than the king-size bed and bigger than a full double bed, the  queen-size bed  measures 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. A queen-size bed fits comfortably in most bedrooms, leaves ample leg space for movement, and works well for couples and single sleepers. Owing to its versatility, the queen-size bed is one of the most popular choices in the market. It is also popular because it comes at an affordable budget compared to the king size bed.

Pros Of Queen Size Bed

  • Easy to maneuver- Queen-size beds  can be easily transported and navigate well through stairs and hallways. It is portable, which makes it easier to clean.
  • Affordable- In terms of the bed frame, accessories, mattresses, and bedspread, the queen-size bed wins over the king-size bed in terms of cost.
  • Perfect for single sleepers- It is ideal for single people who are slightly bigger in build. It offers plenty of room to stretch and get a good night's sleep.

Cons of Queen Size Bed

  • It may not always be ideal for couples- If they are of different sizes, they may feel cramped in a queen-sized bed.

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Variations in Queen Size Bed

Olympic Queen- Wider than the standard size, this one is 80 inches in length and 66 inches in width. This bed gives more room for couples to share a bed.

Split Queen- This one measures the same as a standard-size bed but is split in the middle to make two halves. It is excellent for couples who like to sleep together yet want to have their restricted space. These days you can  buy bed online  also.


The size of the bedroom, number of sleepers, budget, and how often you move could be the top considerations for buying a new bed. But once you have decided that, you need to know the choices available in the market. You can visit  Doctor Dreams  to pick a  queen size bed, and  king size bed  online. You can also find a  queen-size bed with storage  that suits your needs and preferences.  



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