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Buy the Best King Size Mattress in 2022 at Doctor Dreams

Buy the Best King Size Mattress in 2022 at Doctor Dreams

A King-size mattress is a favorite for many who share their bed with kids, pets or partners. These mattresses allow you to sleep comfortably in any sleeping position and posture. Due to the more space, people with body pain find  king size mattress  more comfortable as they can freely move their bodies. The extra space on your bed allows you to involve in other activities like playing with children and pets. You can check the king-size bed of different ranges by visiting Nilkamal Sleep.

Types of King Size Mattress at Nilkamal Sleep

Different types of  king-size beds  are available at Nilkamal Sleep. These mattresses will never give you a chance to regret as these are of high quality and durable mattresses. 

  • Max ICEFOAM Orthopaedic Mattress

This three-layered  orthopaedic mattress  allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably. The top layer of gel foam helps to keep your mattress cool which helps to keep your body cool as well. The memory foam under this layer helps to adapt to your body shape.

  • Plus Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress aligns with your spine, which is an ideal choice for people with joint or body pain. Apart from being comfortable, its modern design combines convenience and upgraded features. The base layer of this mattress is 100% PU foam which helps it bounce back to its original form.

  • Lite Dual Comfort Mattress

Lite dual comfort mattress  is designed with three layers and features comfortable materials that help you sleep better. The top layer is crafted with soft materials that offer relaxation to your body instantly. 

  • Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

The spring mattress  is the best mattress to keep your body cool and comfortable, as the top layer is crafted with temperature-regulated foam. It helps to keep you cool by pulling the heat away from your body. Another advantage of this mattress is its innerspring system with a high-density spring that offers an excellent experience to feel the utmost comfort. 

To buy any of these mattresses, you can visit Nilkamal Sleep and pick the one suitable for your bed.

Benefits of King Size Mattress

There are many benefits of buying a  king size mattress.  Many people who used to sleep on  queen size mattress  decide to buy king-size for its additional benefits. Its ample space and modern design attract anyone who wants to sleep in a spacious bed.

  • More Space

The first and foremost benefit of a king-size bed is its ample space. Due to its large area, it is suitable for sleeping with your partners and kids. You can also keep more belongings like extra pillows of large or small size and blankets. 

  • Helpful to Perform Different Activities

A king-size bed allows you to perform different activities comfortably. If you are an avid reader and reading a book is your essential task before going to sleep, or if you prefer to do late-night office work on the bed without disturbing your partner, a king-size bed is an ideal choice. 

  • Beneficial for People With Arthritis

If you are a patient with arthritis and suffer from body pain, king size bed will offer you a comfortable space for sleeping at night peacefully. Because of ample room, you can move your body comfortably without disturbing your partner.

Things to Consider Before Buying King-size Mattresses

Before buying a  king-size mattress,  you should consider certain things. If you do not consider this thing, you may have to regret it later.

  • Comfort

When you decide to buy a king-size mattress, you should check whether it is comfortable or not. You should examine the material by which the mattress has been developed. Based on the material, you can decide how comfortable the mattress will be.

  • Durability

Check the durability of the mattress before buying. If you cannot determine whether the mattress will be durable or not, you can take recommendations from the previous customers of that particular mattress.

  • Design and Size

Design and size are also important things to consider before buying a mattress. You should pick a mattress that aligns with the design and size of your bed. 

  • Firmness

The firmness of the mattress is also an important thing to consider. Those who sleep on their sides prefer soft mattresses and those who sleep on their back prefer firm mattresses. Therefore, you will have to pick the one based on your sleeping position. 

  • Warranty

Before buying a mattress, you should also check for the warranty offered for particular mattresses. The warranty period varies from company to company, and therefore, you should examine the warranty period properly.

  • Body Size

If you are a tall person with less weight, both queen-size and king-size beds will be suitable. But if you have more body weight, you should prefer a bed of more width. In this case, a king-size bed will be an ideal choice.

  • Personal Space

If you prefer to have your own space while sleeping, you should buy a king-size bed without any doubt as it will give you extra space, and it will also make you feel more comfortable and allow you to experience sound sleep.

Differences Between King Size and Queen Size Mattress

The king-size and queen-size mattresses are available in the same length. But their width is different. Check out also Striker Metal Bed + Lite Dual Comfort Mattress. Some of the differences between king-size and queen size mattress have been given below:

King Size Mattress

Queen Size Mattress

More space

Less space

Suitable for master bedroom

Suitable for guest room or a single person room

Ideal for couples who share a bed with a child

Suitable only for two people

Minimum size of width starts from 76 inches

Minimum width size starts from 60 inches


A  king-size mattress is beneficial as it provides more space and comfort while sleeping. The king-size mattress is a must if you prefer personal space while sleeping. But you should also consider other factors before purchasing a king-size mattress. Examine the quality of the mattress very well so that you won’t have to regret it later. Since you will invest your hard-earned money, you should buy the mattress only after examining it properly. If you are looking for a high-quality and durable king-size mattress, you can visit Nilkamal Sleep.

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