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Doctor Dreams Guide to Install Headboard to a Metal Bed Frame

Doctor Dreams Guide to Install Headboard to a Metal Bed Frame

Many people prefer to attach a headboard to the bed for different reasons. A bed with a headboard protects your head, gives support, and prevents pillows from falling to the floor at night. Headboard also serves the purpose of good help to rest your back while reading books, watching T.V. or surfing the net. Adding a headboard can be great if you want to upgrade your  metal bed frame.  Irrespective of your room decor and the design of your bed, a headboard will never fail to add a pleasant ambience to your room. If you want to explore the metal frame of a bed, you can check striker metal bed + lite dual comfort mattress.

How to Install the Headboard to Your Metal Bed Frame

You can add a headboard to your  metal frame bed  by following a few simple steps. 

  • Collect all the tools, including screw, bolt, washer, wrenches and other tools required to attach the headboard to the frame.
  • Expose the metal frame by removing the  mattress  and the padding.
  • Place the headboard where you want it to stand after installing it. If required, take the help of someone to hold the headboard to keep it straight.
  • Slide the frame to the headboard to line up the holes in the bolt.
  • Press one side of the edge against the headboard and drive the bolts to fix the headboard to the frame. While pressing the headboard, tighten the nuts to the bolts to attach the headboard.
  • Repeat the process of tightening the bolts and nuts on the other side. Pull gently on each side to ensure that it is firmly attached or not.

Benefits of Attaching a Headboard

  • Improve the Look

By attaching the headboard, you can improve your room's decor and upgrade the look of your bed. A headboard helps to turn your ordinary bed into an exclusive one by giving an aesthetic look.

  • Provides Support

A headboard supports your belongings, including  pillows,  preventing them from falling on the floor and saving your head from hitting the wall while asleep.

  • Protect the Wall

A headboard is a great option to protect the wall of your room against marks, scratches and other damage. If children in your house reach out to draw on the wall, a headboard can prevent them from doing that. It can also prevent your  metal bed frame  from making any scratches on the wall.

  • Provide You Space

A specifically designed headboard can provide space to keep some belongings within your reach. You cannot place those belongings on the bedside table due to less space so that you can put those belongings on the headboard.

Types of Headboards

Headboards are available in different types that range from metal to upholstered. However, wooden headboards are more popular due to their custom-made design and elegant look.

  • Metal Headboard

Metal can give your room a classic look, which has been popular since the Victorian era. Metal can provide a different look depending on the colour and pattern. A metal  headboard  is more suitable for your bed as it will align with the design and material of the bed. If you want to buy a  metal bed,  you can check  Doctor Dreams.

  • Upholstered Headboard

The upholstered headboard is suitable for comfort, and many people also prefer this type of headboard due to its elegant design. Upholstered headboards are created using different fabrics, including linen, velvet and leather. Both padded and tufted headboards are available. Padded headboards are more comfortable, and tufted headboards are stylish in design and look.

Options for Headboard Installations

  • Wall Mounted Headboard

Wall-mounted headboards are directly attached to the wall and can be attached to the wall by drilling holes in the headboard and wall. You will have to decide on your own where to attach the headboard.

  • Free Standing Headboard

Freestanding headboards can be put between the wall and frame of the bed, and it is a convenient headboard as you can move it quickly wherever you want. Even though these headboards can stand independently, you can attach them to the bed frame or wall.

  • Bed Frame Headboard

Bed frame headboards are designed to attach to the bed directly, giving a classic look to your room due to its style and design. When you connect the headboard to the bed, it seems that the headboard is in one set with the bed, and it can hardly be noticed that the headboard is a separate part.

How to Install the Headboard to the Wall?

For wall-mounted headboards, the installation process is slightly different. Some simple steps have been mentioned below to guide you in installing the wall-mounted headboard.

  • Collect all the tools required for attaching the headboard to the wall.
  • Attach two legs to the headboard using appropriate tools, bolts, and other devices.
  • Fix the headboard to the wall and attach the wall mount using screws. Wall mounts should be appropriately aligned to match the headboard mounts.

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Categorisation of Headboard by its Design

Headboards can also be categorised based on their different designs, as they are created using other materials. These are available in different patterns.

  • Slat Headboard

A slatted headboard is suitable for a bedroom with a low ceiling as it is designed to look taller. These headboards are available in different designs and colours, and you can match these headboards with any bed.

  • Traditional Headboard

Traditional headboards are suitable for bedrooms with a classic look that resembles the European style of the 18th-19th century. Its classic elements and minimalism give the bedroom a classic look.

  • Modern Headboard

A modern headboard resembles a contemporary look with a contemporary design. Modern headboards are available in different designs and materials, including metal, glass and wood. 


Headboards are helpful for different purposes. It can be an ideal option to rest comfortably while sitting on your bed. It also prevents your things from falling on the ground and saves your wall from getting scratched or marked. Install headboard to your metal frame is easy, and you can often do it yourself. To buy a  metal bed,  you can visit Doctor Dreams.

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