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How Does TRUGRID® Mattress Help You Sleep Better At Night?

How Does TRUGRID® Mattress Help You Sleep Better At Night?

Did you know that one-third hour of our day is spent in bed. Your bed has much to do with whether you sleep blissfully or toss and turn in the night. The bedding has a significant impact on your sleep. Beds partially affect your sleep because they affect the delicate blood vessels under your skin, called capillaries.

When the weight of your body rests on a specific part of your body for a prolonged period, it reduces blood flow through the blood vessels, preventing the skin from receiving oxygen and nutrients. Upon rolling over, nerve cells and pain sensors in your skin communicate with your brain. A rollover restores blood flow to the area but briefly disrupts your sleep. The TRUGRID® mattress  is one of the best mattress for sleeping. It can help you sleep better since it reduces pressure points in your body. Read on to learn how you will get a good night's sleep with TRUGRID bedding.

How Does TRUGRID® Bedding Help You While Sleeping?

Please pay attention to your bed, as it significantly impacts your sleep. Memory foam mattress with foam technology  provides a comfortable sleeping environment but doesn't provide equal comfort in all areas. In the innovative grid concept, different body parts receive the right level of support. 

Listed below are some of the vital health benefits of TRUGRID® bedding.

1. Keeps Your Spine Straight

Your mattress may be too soft if you're not getting the proper level of support. Those who use spring mattress may experience muscle tension in their unsupported lumbar region due to the weight being placed too heavily on their shoulders and hips. TRUGRID® supports the natural curve of your spine to prevent this.

TRUGRID® bed provides proper support to all parts of your body. With TRUGRID®, you will get adequate support for your lower back, and your spine will be in a neutral position. Over time, this will reduce improper spinal alignment and chronic pain.

2. Helps In Preventing Body Pain

Your bed is likely the cause of your back pain or joint pain. A straight spine is essential to sleep pain-free - this is what TRUGRID® bedding does for you. Furthermore, it relieves pressure points and improves posture, reducing body pain.

3. Helps to Tackle Snoring

As you sleep, your airway becomes partially obstructed, causing you to snore. Sleeping on your back is mostly related with it, but your bed may also play a role. If it sags excessively, it will not adequately support your head and neck, causing your throat to constrict and snore. Choosing a TRUGRID® bed will allow you to sleep without snoring. 

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4. No More Toss and Turn

An interrupted night's sleep is something you all know. Sleeping next to a partner can be highly inconvenient if you regularly toss and turn. You create 'motion waves' transmitted through your mattress when you roll over. You won't be disturbed by your partner turning over or getting out of bed if you sleep on firm TRUGRID® bedding.

5. Reduces Stress Levels

Sleep quality can reduce stress levels. Deficient sleep increases stress hormone production, which raises blood pressure - not ideal for feeling calm. Get a regular deep sleep with grid mattress to relax your mood and blood pressure. 

6. Reduces Allergy Symptoms

There is no way to avoid dust mites in beds- they are unavoidable and the leading cause of indoor allergies. Because TRUGRID® beds have a denser structure, these mites are less likely to live there. You may notice fewer sneezes and more sleeping as a result!

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Know The Layers of TRUGRID® Beds

The  best mattress for sleeping, grid mattress supports the spine while providing specific body parts with comfort.

  • High-GSM knitted fabric: High-density  mattress material  with a heat-absorbing surface.
  • An airy net covers it: Premium netting enhances the soft and breathable Banyan cover.
  • Homopolymer grid with superelasticity: This surface is flexible, ventilated, and supportive, thanks to its advanced engineering.
  • Soft Foam: You'll experience optimum comfort and plushness with the soft bedding.
  • Superior PU Foam: A soft, feather-like foam that promotes restful sleep and regulates body temperature.

The five layers are covered with an airflow-friendly cover. Buy mattress online  from Nilkamal Sleep to enjoy a unique sleep every night!

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Getting too little sleep affects every aspect of our lives - it disrupts our circadian cycle, slows down our metabolism, and increases our risk of obesity. Binge eating is less likely to occur when you sleep well. The day begins with excitement and zeal in your heart. A deteriorated bed is the most common obstacle to a good night's sleep. Good bedding should offer much more than just comfort (although this is an undeniable benefit). There's so much more a good bed can do than help you sleep well! As a result, we feel less anxious and stressed. Have a wealth of benefits to your overall health with TRUGRID® mattress.

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