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Tackling Neck Pain Using A Memory Foam Mattress

Tackling Neck Pain Using A Memory Foam Mattress

When a person sleeps on the mattress, the top foam layer utilizes the body heat to conform to the body shape. This step gives extreme comfort and improved sleep style as the mattress adjusts to the body's weight. It remembers the body's shape with regular usage and is called ‘memory’ foam.  

Since the mattress adheres to the body frame of the sleeping individual, the body pressure gets relieved, and any pain in the body, like the neck, shoulders, hips, etc., is lowered effectively. Read on to know the features of memory foam, the history of its use, and the types and benefits of memory foam mattresses. Check out the mattress varieties available on Doctor Dreams and  buy mattress online  to wade off any neck pain. 

Features of Memory Foam Mattress

Visco-elastic foam is another name for memory foam as it is made using  polyurethane. Besides mattresses, it is also used to design pillows, helmets, different types of cushions in furniture, etc. The high-quality features of the foam and the health benefits obtained from is convenient therefore making it famous all over the world. 

It was initially made by directing gas within a polymer matrix, giving it a solid open cell form. It could retain pressure and attain its original shape when the force was withdrawn. It is how memory foam was initially made and was very expensive. 

With time, the cost of the foam has decreased considerably and is now being used in different fields. In hospitals, it is used as remedies for specialised seats to treat people with posture-related issues, in wheelchairs, padding for patients in pain and bed  pillows.  

Varieties of Memory Foam Mattresses

According to the manufacturing style, the density of the foam, touch and appearance, two varieties of such  memory foam mattress  are available in the market. Regular and cool gels are the two types that are used extensively in sleep-grade items such as mattresses and pillows. 

  • Regular Memory Foam

Petroleum-based polymer makes up the regular memory foam, which is more common and generally used differently. This  traditional memory foam  was invented first and is denser than the other varieties. It is very soft and typically retains body heat effectively. Since this type of foam is more cost-efficient, it is more popular and manufactured in bulk. The mattresses made from this foam are therefore more budget-friendly and popular. The dense structure of the foam makes it very comfortable for the body to rest against. Being sensitive to high heat and varying degrees of pressure, it is best suited for colder climates. 

  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Since regular memory foam has a high heat retention capacity, cooling gel memory foams  were invented with a layer of cooling gel above the foam. The broader spaces within the foam structure also provide better aeration and cool the body when rested. The foam is not so dense and can hold on to the body's shape without losing its original form. Hence the cooling gel foam offers support as well as comfort.  

How Do Memory Foam Mattresses Help in Orthopaedics?

Higher density memory foam in the mattress tends to tackle pain experienced in different body parts. Such mattress varieties are called  Orthopaedic mattresses. The creative techniques used to design such mattresses allow the foam to relieve pressure from the body. It is possible with the foam layer holding on to the body shape and retaining the original form after use. Neck pain, back pain, aches, stiffness, etc., are some issues that are improved with using such mattress varieties. Sleep time is improved too for those suffering from joint-related illnesses such as arthritis, spondylitis, backache, spinal problems, etc. Pressure points like the neck, hips and shoulders are specially targeted to ease off any pressure being felt on them. To handle pain-related issues in the body, buy mattress online  of the orthopaedic memory foam type and sleep soundly. 

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Sleeping on a fine mattress is essential to get that perfect slumber. With the various distractions, it may be difficult to sleep for eight hours. But buying a memory foam variety is just what you need if you suffer from repeated neck pain or aches in the other pressure points in the body. Some  benefits of memory foam mattresses  are listed below.

  • Aids in Pain Relief

One of the significant benefits of these mattresses is the ability to disperse pain, especially from the major pressure points in the body. Since these pressure points have a slightly increased temperature, the memory foam adheres to these areas of the body.

  • Helps in Spinal Alignment

The spine is aligned neutrally when the body is rested upon memory foam, which decreases any pain in the back and neck of the body.

  • Suits Every Sleeping Poses

The super buoyant quality of memory foam allows it to be suitable for all resting positions. The foam shapes up to any form of sleeping, whether straight back, sleeping on the tummy or either side. 

  • Offers Resistance to Allergies

As the memory foam is made up of polyurethane, there is no growth of any fungus or mildew on it, preventing one from suffering from allergies. Even pet hair is not retained due to this material. 

  • Protects from Movement

The foam is super absorbent to any movements created by the other person sleeping in bed. This property, therefore, offers undisturbed sleep. 

  • No Shrinkage

The open cell pattern of the memory foam does not allow it to shrink with time, making the mattress made from it cost-effective as it can last for many years. 


Although sleep positions and hours differ from person to person, we all need to hit the sack at the end of a tiring day. Whilst sleeping in standard mattress varieties will not provide any pain relief, memory foam mattresses can do so in an effective and lasting manner. Check out such mattress varieties available with attractive prices on  Doctor Dreams  and get rid of that nagging pain at the earliest.

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