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10 Reasons To Get A TRUGRID® Mattress This Festive Season

10 Reasons To Get A TRUGRID® Mattress This Festive Season

What is a grid mattress? The answer to this lies in the word ‘grid’, which accounts for the grid or lattice-like structure provided within the mattress. A grid mattress allows one to sleep comfortably with just the right amount of surface softness, firm base, and cooling effect like no other. Not only do the pressure-relieving features at the shoulders and hips cradle the body well into the soft top cover of the mattress, but the gel grid network also supports the spine and relieves any pain, if any is present. Note the top ten reasons why grid mattresses are starring in most bedrooms as listed below. 

10 Factors To Get A TRUGRID® Mattress

1) Adaptive quality

The soft and plush PU foam layer on the surface of the TRUGRID® mattress  enables the spine of the person to adapt effectively. The spine gets aligned exceptionally well onto the mattress and produces excellent spinal care daily. With the supreme foam technology used to get an even surface and the gel grid for better support from within, the body contours can be well-conformed onto the mattress. The pressure points of the body are relieved for optimum comfort. Due to this intelligent technique, grid mattresses are the latest trend among the old and young. 

2) Pain relief technology

With the dual-layer technology employed in the grid mattresses, sleeping on them is now the most comfortable habit for people of all origins. The super soft foam layered over the grid network below offers a surface that is firm below yet soft on the surface. The shape of the body gets levelled onto the mattress in such a way that all the heavy pressure points, such as the back and pelvis, get relieved immediately. Any pain in the body is relieved, and continuous usage promotes a better sleep pattern. Buy mattress online to get the best mattress for your pain relief.

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3) Cooling quality

With a gel grid lattice provided within the mattress, any body heat produced through the night during the sleeping hours is dispersed through the grid framework. Scores of air channels present within the grid dissipate any bodily heat evenly out from the mattress. No more sweaty nights, thanks to this cooling technology and excellent air circulation within the mattress. It may be used all year round in every weather condition, whether hot or cold. Your hot summers can no longer be a tedious affair, at least during the sleeping hours, owing to this cooling mattress feature.  

4) Non-toxic quality

With the excellent air circulation available within the mattress, no longer is humidity or hot weather condition a hazard in the bedroom. The non-toxic material used to manufacture the mattress keeps the bedding clean all year round. The gel framework and the soft polyurethane layer on the surface are non-toxic and thus suitable for kids of all ages too. 

5) Non-allergenic quality

The hypoallergenic quality of the manufacturing materials used to construct the grid mattresses makes them non-allergenic. Individuals with an allergy to dust no longer have to worry about dust on the mattress. Dust from the environment does not accumulate within the mattress due to the hypoallergenic quality. Sleeping on a dust-free surface is now a feasible option due to this superior foam technology used to manufacture mattresses. 

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6) Bounce effect

The grid structure of the mattress framework enables a bouncy quality in the mattress. A spring-like effect is produced with the gel grid network layered carefully within. Any pressure on the mattress is eliminated instantly due to this grid framework. 

7) Supportive quality

The soft quality of the PU foam layer on the mattress surface lends a supportive texture to the mattress. The dual layer amalgamated within the mattress structure provides superior quality. The firm base yet soft interface makes the soft mattress one of a kind. 

8) Random sleeping style

Regardless of the sleeping style of the person, whether a side sleeper, back sleeper, or tummy sleeper, the mattress provides optimum comfort. The grid technology used can adapt to any random sleeping position.

9) Durable quality

Due to the  high density foam  used to construct the grid mattress surface, the mattress has been durable for many years. The grid network present below the foam layer does not allow the bed to sag on the surface. Therefore, there is no sagging effect seen in the mattresses extending longevity.

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10) Motion isolation quality

The grid framework available within the mattress produces motion isolation like no other mattress varieties. No longer can any movement be felt when one person moves in bed. 


The right mixture of adaptability and soft cushioning is what makes grid mattresses the new variety to indulge in. With a superior texture in the gel grid that allows free passage of air and facilitates cooling, the mattress varieties offer optimum comfort. Check out the range of grid mattresses available at Nilkamal Sleep and buy mattress online

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