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Meet The TRUGRID® Mattress That Removes Any Heat Built Up During Sleeping Hours

Meet The TRUGRID® Mattress That Removes Any Heat Built Up During Sleeping Hours

We all love comfortable bedding that will help us get the coziest setting whilst sleeping. Regardless of the season, a good mattress must ensure that the heat built up due to the body temperature must be dissipated well. No longer are hot sticky mattress varieties in demand since the built-up heat can disturb one’s sleeping pattern. An ideal mattress like a grid mattress  is now available at Nilkamal Sleep online, which is manufactured with a specialized gel grid technology. This technology helps to disperse any body heat accumulated through the night, thus providing a cooling effect. Read on to know how it does so and buy mattress online

Pros and Qualities of a TRUGRID® Mattress

The body heat from any person sleeping on a mattress can be built up throughout the sleeping duration. This increases the discomfort and leads to sweaty disturbed nights in bed. To bypass this issue, learn about how a grid-based mattress can help you sleep better as it has a smart temp control mechanism. As the name suggests, the grid or network of crossing layers available within these mattresses is the main reason the heat dissipates evenly. The ultra-soft and bouncy feeling experienced with these mattress varieties is unlike any other. With more air regulation and smart temp technology, TRUGRID® mattress  can be used all year round regardless of the season and weather conditions.

Air dissipation

The primary reason why a grid mattress can provide a cooling effect o the body is that of the lattice structure provided within. There is no chance of the body heat being trapped within since the open grid boxes offer a way out. Therefore there is no heat insulation that can occur. The cooling mattress is ideal for those who experience hot weather for the most of the year and want to sleep cool. 

Better support

Due to the lattice framework used within the mattress with Polyurethane foam, there is softness with a firm base available in the TRUGRID® mattress. The density levels can be chosen as you desire since varieties are available in softness. The high density foam  used within ensures the firmness needed in a mattress. 

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Rebounding quality

The bounce quality of a grid-type mattress is just like a  latex mattress. This is due to the grid pattern used in the PU foam within. Not only does it allow the bouncy feeling, but the body can also sink into the mattress with a softness like no other. The foam mattress adheres to the body parts and allows better conformity due to the gel grid technology used. The extent of the gel used determines how bouncy the mattress is, resulting in low-density or high density foam mattresses. 

Stretch quality

The gel layers provided in a grid framework accentuate the stretch quality of the mattress. The extent of the stretch factor is dependent on how closely knit the grid layers are. Motion isolation is better with these mattresses, and pressure disturbance in a particular spot does not flow throughout the mattress. That means no disturbance is felt when the partner in bed shifts at night. The heavier body part, like the pelvis and back, can sink comfortably into the softness of the mattress with an even comfort. The empty spaces within due to the grid framework minimize any movement to be felt. 

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Sleep positions

Due to the gel grid technology used within, any sleeping position can be adopted in bed. The sinking spaces support the back, tummy or side sleeping positions comfortably. The grid cells are always firm and do not break off, making the person sleeping very comfortable. The foam mattress is, therefore, suitable for the young and old. 


When comparing mattress varieties, opting for a cooling mattress  over any other type is best. This is because the body heat gets accumulated over the entire sleeping period causing discomfort and disturbance. Whether you choose a king-size mattress or a queen-size mattress  variety, the vital point to remember is that it must be sufficiently flexible and have soft quality. Grid gel technology used within TRUGRID® mattresses ensures that there is softness in every spot. The grid structure does not affect the softness of the mattress and provides an even surface. The PU foam mattresses do not sag over time, too and do not take body impressions. This adds on to the life of the mattresses and allows them to be in shape for a long time. Hence investing in a grid-type mattress can be beneficial physically as well as financially. Check out the different characters of the TRUGRID® mattresses and buy mattress online  from Nilkamal Sleep today.

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