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How Can A TRUGRID® Mattress Help You Get Relief From Breathing Issues?

How Can A TRUGRID® Mattress Help You Get Relief From Breathing Issues?

Suppose you are looking to buy a new mattress and are deciding between the various popular varieties available in the market. In that case, you should know about the safety of sleeping on these varieties. Although grid mattress is manufactured from non-toxic materials, how safe are they to breathe upon at night? 

Is Gel Grid a Safe Material to Sleep On?

Since the gel grid is manufactured from food-grade material, no toxins or known harmful allergens are present within the mattresses. No harmful chemicals are added to a mattress when manufacturing the gel grid, such as Poly Vinyl Chloride, boric acid, Antimony, etc. 

Also, the mattress is covered with a knit flame barrier of an extended quality that is also made without the addition of any harmful chemicals. The barrier keeps the interior of the mattress safe from any dust or other allergens accumulating within. Being porous, the barrier allows the heat released from the body to escape and keep the mattress cool. Hence you can be assured that the mattress is safe to sleep on as no added chemicals are present. The coolness of the mattress is also not affected without the added hazard of toxic chemicals. The superior  grid technology  used to manufacture the gel grid does not involve the use of any hazardous chemicals, thus confirming the fact that grid mattress is really safe for better sleep in the long run.

What are some harmful chemicals to watch out for?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals that are released from some memory foam mattress varieties. These are hazardous and cause health complications like allergic reactions and long-term effects. TRUGRID® mattress does not release any VOCs as it is manufactured from food-grade materials. 

Formaldehyde is another gaseous compound that is released from mattresses made from materials containing harmful chemicals. This process is called as off-gassing and is another cause of allergic reactions and long-term health complications. Since grid mattresses do not contain any memory foam in their construction, no formaldehyde is released, making them a safe option. 

Also, there aren't any TCEPs or PBDEs present in the grid mattresses. Heavy metals like Mercury or lead are also absent from gel grid mattresses which makes them an ideal choice for kids as well as older people. 

The  high density foam used in the grid mattresses is free from the following harmful chemicals. 

  • Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs.
  • Very less emissions of VOCs of lower than 0.5 parts per million.

Also, the mattresses are tested for performance, durability, emissions, etc., to validate any effects on the health of individuals. 

Better protection with no flame barrier chemicals

Most memory foam mattresses contain flame barrier chemicals added to them for protection against fire hazards. Chemicals such as PBDEs and TCEPs are flame retardants added to the foam used in mattresses to repel fire. But these chemicals are hazardous by themselves and cause allergic reactions and off-gassing harmful gases. Grid mattresses are specially made without the use of fire retardants which are potential health hazards. They have chemical-free flame retardants that are not harmful to humans. 

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How Do Grid Mattress varieties Help in Breathing Issues?

The  pain relieving  properties of the gel grid network within the grid mattresses help the person to have a relaxed sleep. There is no allergen problem with a grid gel mattress such as dust mites, usually living within foam mattresses. These dust mites are tiny insects living within most mattress varieties' soft crevices. Since grid mattresses have a grid network framework, efficient air flows in and out. This airflow limits the growth of dust mites within. 

Mildew and mould are often dangerous threats in places with high humidity, especially so with soft mattress varieties. The foam layer used within can harbour microorganisms easily. This problem does not occur with the grid gel mattresses since there is sufficient air circulation within. 

This minimizes any breathing issues that some people suffer from. The hyper elastic polymer used in the  grid technology  allows one to breathe freely when sleeping on the mattress. The cooling mattress permits easy air circulation within and offers easy breathability. 

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With the hyper elastic polymer technology combined with the grid technology, a  TRUGRID® mattress offers superior comfort. With no allergens and no chemicals, one can get better sleep with relief from breathing problems. Make the best of the mattress variety due to the expert construction and use of healthy manufacturing practices. The mattress is built with a pain relieving concept that can instantly benefit the user. Compared to the other high density foam  mattress varieties available, grid mattresses can decrease any breathing problems due to superior air circulation. Check out Nilkamal Sleep to get good quality of mattresses.

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