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Complete Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Queen Size Bed In 2022

Complete Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Queen Size Bed In 2022

Things To Consider While Selecting A Queen Size Bed

An average individual spends close to one-third of the amount of their life sleeping. Thus, ensuring that one selects the best mattress size to enjoy their sleep is crucial. When purchasing a bed frame and a mattress, we recommend considering the following factors for a well-informed purchase.

  • Size of the individual sleeping on the mattress : Tall people should always invest in a bed with an extra length to get the comfort they require. If you are over six feet and two inches tall, a standard bed will most definitely be too small for the length of your body. However, if you have a broader build, you will need at least a full-size or  queen size bed  to sleep comfortably.
  • The number of individuals sharing the bed : Before buying a  bed, you should consider the number of people sharing the space with you, including your child, your partner, or a pet. A  queen size bed  is ideal for two people. However, if you will be sharing your bed with more than one other person or pet, you will need to invest in a more considerable mattress, such as a king or even a California king. If you are a solo sleeper, you can invest in a queen size, full sixe, or twin XL size, based on how much room you prefer. 
  • Dimensions of the room : A huge bed in a small studio apartment perhaps does not make the best use of a restricted area, as it restricts the walking space and other furniture placement. When  selecting the size of your bed, ensure that it is not so big that it crowds the room and limits the rest of the space available.
  • Room location : It could be not easy to physically carry a larger mattress to a room that is not easily accessible. If your bedroom has small doors and can only be reached by a narrow staircase or is not located on the ground floor, you may face transportation problems. One easy solution for such problems is to purchase a bed-in-a-box-style mattress that can be shipped to you in a smaller box and regained to its full size once it is taken out from its packaging.
  • Cost : Needless to say that the bigger size of the  mattress, the more money it will be costing. But what is more important is the quality of the piece of furniture you are buying. Thus, choose a mattress that fits your size requirements and your budget. 

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Difference Between King Size And Queen Size Beds

Queen size bed or King size bed?” This is typically the first question you would probably hear when shopping for a mattress, cot, metal bed frame, or bedspread. You could also hear “single or double?”.

If you are confused between the two and lack vision of what to choose for your bedroom, then go through the following points to understand the difference between these beds.

The dimensions of queen and king beds are different in different countries. For example, a  king size bed  could measure 59 in × 79 in the UK but 72× 75 inches in Malaysia and Singapore. However, with the increase in global trade, bed sizes are becoming standardized.

In India, the king size generally measures 72 × 85 inches, and a queen size bed dimension usually measures 60 in × 78 inches. Double and single beds are much smaller; and a  single bed  measures 36 in × 78 in, and a double bed measures 48 in × 78 inches.

When to Choose a King Size Bed and a Queen Size Bed

A king size bed is appropriate for colossal master bedrooms. It will be perfect for couples or a small family with an infant comfortably sleeping, thus allowing plenty of personal space for everyone sleeping on the mattress.

A  queen size bed  is more space-efficient and compact, and it is more appropriate for medium-sized bedrooms. These beds are perfect for couples who need a moderate amount of space to move around while sleeping. A queen size bed can also work well for those who like to sleep alone with an additional space in a large room.

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Types Of Beds

  • Upholstered Bed : They are extra comfortable and support a soft headboard and a cushion for the utmost relaxation.
  • Poster Bed : You can design bedroom to be your fortress with four-columned poster beds. Irrespective of your style, this bed can add that missing luxury and enhance the look of your bedroom.
  • Platform Bed : By maintaining a minimalist setting, the traditional platform bed style enhances your room with a low-profile look. It offers modularity and is an excellent choice for smaller apartments.
  • Sofa Cum Bed : Also called a daybed, this sofa cum bed combines a bed with a sofa. This is the most commonly found piece of furniture as it is typically used for sleeping, reclining, or as an extra seating option.
  • Metal beds : If you are looking for a durable and sturdy bed, a metal bed is a perfect choice. This bed has more advantages other than the contemporary look that it offers. For people who love a modern look in their bedroom, stylish  metal bed  frames enhance the appearance of a bedroom.

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Selecting the right bed is the most critical aspect of the interior design of a room. The right bed enhances the overall look of your bedroom. Do explore  Doctor Dreams  for your ideal queen size bed for your home. You can also look for your furnishing requirements here.

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