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How Can You Make Your Latex Mattress Feel Softer

How Can You Make Your Latex Mattress Feel Softer

Everyone wants to have a restful night's sleep after a busy day. However, sleep deprivation affects tens of thousands of individuals worldwide, and it can occur for various causes. But have you ever considered how your mattress can prevent you from getting the rest you need? The truth is that you may have trouble sleeping if your  latex mattress  is not comfy enough.

Why is Proper Mattress Firmness Important for Sleep?

Finding the ideal firmness level for your body type and sleeping position is the key to getting the finest  mattress  for yourself. A medium, medium-soft, or soft bed is required for the shoulders and hips of side sleepers. While sleeping sideways, your shoulders and hips bear the brunt of your weight. Therefore, these areas must be well-cushioned to avoid painful pressure points. A medium or medium-firm mattress is necessary for back sleepers to maintain a balanced spine. Muscle stiffness, neck pain, and back pain are all brought on by spinal misalignment.

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Steps to Soften a Latex Mattress

You won't get a good night's sleep if your mattress doesn't have the cloud-like sensation you were hoping for. Here are a few tips for softening your mattress so you can relax well and recharge.

  • Open It Up

If your new bed seems solid, it could require a little more time to break in. Although brand-new  latex mattresses  first feel stiffer than typical, they gradually soften as you use them, making them more comfortable. Most mattress manufacturers advise resting on your mattress for at least 30 nights before returning it to accommodate this breaking-in process. A new mattress softens up a little faster when used frequently, hastening the break-in period.

  • Warm Up Your Bed

A memory foam mattress is one of the mattresses that have a temperature-sensitive attribute. They soften in response to the heat from your body and conform to your curves. Warming your bed might also soften it if memory foam is the top comfort layer. Use flannel bedding for a warming effect, or keep the bedroom's temperature between 66 and 67 degrees. You can check out the memory foam mattress price  online.

  • Search for a Compatible Bed Base

For your  latex foam mattress, bed bases are essential. They support you and can change the way your bed feels. For instance, latex foam mattresses seem softer on a platform or adjustable base than on a solid foundation such as a box spring. Ask the manufacturer if a matching bed base is available when you purchase your bed. Memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses work better with a foundation or platform bed, while innerspring mattresses can go with a box spring. Some manufacturers can void your guarantee if you don't put the mattress on a base that works with it.

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How to Make a Mattress Firmer?

Your mattress might not always feel as firm as you want, and there are choices to firm it up to make it perfect. Some medical issues, including back discomfort, may necessitate a somewhat firmer mattress. Try these quick fixes to make your mattress firmer.

1. Under your mattress, place a plywood board

To make your  latex mattress  more firm, put a thin piece of plywood underneath it. Any home improvement store will have these boards, known as bunkies. Better base support from bunkie boards makes the bed seem firmer overall.

2. Verify Your Bed's Base

Examine the state of your bed base before you purchase a new one. For instance, putting a brand-new innerspring mattress on an outdated box spring might not offer enough support, and your bed will feel softer and droop sooner if there is little support.

The slats on the base or platform bed should be no more than 2.75 inches apart when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Slats widely spaced apart don't offer enough support, making the mattress feel softer.

3. Thermostat adjustment

A cooler environment can firmer your bed if it contains a layer of temperature-sensitive memory foam. Set your thermostat so that the bedroom is at 60 or 61 degrees. Latex  memory foam  reacts to heat, so a warmer atmosphere causes it to soften, and a cooler one makes it firmer.

4. Utilize the Proper Sheets

When making your bed, make sure the sheets are tucked in tightly. Buy fitted sheets that have pockets just deep enough to fit your mattress. With no additional space, it should fit snugly. Your mattress' firmness level is slightly increased by sheets that are fitted securely.

5. Flip or turn your mattress over

Overuse can lead to soft areas appearing in mattresses. By turning the mattress 180 degrees, you can ensure even wear and avoid sags. The part supporting your head now supports your feet when the bed is turned, and vice versa. This ensures that every part of your mattress is used equally.

Note: Except for double-sided mattresses, the majority of modern mattresses should not be flipped. By flipping a mattress, you can use both of its surfaces without wearing them out too quickly.

6. Changing Firmness Using Mattress Toppers

To change the firmness of a  latex mattress  to your comfort level, consider using mattress toppers. They are typically 2 to 4 inches thick and positioned on top of the mattress to change the feel of the surface. These mattress accessories can be used to soften or firm up your mattress, but they cannot stop a sagging mattress from happening.

Numerous materials are used to make mattress toppers, including memory foam, latex, wool, and down. The amount of firmness a material has depends on its thickness and density. Check the firmness of a topper before purchasing.


However, we hope that these helpful approaches can assist you in making your latex mattress softer, which will add to the health benefits you receive from using it. You can also browse Nilkamal Sleep to find a perfect mattress for your home and you can check out  memory foam mattress price  also.

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